Monday Open Thread: Jian Ghomeshi is an Average Guy Plus Mother of MRA Screams at Elam

A reminder: No MRA’s will be allowed to post in this thread.

I’m a Canadian so this story is important to me but it’s one women around the world know very well. Jian Ghomeshi a Canadian tv show host on the CBC beat and sexually harassed women at work. Outside work he continued his pattern of going on dates with women where he’d beat them and sexually violate them.

So far NINE women have come forward to expose this male predator who was given protection since the 1980’s while he was at University. Everyone knew about this male predator but either nobody would listen to women when they spoke up or women, knowing they’d be harassed for naming a male predator, kept silent. THAT is fucking rape culture.

CBC, the broadcasting company that employed him, turned a blind eye to his abuse of women because he had a successful show and of course, men don’t tattle on other men especially when money is more important than the humanity of women. That’s patriarchal capitalism for ya. Oh I remember now. Fuck you CBC.

When the first few women came out about a week ago telling their stories of Jian Ghomeshi hitting them in the head and ramming his fingers in them without consent, men and women took to Twitter to harass and victim blame them. As each new woman came out, the victim blamers, mostly men, got silent. No apologies were issued to the women harassed. Do you really expect misogynist males to apologize for male privilege?

What I’ve noticed is that now lots of men are using the hashtag to express their disgust at Jian Ghomeshi. I don’t think most of them are angry about what he did. I think they’re just feeling a bit guilty. One man asked ‘Is there a little Jian Ghomeshi in every man?’

You know how I’d answer that question, a resounding YES.

In fact, I think there are more men tweeting about this than women. Many of them are ‘guilt tweeting’ because it was most likely their first instinct to victim blame and now they figure they better make a good show of it. Also, I think many of them wish they could’ve gotten away with what Jian did for so many decades and of course there are some that are using it to get female attention because ‘wow, look at me! I’m speaking out against male violence ladies. Give me some attention.’ Oh, and fuck you too.

I don’t trust a single man on the hashtag and I refrain from re-tweeting their tweets. I skim the tweets looking for female authoresses and disregard the men entirely. In my view they should be doing something else like going after MRA’s or the male harassers on Twitter, something else besides tweeting about Jian Ghomeshi.

This is going to spark a lot of conversation in my country for months to come and I can only hope new radical feminists will spring up like February crocuses in BC.

Jian Ghomeshi fled to the US. His response to the women coming forward was nothing more than anyone would expect from a male who gets off on beating and raping women. He took the ‘it’s just a jilted ex that did this to me’ route. He tried hiring a PR firm to help male violators regain their gentlemanly image. He was dropped by Navigator, who thought his ‘mess’ was too big.

A PR firm can’t clean this up. The only way this will get cleaned up is if we eliminate patriarchal global capitalism.

Quite frankly, the only way these kinds of institutional patriarchal crimes continue to take place is because we don’t have female majorities in key places of power. All businesses should have an over-representation of females making all the decisions. If the CBC was a female majority the first complaint against Ghomeshi would’ve resulted in a swift kick out the door.

Gunilla Eckberg knows this too. She talked about how important it was that 45% of Swedish Parliament was made up of women when developing the Nordic Model to deal with the abolition of prostitution. She said that ‘once you get Parliament 45% women the conversation immediately becomes about male violence.’

It’s the biggest elephant in the room that will not get addressed until women have the real decision making and it’s no good just having a few females in power because they’ll run up against men who will shut them down. Females must be in a majority to ever deal with this problem.

I imagine that first female CBC employee or intern walking into the office of an executive woman and telling her about Jian Ghomeshi’s battering and abusive behaviour. The executive calls in her board which is over 50% women, Ghomeshi gets fired, and a criminal record. He’s not left to continue to do this.

As usual, there are men and women who are switching the conversation theorizing about some mental defect in Ghomeshi. They’re calling him a narcissist. No. First and foremost he knew what he was doing was wrong, that’s why he hid it and that’s why he ran to the States.

Men choose to enact violence on women. Narcissism, when it comes to male perpetrators, is really just a sickness of masculinity and what is better known as male entitlement and privilege. This need to pathologize Ghomeshi is society’s way of ignoring the problem and refusing to collectively name it. Liberals do this all the time. It sucks.

We saw it with Elliot Rodger too. Instead of being a misogynist with toxic entitled masculinity he became simply a sociopath. There, case closed, and we wonder why the problem never seems to go away. It’s like treating a heart attack with antibiotics.

I will never donate to or watch the CBC again until it’s of its powerful positions are staffed with over 50% with women and they have a clear policy in place to fire males who violate staff in any way on first report. I want the language to be clear.

I don’t want slut walks to embrace sluthood. I want fucking accuracy and I want heads to roll.

It will be interesting to see if Ghomeshi is going to try and come back to Canada or if he’ll run away back to his birth country of Iran.

The women are purportedly pressing charges, some after 10 years have gone by. I wonder if the police are working backwards. Now that so many women have spoken publicly are the police now asking the women to come to them? They sure as fuck don’t do much for the individual woman who goes to them seeking help and justice.

I hope that Canadian women never stop talking about the male violence that’s done to them every day. Imagine if Canada built a war monument to all the women affected by male violence? It would cover all of fucking Ontario.

By the way, I have a good idea for the men on the Ghomeshi hashtag. Wanna do something productive? Read on.

MRA Mom Screams at Paul Elam at KSU Men’s Rights Event

This blog is dedicated to exposing men’s rights ‘activists.’ I’ve spent years, first in video form, and now a year here documenting the new backlash against women’s liberation.

The key website I monitor is A Voice for Men, run by Paul Elam, a crusty old ex-cocaine/alcohol addict who claims to have been an addictions counselor. He sometimes calls himself the ‘Happy Misogynist’ and recently cloned a domestic violence website for clicks and cash. His website is considered a hate site by the Southern Poverty Law Center in the US.

AVFM just had an event at Kennesaw State University. MRA Sage Gerard, a senior who organized the event at the Uni, is a long time member of AVFM.

The goal at AVFM is to get chapters of their hate site on campuses in North America. They’ve tried to do this in Canada as well.

AVFM is known for its’ attacks on women in Canada and the US. One time AVFM harassed and libeled Philosophy professor Adele Mercier at Queen’s University.

If Canadian men are outraged at one man they should be seething over this group.

The ‘activism’ of these groups is to solicit false information about rape and domestic violence on campus and social media and create a climate of fear for women. Many women at Kennesaw have had to ask campus security to escort them to and from their vehicles due to Sage Gerard’s presence on campus.

Many women at KSU have been recorded by Gerard and their personal information spread online in private forums. This is nothing new by AVFM. MRA’s affiliated with AVFM in Alberta have stalked women at local cafe’s near Universities with video cameras to get women’s images and then crowd source to get their personal information. It’s stored for later use.

With AVFM’s recent cloning of an anti-domestic violence website White it’s important that men who claim to give a shit about Ghomeshi to start dismantling MRA groups and getting them the fuck out of Canada.

However, I wanted to report that during the small meeting of MRA’s this past weekend on KSU the mother of Sage Gerard had some choice words for Elam during his presentation. There is no video of this yet but it does exist and Gerard says he will be uploading it. I don’t know how much he’ll actually upload. UPDATE: He uploaded it. She said Paul is doing nothing and said Elam doesn’t understand

Gerard’s mother was furious with Elam and I’m sure doesn’t like him very much for influencing her son. The important thing to remember is that while Elam does scam money from his male followers her son is doing this because he has some serious problems, and no, his mother didn’t cause them.

Mrs. Gerard accuses Paul of doing nothing for his ’cause’, seeing things in black and white, and that he’s just a ‘basher’ of women. She tried explaining why, when she was raped, she couldn’t report it. Elam and Jerry the Other, the slimy looking porno director closer to the camera, challenged her, not understanding that women get victim blamed.

Elam asked her ‘what have YOU done for men?’ which is his standard retort when anyone points out he’s just a money grubbing misogynist. She told him she raised a son but men don’t count raising of children for 18 years ‘work.’

Sage admits his mother is a feminist so it’s no surprise that she’d take offense to Elam, who writes articles explaining that women are begging to be raped and dedicating October to be ‘Bash a Violent Bitch Month.’

AVFM puts forth false statistics claiming domestic violence is ‘equal’ and that men and women are each 50% responsible for it. If you’ve read my past articles or keep up with this you know this isn’t true. Shit, ask any ER doctor what they see in a given week.

MRA’s also claim there is no rape culture and then go on to make rape jokes and wish rape on women.

Everything MRA’s rail against is a strawwoman they’ve manufactured as part of their backlash against women and feminism.

MRA groups should never be allowed to form on campuses. They are a direct threat to women and the University environment. This backlash is the latest in men’s efforts to continue to silence and abuse women for daring to speak out against the male violence done to them.

If we don’t want any more Ghomeshi’s we must name the problem accurately and then tackle it.

I want to see Canadian men doing this work. I want you to shut up about Ghomeshi because he’s only one man in a sea of millions who harasses, controls, and abuses women every damned day.


35 thoughts on “Monday Open Thread: Jian Ghomeshi is an Average Guy Plus Mother of MRA Screams at Elam

  1. Regarding the Perverted Canadian TV Host: Figures he fled to the U.S. where we give sanctuary to all kinds of violent pervs, apparently, especially those associated with media. I’m glad you mentioned this story because I’d seen that guy’s face, but didn’t know who he was. I’m forever out of touch with anything to do with TV in the past several years – and I guess this kind of thing is partly why! A little more Googling turns up that this dude is into BDSM. Fifty Shades of Grey has been a bad, bad thing.

    Regarding the Gutsy Mom: Yes, asking the mother of an adult son what she’s ever done for men – that’s kind of ironic or stupid or something. The problem here is women have done way to much to contribute to the cause of men in the past and not the least of this has been providing them with bodies on the physical plane. This right here is our best chance of stopping men’s violence – simply stop giving them bodies with which to rape, kill and commit other types of violence against us.

  2. Regarding Sage’s mom:

    Here’s a brief report from an MRA who went to the conference:

    “But the truly interesting part was when Sage Gerard’s mother – his mother, mind you – stood up in Paul’s question-and-answer time and blasted Paul, Janice, and Karen for “doing nothing but bashing women!”


  3. And, speaking of moms of especially bad men, from what I can ascertain, the wife-beater who is now in jail on multiple, potentially very serious charges (…except the Domestic Violence charge, which is only a misdemeanor, but if he almost kills her, again, or actually succeeds next time, it’ll be a felony! Gee! I wonder why more women don’t report domestic violence to the cops?!) is being helped out by his mom.

    The dude is over 40. She pays his bills and she has written a letter to the court on his behalf. Right now, it appears (from what I can tell in public records) that she is trying to help get his very high, cash-only bond reduced! There is no appearance of a father anywhere, but she shows up over and over, again, to defend this terrible cancerous growth, this walking horror show that takes drugs, beats women, threatens neighbors, breaks into neighbor’s houses, and who now sits in a jail cell on a charge involving a minor – and a whole bunch of other stuff.

    This is the kind of thing women (mom’s) do for men (their sons) all the time. And, it’s wrong.

    By the way, it has taken multiple charges to get this dude in the lock-up just for a little while. (Praise be to the Dark Queen of the Underworld!) The State brought the DV charges, but only after a whole bunch of other things started piling up on him. It’s amazing how hard it is to get a doped-up, violent thieving man into a jail cell!

    • Sort of a side note, and sort of on-topic, but in a lot of families you notice the children usually do not listen to the mother they scream at her or talk back, some children even hit their moms, while the mothers will literally do anything for them. Now, when it comes to fathers, the children usually listen to them because their is the fear factor to consider. Men take this ‘fear’ as a sign of respect, when its only the fear of violence that the children are instilled with, thus from a young age children learn that womyn are pushovers (as in the case of the mom in the article) and the men are are dominant violent assholes . Society seems to love this order.

      Shit like this and other violence from these parasitic assholes just makes me want to live in a far far away land from most people (especially men) and not have to fear harassment, at work, or outside or harassment online from them just because I am a womyn. I hate the word “woman” and other similar words huMAn huMANity and huMAN kind, it insults me beyond all belief to be called a ‘man’ in any shape or form. The English language is sexist.

  4. I found this especially interesting:

    “Gunilla Eckberg knows this too. She talked about how important it was that 45% of Swedish Parliament was made up of women when developing the Nordic Model to deal with the abolition of prostitution. She said that ‘once you get Parliament 45% women the conversation immediately becomes about male violence.’”

    Apparently 45% is the tipping point, at which women begin to feel more comfortable talking about men’s violence against us.

    I think it’s interesting because I’ve noticed a pattern: If you talk about men’s violence against you, men become more aggressive and violent toward you.

    This is why it takes great numbers of women in order to be able to have this discussion with any sense of safety, whatsoever.

      • Here in the US, tomorrow is Election Day for my state.

        I noticed early on how few women candidates there were. Our local paper endorsed 80% men candidates. Doesn’t take a crystal ball to know 80-90% of the winners will be men.

        A lot of them are hangovers in their 60s. Our Congressman has never done anything but be a politician that I know of. He wins and wins. It’s been forty years.

        I’m not a liberal, in the sense that liberals are not feminists.

        Liberals don’t elect women. Nobody does. 20% women is the top percentage that is tolerated anywhere in the US that I know of, and it’s usually less. Beyond that, men start getting aggro and talking about bitches taking over. They are threatened at that level so I can hardly imagine the backlash if 45% of successful candidates for office ever turned out to be women.

        Maybe Sweden is different. What a concept.

          • Where I live, anyone can buy property together. That’s private. When it comes to offering property to rent, there are laws that limit discrimination based on sex, race, children, etc, if the rental housing is separate. One exception is that if you will be sharing the living quarters or part of them, i.e., the kitchen, it’s fine for a woman to advertise for woman housemates. So I don’t think that’s a barrier. Have a common dining hall, etc., or buy rather than rent.

        • I visit a lot of liberal news sites and repeatedly I see liberals saying that more women should get out and vote and how women who vote Republican deserve whatever happens to them. What differences does it make for women to vote when the candidates are men or women who pander to men?

          I’ve never been much of a voter because I never could see the point. Where I’m from, the ballot box always got burnt when certain people didn’t like the outcome. That was years ago, now they have more modern ways of manipulating the outcome of a so-called election.

          • Plus – another reason I don’t vote – is that voting exposes your private information. So, if you are a woman with a stalking problem, which is not currently being handled in the courts where you can get an exemption to this, you risk exposing personal information.

            Nice, huh?!

        • Voted today. Only 30% of the candidates on my ballot were women.

          This is 2014. This is how it is in the U.S. Very few of these women will be elected.

          • I just checked the headlines at the major news outlets’ websites.

            This is one of those nights that makes me glad I’m sitting out in the middle of a bunch of trees with no television.

    • I am terrified to do anything other than work from home or have an office ‘career’ because of all the sexism and misogyny. Everywhere you look there is men. Even Women’s Studies departments at Universities in USA are infected with men, there is no escaping. And the so-called feminism in these universities is all about ‘transgender theory’ – nothing really about benefiting or protecting women, and its usually topics based on ‘sexuality’ and not feminist theory. I mean society is dumbed down enough as it is already, but its just getting worse – anything mainstream is basically rotten.

      HMQ – I suggest you not only boycott CBC, but all mainstream media plus Hollywood, its just such a terrible brainwashing on so many levels, not only where the women are concerned. Of course it is sometimes good to check these outlines for general information, but I see the mainstream media for such evil that it truly is that I try to avoid it as much as possible. Bread and Circuses = women who have no idea how enslaved they actually are. I think it is the women majority, who live in the so-called matrix, and not the poors poors menzzz.

      • I have boycotted the CBC. Won’t watch it again until the positions of authority are over represented with women.

        Therefore, the president, vice pres, board and upper management ALL have to be dominated by women.

        Second, they must have a clear policy in place whereby staff can report sexual harassment without harming their own career.

        Immediate external and internal investigations must commence immediately upon complaint and must be transparent to the public.

        I told the CBC to fuck off on Twitter today I’m so fucking angry.

        • Sometimes I feel like women are fighting a losing battle. I hope I can live to see the day where I don’t need feminism anymore. Probably not in my lifetime. I can’t believe people believe that men don’t dominate socially when the media (which has the greatest impact on society over anything else except family upbringing) is controlled by mostly men.

          • I don’t think we can win against men by fighting them. I think we can only try to (1st) avoid them and (2nd) try to educate more women – if we could simply reduce their birth numbers, eventually, there would be little need for prisons and we’d be free to walk around outside our homes without being knocked in the head.

            Childfree was a big movement a few years back and it’s really left a big impression on a lot of women. One of the concerns childfree people have is bringing another perpetrator or, worse yet, a victim into this world. What happens to girls and women on this planet is inevitable right now. If girls became the preferred gender, then eventually female numbers would increase over males and things would have to get a little bit better. Maybe we could, at least, get a fairly equal representation in Congress and Senate at that point.

      • I am thoroughly amazed at the number of women I’ve run across online who are afraid to leave their homes, who don’t allow men in their homes and who work from home in order to avoid men’s violence.

        I used to wonder if it was a symptom of a mental disorder. That was in the back of my mind, anyway. Several years ago, I thought it would be good for me to get a job and be around some people. That’s when I acquired the stalker I mentioned in the comments here a few days ago who was recently locked up (in the same jail as the wife-beater) for stalking another woman. He’s stalked a lot of local women. The stalker isn’t what made me quit my job, though; I was assaulted by a man right in front of a whole bunch of people and somehow nobody saw it. I could have been dragged out to a waiting car and abducted and nobody saw a damned thing! That did it! After a very bad panic attack, I went home and didn’t leave the house for two weeks. That was the first time I purposely stayed in.

        At the same time this was going on, I had a bunch of guys (a whole gang of drug dealers living in the same house where the wife-beater is now) threatening to rape and kill me. I was terrified I would come home from work and find them in my house or find that I’d been there. A couple of those same guys tried to ram my car at an intersection.

        So, I just stopped leaving home, at all, after that. It seems like the only reasonable thing to have done and it’s really the best thing I’ve ever, EVER done because I am now completely out of the reach of men. I have not had a sexual assault or a rape since I started staying home and completely avoiding men. I’m, also, here to guard the premises from intruders with deadly force, if necessary.

        One one hand, it seems like a shocking way to have to live; but, on the other hand, what is a reasonable alternative? I don’t think there is one. I’ve thought about it a lot.

        But, men have changed. They are much worse now than they were 20 and 30 years ago and they were extremely dangerous then. I have horrific tales of sexual assault and attempted rape at my office jobs back then.

        • Sorry for the typos. I meant to say that I feared coming home and finding members of that gang in my house or finding that they had been there. I was under such tremendous pressure, such sleep deprivation and the tension of constant threat.

          I remember the intense fear I was experiencing at that time – believe me! – anyone would have been afraid with all the crazy things going on – some from the gang and some from random men, which makes it all the more complicated. But, if I were a man, none of it would have been happening, at all. All of these men did what they did to me because I am a woman. Meanwhile, everybody else, ie. the other men, pretends that it isn’t really happening, that you’re imaging things or exaggerating what is happening. And, law enforcement – that’s the biggest, cruelest joke of all. It’s hard to believe anyone could live like this… I can’t believe I’m still alive, really, when I think of what I’ve been through in just the past several years. My experience is that this thing doesn’t get better. I thought maybe I’d hit a certain age and it would magically stop, but no…

      • If we think about it we can see that the Net starts out as a great way for women to stay away from the male-dominated business environment by starting their own businesses from home. This is also an advantage for working women with young children. Etsy is a good example. It is a loose, non-hierarchical association of very small businesses, weighted toward women working at home.

        But one thing being documented on this blog is how the Net is becoming closely controlled by men too. Keeping the Net free and open for women has become more or less impossible for political discourse already. Attacking women’s online speech is well under way.

        The male-controlled media is turning blog sites into ad machines, shaping online commerce.with monopolies like Amazon’s (male-controlled) stranglehold, and moving in to lock down any remaining free niches online. It’s all being done with other names like commodification. Commodification means corporations which means male control.

        Even so, overall this window of opportunity to live at home and make one’s living from Net businesses is a big opportunity for women to be independent, IMHO.

        I do agree boycotts have been underused as ways for women to stop specific abuses. We seem to be in an era of feminism in which organized protests like boycotts aren’t happening, but as others here say, we can individually write letters and stop helping offensive companies profit.

  5. Well, the man is simply acting out his religious duty to show how much of a superior misogynist asshole he can be and get away with it, even in so-called ‘feminist’ countries.

  6. I honestly think that men don’t have any consciousness/souls they are merely selfish degenerates. No matter how much we tell them that their behavior hurts us/dehumanizes us, that rationality it is so wrong to hurt another just for ones gender, they still continue committing atrocities against us. Of course in male religions men will moralize that killing/stealing from a man is wrong, yet the rape, dehumanization, murder, torture, and harassment of women is perfectly okay, since we are women. Men do not simply lack the empathy to give a shit about their own mothers, daughters or wives… are simply another lower race that is meant to commit atrocities and as long as women continue to act act as male sperm incubators – we will continue being a lower species.

    • With regard to the poisonous media and men’s lack of morals where women are concerned, i was watching (and analyzing because I just can’t help myself these days) this old TV “play” from the Kraft Television Theater in 1955. I like Rod Serling’s stuff and, of course, I love Elizabeth Montgomery, so I decided to watching this dramatic episode. It was called “Patterns.” I don’t want to embed the video, so I’m putting a “#” at the beginning of the address in an attempt to keep it from embedding itself:


      The fifties are pretty much my idea of a living Hell on Earth, anyway, but I watch a lot of old movies and TV series, at least, the ones I can stand. A lot of them are shockingly misogynistic – like Route 66, 77 Sunset Strip, Burke’s Law, Perry Mason, and of course all the “family” sitcoms. I just saw a very shocking Halloween episode of the Donna Reed Show tonight. If you want to know what’s wrong with most Americans and men, in particular, watch these old TV shows with your eyes wide open!

      A lot of Serling’s work, especially in The Twilight Zone, had a moral to the story. They may be seen as modern morality plays. This one has a moral to the story, which is about ethics and fair play at work, except that it was only between the males in the office. The women were completely ignored. It was never once considered that a capable woman in the office was never given *any* opportunity, whatsoever.

      It wasn’t a very good episode, a disappointment all around, but it has stuck in my mind because it shows how men only apply morality to each other because, apparently, women are not worthy of consideration as people. Women are just there to serve and support men, which is all you see them having the opportunity to do in this episode whether they are the office help or the idealized wife of the protagonist.

      In this way, the media has been a poison to the minds of both men and women, too. It’s very hard to watch this kind of thing and not internalize it one some level.

      • Yes, WOOW, and seems like it has barely changed in 50 years. It’s very very often the damsel, the black knight, and the white knight. Lately I’ve noticed that the white knight doesn’t save the damsel at all. He just takes out the black knight and whatever happens to her, death, marriage, whatever, is an afterthought.

        The fight between the black knight and the white knight is the real plot, she’s what they call the MacGuffin (, the unimportant plot device that gets the men into opposition. At the end the white knight gets the macguffin or it disappears because nobody cares what happens to it. The classic example is the Maltese Falcon, where the bird statue everybody is fighting over is just a worthless nothing that makes the plot work. It’s odd how few people seem to realize women are the macguffins all the time. As Sarkeesian is saying about video games, the narrative uses women as objects to advance the plot, but they are seldom subjects with agency.

        There’s something more though and I can’t quite figure out how to say it. TV dramas and movies are full of heartbreaking tales of women being injured by men in every possible way and what gets me is that the writers seem to understand how misogynistic the society is that their female characters struggle in and how unjust the situation is that they’re in. For instance, TV is full of horrendous murders of women and we see clearly the cruelty and sadism directed at the victims because they are women. Yet this cruelty and sadism is never judged, it’s just presented as “That’s the way the world is, women suffer and die at the hands of men, now let’s solve the murder, fight over the insult to her husband, move on to the vengeance and fighting between the men. What woman? She’s over.”

        The writers just shrug and the woman goes down and they move on to the males in conflict.

        The classics there are Madame Bovary and Anna Karenina. Both these classic female characters who have influenced western literature ever since they were invented by celebrated men, are intelligent young women who have submitted to their restrictive societies and gone into marriages where they are kept deprived of agency and stifled at every turn. To go to work is not allowed. To leave their husbands is not allowed. They each are preyed on by other men, and each submit to extramarital affairs. They each try to escape their husbands that way, but the unjust condemnation on them from their societies becomes so crushing they both die of it.

        And that’s the end of two of the world’s most celebrated novels. The moral is, there’s no escape for women, you’ll die if you try. That’s just the way it is/was. Life is tragic, but what are you gonna do. It’s women’s fate. It’s La Condition Feminine.

        What I am trying to say has to do with how clear-eyed the writers and makers are about the horrible ways the women characters are treated by their societies, but they still seem to accept that the fate of women is to die if they try to free themselves. They don’t denounce this fate, question this fate, or even try to imagine a situation in which the woman does free herself. It seems to me that it’s still unthinkable to imagine that in mainstream media except in a few rare cases.

        • I just did a blog post analyzing the Roseanne Show. My conclusion is that Roseanne Barr did the best she could to give a voice to women of a lower socioeconomic class, despite the limitations placed on her by the Hollywoood elite. But, there are a lot of disturbing things in that show – for instance, Arnie taking advantage of Jackie while she was inebriated and Dan being into porn – which are just taken for granted as “that’s how things are.” This is how men are and women must put up with it.

          And, it isn’t just that show, of course. It’s every show. My conclusion is that men make these shows for the same reason that they used to make a show out of burning women at the stake. It’s a way of saying, step out of line and this will happen to you – or don’t step out of line and it will happen to you, anyway. This is your fate, you must accept it.

  7. Elam and his crew are gloating over this video in one their feature ‘stories’ today. They are such SOBz

    EDITED for links to vids I don’t want on my site.

  8. Holy shit AVFM has college events now? They are like viruses, always mutating so that they can infect more people with their annoying asses. If they evolve too quickly people will probably die of hate and misogyny. The government better get off their butts to address this epidemic and officially recognize the problem of hate violence against women before anyone else suffers at their hands.

    God bless the MRA’s mother soul. If I had a son like that I would disown him. I dislike antifeminists so much.

    I read an article by Cathy Young about how the he for she campaign is rotten for men. It’s really ironic since Emma Watson gave a whole damn speech about how gender inequality hurts men too. The reason why is it called the he for she campaign and not the he and she for us campaign is because most countries are male dominated. Men dominate socially (media can be used as an example), economically, and politically. It has always been men who have traditionally opposed gender equality (women do it too though but men have more of an impact because of their social capital). That’s why it’s called the he for she campaign because those groups fighting for gender equality are made up of women and they need more men to help fight it! What in the actual f*ck, Cathy Young. She also undermines how the he for she campaign is meant to help stop sexism in third world countries (it’s a UN campaign after all). Of course, it’s terrible how men are forced to go off to war and then die in them in third world countries. Feminism offers a solution for this though. By allowing women to be the equals of men in society, women can go to war too and then die too. Is that what you want Cathy Young? Does feminism has to explicitly say that “we want more women to enter the military so that they can die too”? It is terrible that men are forced to fight but the solution lies in the government and not a movement recognizing gender inequality. And usually the government recognizes these problems because they are men problems. We need a movement for women (feminism) because the government wouldn’t recognize them otherwise. I support women in the military though and I believe the military should be half women and half men. Feminists in this country have fought to allow women to enter the military. Also, governments already recognize men’s perspectives of sexism as seen by the Indian MRA opposition to the preposition that an Indian women should receive half of her husband’s property after getting a divorce. Do you know how long it took for this bill to pass because of (most) Indian men and how they think it’s unfair that women should be equal partners to them in a marriage? No, thank you feminism already sees the other side of gender inequality. (I’m not trying to underplay how gender stereotypes hurt men too (for all you pro-feminist men out there); I’m just pointing out how gender inequality is inherently patriarchal.)

    I freaking swear every time a feminist mentions how gender stereotypes affect men too an antifeminist is there to criticize her (not him let’s face it men talking about gender equality don’t get scrutinized as much). Just because the he for she campaign is centered around women’s rights doesn’t mean that it can’t help men or that it doesn’t recognize the troubles men face. The disturbing thing is why does it have to in order to be a legit campaign? Should all women’s groups in first or third world countries be closed down then because they fight for predominantly women’s rights? I loathe traditional or antifeminist women.

    Wow this is a long rant filled with grammar errors but Cathy Young pisses me off. It angers me even more since she came from an immigrant family like me (I’m not white though).

  9. Hi WoC, I don’t read Cathy Young yet but will check her out, thanks.

    You said, “Should all women’s groups in first or third world countries be closed down then because they fight for predominantly women’s rights?

    North American MRAs know that every last one of their fantasy grievances falls apart the minute women globally are considered. Their half-assed attacks on Malala, or minimizing the torture of the 219 Nigerian girls kidnapped by Boko Harum, or honor killings, child brides, burqas, women not allowed to drive, FGM, acid attacks, sex trafficking, forced prostitution, marital rape, and all the rest of it, don’t influence anyone except against MRAs. The world can see they’re clowns.

    The only question worth asking MRAs is, what is the sex of the oppressors in each oppressive situation? Who distributes the food in countries where people starve? Who are the corrupt governors? Who conscripts men for brutal wars, sends them into the mines with inadequate protection, manipulates the stock markets so the working class men lose their jobs and life savings, murders and robs and beats men as well as women, encourages conflict between races and ethnicities, makes millions of refugees live in hellish conditions, forms gangs that conduct organized criminal activity, pushes drugs, keeps alcohol and drugs cheap and available, invents and deploys bombs, invents martial religions, finds all sorts of ways to deprive working people of their money, and on and on? Cui bono in every single case?

    Patriarchy isn’t just the subordination of women. Men have a hierarchy among themselves. To put it crudely, there are the workforce men and the owners and investors. The male workforce is treated brutally and carefully kept from having any power and being anything but disposable. MRAs are on the whole made up of this group and what do they do in their misery and ignorance? Blame the group they themselves oppress, women.

    What cowardly, ignorant schmucks these MRAs are, to blame women when it’s staring them in the face that ruling class men are the ones screwing them over. I can only explain it by thinking that the ruling male class is too scary for them to take on. Cowards! Clean your own house!

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