Paul Elam Attacking Female Journalist Jill Filipovic

Jill Filipovic reported on Paul Elam’s cloning of an international Domestic Violence campaign website called ‘White Ribbon Campaign.’ The campaign was the Canadian response to the murdering of 14 feminists by Marc LePine at Ecole Polytechnique in the 80’s.

MRA’s insist they have nothing in common with Marc LePine but anyone who follows Paul Elam and his rag-tag band of male supremacists, knows the anti-feminist misogynist rhetoric is frighteningly similar.

Elam has dubious reasons for cloning the website, most notably to spread false information and to make money.

If Elam wanted to dispell any connections to LePine he certainly wouldn’t clone a campaign meant as a response to LePine’s male violence against women.

Paul Elam is making money off cloning the site and is now claiming that the official White Ribbon Campaign is suing AVFM and is imploring other MRA’s to send him money to fight the legal battle. I don’t know if there is a legal battle and it might be another attempt of Elam’s to recoup monies he didn’t make in his last quarterly fundraiser in which he asked for $25K and only got about half.

It’s not the first time Elam has lied to his MRA audience in order to squeeze money out of them. In the summer of this year he lied about feminist death threats so he could ask for legal monies which never went anywhere except his own pocket where he admits every cent goes.

In his latest rant he attacks Filipovic

The only thing different today than yesterday is that we get to add another name to the list of known scumbuckets infesting the mainstream media.

We now welcome Jill Filipovic of Cosmopolitan magazine to the ever-growing circus of fools with press passes and the equivalent of a fourth-grade education.

He never really makes an argument for why her piece is wrong. He just screams about various things like ‘ideological corruption’ and asks silly questions that contain logical fallacies like this one, which assumes that because those people have some sort of authority (in itself questionable) it means that AVFM’s done nothing wrong.

Perhaps the opinion of the woman who started the battered women’s shelter movement in the UK in 1971 would count? How about a former member of the board of directors for the National Organization for Women? How about the first Black female to become a senator in North America and the founder of the women’s shelter movement in Canada? How about clinical psychologists, psychotherapists, and academicians from across the Western world who have specialized in these problems and decided to stand with us and support our mission?

Windbag Elam must know the only ‘research’ available on his fake clone site is the Fiebert bibliography, which isn’t what people mean when they ask for peer reviewed research. The Fiebert bibliography has been criticized for its reliance on faulty methodological research using the CTS by Straus, which fails by eliminating the context of violence between partners.

Paul Elam doesn’t engage in activism. That would require a few elements. First he’d have to actually DO something for his cause, which he now admits isn’t about men and boys but is about destroying women’s rights. His recent mission statement outlines this.

Elam is aware he’s done nothing. In this rant he maneuvers around the question by asking another question. This is his strategy when faced with the accurate criticism that he’s actually done nothing except harm any potential men’s movement.

When people ask what we are actually doing about the problems faced by men and boys, my answer falls along the lines of another question: Don’t you think that making sure people even know men and boys have unaddressed problems might make it more possible for people to actually “do” things?

The only thing Elam has ever done is use his website the way the SPLC has accurately reported. AVFM is simply the mouthpiece of Paul Elam. In fact, many MRA’s have been removed from the site because Elam doesn’t take criticism very well at all. John Hembling used to be Elam’s right hand but has outed Elam as unwilling to handle any criticism of his tactics.

Elam pours through the comments on AVFM looking for any bit of minor disagreement or disillusionment from his audience. He will shame those men to give him money or simply say ‘what have you done for men?’ which is quite funny because Elam has done nothing and it can be argued he’s set men back. Even in this article you can see Elam screaming at another MRA who calmly suggested that the stunts Elam pulls just set men back. Elam called him a ‘pussy’ over and over again. CLICK TO ENLARGE IMAGE

One of three long raging comments to another MRA who disagreed with Elam

One of three long raging comments to another MRA who disagreed with Elam

Elam is angry that Fillipowich named him and his audience ‘so called’ men’s rights activists. Again, this ties into the fact that Paul thinks he’s the only men’s group on the planet and more importantly that he thinks he’s the only one actually doing something for men. His ego is boundless and extremely fragile.

Lastly, Elam subtlety threatens Jill and others with some kind of doxxing. Elam regularly releases personal information of women he targets.

Lastly, I would like Cosmo (and any white ribbon group) to produce proof of two things. One, that I do not have an explicitly legal right to do precisely what I am doing, and TWO, if we do a background check (and we will) of your alleged experts, will we find a heavy ideological leaning that our long-time experience assures us will result in irrational bias?

The entitlement here stinks. Cosmo is not your legal team. Threatening to dox them or any aspect of their personal ‘past’ is yet another threat towards women in a long tradition of Elam doing anything he can to harm women whether online/offline or both for exposing him.

Paul Elam is flailing around like the gamergater’s to find someone to attack for his own failures. I don’t know how this will end but you can be sure Paul Elam and AVFM want attention desperately and are willing to harm their own ‘movement’ to get it. That’s the supreme irony of Paul Elam’s temper tantrums.

The beginining of this video sums up Elam nicely

Elam had more to say about Jill during one of his Youtube shows. He says some pretty misogynist things about her. He thinks her position at Cosmo is merely about ‘nailpolish’ and not as a political writer.



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