Mantears Ahead: Paul Elam Calls John Hambling and His Girlfriend ‘Clowns.’ UPDATE: Hambling Responds

‘They’re clowns, says Paul Elam in his new video addressing the split between himself and John Hambling. ‘He’s a 3 year old with a 150 iq.’

Elam dances around in this video trying to explain why John Hambling and he had a falling out. The first thing I noticed is that Elam refused to use John’s girlfriends real name in the title of the video. Paul says ‘she has her hand up his ass and is working his (John Hambling’s) mouth like Jim Henson’ and is ‘crazy.’

Paul is much more keen in this video to address pre-emptively the criticism from other MRA’s who see this bickering between them as harmful for their ‘movement.’ They see it as harmful. We see it as pure lolz.

Elam implies that Hambling and the ‘Relational Aggression Queen’ are trying to undermine him. I told y’all that Paul has a very large, yet fragile ego. Paul claims Diana contacted AVFM members saying ‘Paul, is gonna be dead soon’ which Paul took as a direct threat to his authority.

According to Hambling the fall-out was due to him criticizing Judgybitch and Stefan Molyneux. Elam admits that he’s sticking up for Judgybitch, who is a tradcon Hambling doesn’t like. In fact, Elam said he’ll choose Judgybitch over John ‘any day of the week.’

Diana Davison has made at least 3 videos disparaging Judgybitch. This one is called ‘Vagina Takes Over Men’s Rights.’

This last one is called ‘Feminist Lunatics Running the Asylum.’

Paul claims John was a tremendous asset from the beginning of AVFM and wrote great articles that got people angry, which Paul thinks forces dialogue. John was good at fighting and he fought everyone, including other MRA’s while he ‘white knighted’ for Diana.

Paul discloses that Diana was in another relationship with an MRA and then moved in with John. Paul moves nervously in seat.

After hooking up with Diana John got worse. Paul seems to be blaming Diana because she’s a woman and not John, for his own actions. Surprised?

The big fiasco between them, as Elam explains, was due to Elam not wanting John to speak at the 2014 St. Clare Shores conference. John and Diana run COCK (Community Organized Compassion and Kindness). Paul didn’t want John there pushing his organization over AVFM because he thought COCK was silly and not a real human rights organization.

I find that hilarious since AVFM isn’t a human rights organization either. It turns out Paul was more worried about people like Anne Cools getting a whiff of Hambling’s COCK and never coming back.

There’s more. Apparently John and Diana think married men can’t be MGTOW but Diana claims a married woman can be? I didn’t quite understand Paul on the MGTOW issue and frankly it’s dumb.

What I do know is that Elam is very frightened of losing the MGTOW audience he has and caters to them because they do make up a large part of the Manosphere and a large chunk of cash. Elam has since published a book on Amazon about MGTOW.

Paul also claims to have a business adviser who advised him that some people will have to be weeded out to attain the next level. Paul seems to admit he’s kicked John out.

Elam insults Hambling throughout by implying John is ‘choosing’ to be controlled by his girlfriend. This will set off some  male tears in the Manosphere. No MRA likes to be accused of this because it counters traditional masculinity wherein it’s men who control women and not the other way around. It does lend credence to the fact that AVFM does everything it can to uphold conservative values while appropriating feminist language.

Oh and if you’re wondering where the ‘relational aggression’ references come from they’re standard MRA misogynist talking points wherein they claim women are just as violent as men by coercing others to violence. Men don’t take any personal responsibility for their behaviour in MRA circles. Like their godfather Warren Farrell all men’s behaviour is due to women’s sexuality. Men are just idiots who think with their dicks and AVFM agrees.

I’m sure this isn’t the last of this manfight.

UPDATE: Hambling’s made a response video. Paul turns out to be a liar? Surprised?

Elam is trying to keep his clicks and his source of revenue by making this new video about MGTOW, because John and he argued over what MGTOW is. Paul is an opportunist and can’t let John Hambling have any percentage of the MGTOW audience.

So here is Paul, trying to undercut John and keep his audience.


14 thoughts on “Mantears Ahead: Paul Elam Calls John Hambling and His Girlfriend ‘Clowns.’ UPDATE: Hambling Responds

  1. I was going to retire, but now along comes the SCHI-ZM! and the COMMENTS to the youtube video are full of gold. Suzanne dishes that Diana Davison tried to get with at least 3 other prominent AVFM men before settling on John Hembling, implying that she’s a calculating slut. Elam calls a dissenting (male) commenter a b^&&%*& and a c^%&^ and tells an autistic guy to STFU and insults anybody who dares say anything he doesn’t like. Straughn says she’s drunk and loves everybody and talks about how she gives her boyfriend a blowjob and a steak every day. Elam says Davison is batshit crazy and a sociopath and Hembling is her puppet, and that Diana tried to organize a conspiracy to overthrow him. Hembling is said to be a three-year-old with a 150 IQ. Besides insults there are a couple of actual discussions that actually pin down some MRAs actual positions on some things, like whether a MGTOW can be married, whether women have too much influence at AVFM, whether Judgybitch is defended because she’s pretty and MRAs are putty for that, and whether it’s fine for an MRA to have a rigidly traditionalist marital relationship in which he is utterly vulnerable and disposable (Karen thinks so)…

    I hope someone knows how to save the comments before Elam gets sanitizing, because they need much study.

  2. An open letter to Diana Davison:

    Your tag is “it’s been 3 minutes, and I haven’t been raped yet.” Accompanied by a smirk.

    Care to re-think that, figuratively, Diana? How does it feel that John’s banning from AVFM is your fault, you calculating slut? (not my words, those are your ex-friend Suzanne Venker’s allusions). How does it feel to have your personal sex life discussed by strangers who don’t have your well-being at heart? (ask Zoe, maybe she has some advice). We all want to know which 3 prominent MRAs you went after, unsuccessfully – we are agog because there isn’t an attractive one in the bunch. Is this the usual male (AVFM) fantasy? Not to mention that this is the usual way MRAs make women dissenters into mere vaginas, which is what has just happened to you?

    How does it feel that Elam’s hit piece on John insults you right from the get-go, with the title in which you aren’t even given the benefit of a name, just an epithet? How about Paul calling you the usual “batshit crazy”? Does that help you understand how it is to be attacked as “crazy” every time you write a post or article not liked by AVFM, because you’re a feminist? You realize this is classic denigration of you because you are a woman? Welcome to the experiences of any woman who gets in AVFM’s way.

    And suddenly you’re a “sociopath” too! I’ll bet those things Paul said you said and did aren’t true, but now you’re labeled and none of your former associates (except Karen, who said she still thinks you’re clever, then takes it all back by announcing she’s shitfaced) will talk to you any more. Do you now marvel, as we your sisters have done for a while, at Paul’s malice in smearing the shit out of any woman who says something he doesn’t like? How do you like that special technique he has of saying he could say a lot more and he knows what you did, without the need to document a thing? You’ve watched him pull that on feminists time and time again – how does it feel to be on the receiving end? Does it broaden your perspective?

    Have you detected that your substantial contributions of time and content to AVFM have been erased? That John is still receiving attention and respect, but you, sister, are over? Have you searched your name on Google? You are “She has her hand up his ass and is working his mouth like Jim Henson”. Do you suddenly understand Paul’s whole video was set up around that insult, designed to destroy you as a serious writer? It’s an M.O. feminists have seen him pull over and over. That’s called an aha moment among feminists.

    Are you feeling expendable, while John still has options? Is John getting a little shit, but he still has options, but you’re dead? We, your sisters, have all been there. You are the designated scapegoat, because of your sex. Your 3 minutes has arrived.

    What now? After John reconciles with Paul and gets back to bidness attacking bitches, where do you think you’ll be?

    Good luck. I mean that sincerely, in spite of the pimping you have done in attacking your sisters on Elam’s behalf.


  3. I did find this vid of AVFM having a meeting with all the gang. Very serious discussion about womens’ role in the organization..

  4. So, is that a tinfoil hat or just the sheen off his bald head?

    So, all the stalking, rape, threats, harassment, assault, mistreatment at work, domestic violence, etc., that we’ve all been experiencing is just an “inconvenience.” See? It’s all a matter of how you look at things? Baldy is just a half-glass full kinda guy!

    Speaking of scary bald dudes, the charges keep piling up against the wife-beater! Thank you Dark Queen of the Underworld! He has two more charges against him, which are going to keep him behind bars for a long time. One of them is a DV charge, however, it’s only a misdemeanor – yes, knocking someone unconsciously repeatedly is a misdemeanor, as long as she’s a woman living under your own roof, apparently. Ah, but this isn’t really oppression. We shouldn’t look at it as inequality under the las, it’s just an “inconvenience” – right?!

  5. A few mantears from the AVFM comments to the vids HMQ has posted:

    Turk Man: “I just had a horrible thought …. what if Janet and Paul are having an affair ? …. just a thought ”

    Diana said: “I believe love is a delusion. I think people should build friendships and retain complete autonomy.”

    Jim Smith, to Diana: “I’d go ahead and put YOU on a pedestal (1:23), at least tentatively, but you’d have to wear stilettos and fishnets.”

    Hard for Jesus, to Diana: “I’ve probably said this a billion times already, but I’ve always been convinced that Janet was a psychopathic cunt.”

    Laser Reloaded, to Diana: “I guess Janet found a beta male sucker to pay her bills.”

    Campbell Davidson: “Maybe Bernard Chapin is right to call AVFM “a voice for manginas”.

    Diana: “Fuck you, Paul.”

    Scott McClelland, regarding John: “…it seems since he got his dick wet on a regular basis he has become the poster boy for feminists who claim that mras just need to get laid.”

    Karen Straughn: “Maybe this isn’t about crazy women, or mean girls, or who’s fucking whom or anything like that.”

    Suzanne McCarley, regarding Diana: “It’s not a big secret that DD blatantly hit on three other “men of influence” at AVfM, before she settled for the one who (coincidentally I’m sure) seems to always agree with her and who “partners” with her in whatever happens to be her daily conflict.”

    Paul Elam, to AeonAvatar: “Oh what a histrionic little bitch you are.”

    Paul Elam, regarding Diana: ” And I know a lot of other things about her conduct that I am not laying on the table here which do imply to me a certain amount of crazy.”

    pinfold1000: “In exchange for access to there vaginas and there motherly APPROVAL! That you make the mens rights movement as toothless And token as the NAACP!”

    CDsWorkshop: “We literally have a “mean girls” situation going on between Diana and Janet Bloomfield.”

    Karen Straughn: “Look at things objectively. And yes, I’m going to be awful here. But look at it. Paul has an SO. He’s never made his SO part of the MRM, and she’s never wanted to be part of it. Janet isn’t sucking Paul’s dick, is he? And Paul doesn’t wear his girlfriend like a goddamn prop.
    Now look at John. He’s self-identified MGTOW. Yet he’s not only fucking a woman, he’s fucking a prominent woman in the MRM, AND he’s living with her. A few more months, and they’re common law–as good as married, according to the law in BC…The only people attempting to dictate what occurs outside of their own patch of grass are Diana and John. And none of this was the case before Diana started fucking John.”

    Cr B.: “man what a mess… I’m just gonna check out and wish everyone the best of luck.”

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