AVFM Demands Apology From Pauley Perrette For Writing a Poem Including the Word ‘Holocaust.’

Want a daily dose of irony from Paul Elam?

Paul Elam is trying to force Pauley Perrette, an actress,  to apologize for using the Holocaust in a poem she wrote reflecting on a movie by writing angry screeds claiming Perrette used it as a metaphor for her divorce. Elam wrote a long screeching rant at her lawyer while completely ignoring his own group’s use of the holocaust metaphor, in much more sinister ways.

Elam whinily asks:

Did she also need to insult the victims, survivors, families, friends, and descendants of the Holocaust of Nazi Germany?

I’m a Jew and I found nothing wrong with Perrette’s poem. However, I find a lot wrong with how Elam and his friends use the Shoah to attack women and feminists.

Karen Straugn, a female MRA, routinely attacks men who disagree with AVFM by calling them holocaust deniers. I wrote about this about a year ago.

It’s no surprise Elam has also forgotten about the many times his group have compared themselves to the Jews by calling feminists, feminazis and there’s several articles, one of which is called, ‘Of war criminals and academic gender ideologues,’ comparing a feminist professor to Goebbels.

From yet another article on AVFM, a recent one from June 2014, claims feminists are bent on a ‘male holocaust.’

The feminist process of destroying men and maleness will not necessarily follow a defined plan. It does not have to! To this very day, historians continue to debate whether there was ever a direct order given for the Final Solution, or if the Holocaust was the result of cumulative radicalization within the totalitarian, anti-Semetic state bureaucracy of Nazi Germany. ~Adam Kostakis

I think the most disgusting article on AVFM is this one where Elam wrote about Jews being ‘inferior to Aryans’ and that Jews have a ‘genetic defect.’ Elam claimed it was a response to a radical feminist blogger where he used the Jews as a way to highlight man-hating but it’s much more sinister than that. Elam’s site is filled with articles using the Holocaust to push his hateful agenda.

I suppose I could just ask Paul his own question along with his own words to Perrette’s lawyer:

This extreme insensitivity by Ms. Perrette is offensive to the memory of the six million Jews slaughtered, as well as the actual Holocaust Survivors and Jewish communities everywhere impacted by articles regarding this shameful and degrading reference by Ms. Perrrette.

Paul Elam typically doesn’t remember what he puts on his site from one day to the next. During a Vice interview he was read pieces of an article he’d written just a couple months prior. Elam gave a perplexed look into the camera signalling he had no idea what the interviewer was reading. Priceless moment @10:41

Elam’s attempt to bully Pauley Perrette into apologizing for using the Holocaust in a poem is nothing more than another attempt to harm women and gain some attention. Underlying all that, in my view, is Elam as abuser wanting control and dominance.

It seems Elam’s attempt to clean up his image is failing. After AVFM’s conference in June there was a distinct shift away from targeting women on the site. As a writer who monitors the site I noticed this immediately. I think he’s realized the only way his site gets media attention is by singling out women online for abuse.

Let’s face it, his message that it’s for ‘men and boys’ is false. The only thing he’s ever done is target women and then use the few women in his organization literally as a human shield to deflect criticism of misogyny.

In just a couple days he’s managed to publicly attack two women, the first being Jill Filipovic, a political writer for Cosmo, and now Perrette.

While I think Elam behaves like an abusive spouse there’s another component to his harassment. I think Elam’s attention seeking is a result of deep insecurity, especially around women. He abuses women on his site to elicit donations too. The more frenzied he makes his followers, the more it ‘appears’ as if Elam is doing ‘something’, the more money he’s able to collect for his personal pocket.

I hope Elam is more careful about opening his big mouth because eventually his own foot manages to make its way in there.



4 thoughts on “AVFM Demands Apology From Pauley Perrette For Writing a Poem Including the Word ‘Holocaust.’

  1. I was excused from watching holocaust films in high school as I was extremely replused and disturbed by them. Turns out I am a Highly Sensitive Person (just didn’t know what it was called back then), thankfully the instructor understood (cool guy actually). I was RF too but didn’t know what it was called back then either .. lol.

    I always found it so offensive when someone would use the holocaust et al out of context. So when I discovered I was 25% Jewish about 10 years ago (my father was adopted), I share what I know about my grandfather escaping to Canada via Russia to save his life (all I know so far), knowing it has nothing whatsoever to do with the comparisons they try to make. As a HSP, I don’t appreciate low Emotional IQ’s and can get really unkind once grossed out or repulsed.

    I did not read the poem btw and I trust your judgement that it isn’t offensive. But the shit these morons say absolutely is. Thank you for this post, hopefully the people who need to learn read it too.

  2. Ooops I guess you didn’t edit yet, my apologies! (its been a long day for me). I spelled her name wrong, her correct name is Lorna Vanderhaeghe.

  3. So a woman can’t use the word to describe her pain in a poem, but AVFM will post a feature article by Fidelbogen in which false rape accusations, one of their pet themes, is compared to the Holocaust in 17 references (including the comments)?

    Fidelbogen: “Meanwhile, unless you consider the judicial holocaust of the innocent to be acceptable damage in the war on rape, then I would seriously question whether practical solutions in this domain are realistically (read: humanely and equitably) within reach.

    Yes: the judicial holocaust of the innocent. I do not feel that “holocaust” is too strong a word for what is happening here. Just try telling the victim of such abominations that he has NOT been thrown upon a sacrificial fire. That is one meaning of holocaust: a sacrificial fire. And too, a fire which burns up everything. The holocaust of the innocent is a sacrificial fire upon which any and every innocent man might be thrown: in principle, no man is exempt. The guilty, you would say, deserve it—so accordingly, they are not the sacrifice. It is the innocent who are sacrificed, and no innocent man is secure from the reach of those flames—certainly the law affords no protection.

    [paragraph of blather deleted]

    “Yes: the judicial holocaust of the innocent. That has a ring to it—a ring of truth, I daresay! It is perilous stuff, this incineration of innocent souls under color of law. It is, mark my words, a fire that shall burn us all; a deadly flashpoint that could, in the fullness of time, ignite a deadly social war. And I do mean war; the kind where real blood flows. Literally. Would that be “holocaustic” enough for you? Or would you rather be a holocaust denier?”

    How come AVFM isn’t covering its ass by redacting its own crappy comparisons to the Holocaust?

    I’d guess, because Elam doesn’t care if the site is blatantly hypocritical, or contradicts itself every twelve seconds.

    That’s why AVFM has ZERO CREDIBILITY. It’s not about principle or the truth, or some woman suffering through a divorce exaggerating her situation by using the H word. It’s about using that woman’s celebrity to acquire readers and donations.

    And by the way, how come Fidelbogen affects the writing style of a 19th-century-British man of letters? It’s as phony as his name, and infinitely more irritating, I daresay!.

  4. I follow AVFM’s articles about Pauley Perrette and all they do is bully her. She was abused by her ex-husband and AVFM is on his side feeding the media with wrong information about her. They’re doing this shit to her for so long now. It’s quite obvious they try to ruin her and use everything to continue. And if someone doesn’t agree with them, regardless of the Topic, insults by subscribers and writers will follow. Been there before. AVFM is one of the most aggressive sites I’ve ever been on and seeing that there are people agreeing with them and keep the site going is shocking and disgusting. They seem to live in their own little world where it is ok to be extremely rude to everyone. Sad that such a site gets support at all. And Perrette is not the only victim, as we all have seen in the past.


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