Part of What It’s Like Being a Woman on the Street

After my most recent post about street harassment and the metaphorical Western Women’s burqa I saw this video called ‘Hunted.’ It’s about Russia’s intolerance of gays and lesbians.

Groups get together to hunt down gay men and lesbian women, to lure them to apartments where they enact group violence on them, expose them publicly, and make it such that these people lose their jobs and lives.

When I watched this film, all I could think about was ‘that’s exactly what it’s like being a woman in public, hell even in private.’

The most disturbing thing was that a woman lead one of 30 of these Russian anti-gay mobs that make it their weekend fun harming gays and lesbians.

It seemed to me like these people had nothing better to do. I can see that men who harass women on the street are exactly the same.

I thought, if only we could recognize women’s humanity the way people seemed to recognize the humanity of the men and women being harmed in the film.

The hunted is what women are, every day. On the street we are singled out and screamed at, told to ‘smile’ like a circus animal is told to ‘jump’. When we don’t obey the masters we are verbally punished, sometimes even physically. We are like side-shows for men on the street. We exist only to affirm their dominance, to exercise their control over us.



5 thoughts on “Part of What It’s Like Being a Woman on the Street

  1. I’ve only watched part of that video so far. I find it a little disturbing and I need to come back and watch it again when I’m ready and can give it my full attention.

    In the first few minutes, you see the men giving gifts to the women and harassing them “nicely,” which is a tactic the harassers use. One time I had a couple of guys just saying, “Hi!” and being friendly, while they were actually approaching me to do some kind of violence. I had just opened my car door and shut off the engine, so they must have seen me coming well ahead of time. I had one foot out and they were saying sort of “nice,” and “friendly” things. But, it was clear I was going to be hurt or killed if I didn’t get out of their quickly, so I put my foot back in the car, started the engine and pulled out. I got turned around and was leaving when I heard two “bangs” against the back of my car. At first, I thought they’d shot at me, but they must have thrown bottles or bricks. So, you have to be cautious about “friendly” men – men offering to do something nice for you, etc., because more often than not they’re looking for a chance to rape or maybe kill you.

    “Hunted” is exactly the word I have used over and over, again, to describe my experience living in the U.S. with so many predatory, violent, perverted, sick men. Hunted is exactly how I feel right now because I have to live a certain way to avoid their continued violence and if I deviate from that plan, even a tiny bit, I have very serious problems with them.

    • The MRA attacks on the catcalling video don’t in my mind have anything to do with catcalling. They know exactly why catcalling is so widespread and that the video reflects reality. But every time ANY evidence of male control of women is published, MRAs will attack.

      They come up with junk reasons to criticize whatever it is, but what’s really going on is that it’s simply their strategy to obfuscate any event or publication tending to spotlight the specific structures of male control and violence. They also attack any feminist, feminist symbol, and feminist history.

      Lately they’ve said Malala is no good, Simone de Beauvoir is no good, catcalling isn’t real, women rape as much as men, women do as much domestic battering as men, early feminists were warmongers, women control politics, women always had the vote, women were never oppressed, women are unjustifiably trying to invade male spaces, even that women murder as much as men. Nobody cares.

      I doubt there’s a single person left on the planet credulous enough to listen to them. They’ve been made. Reversal of in-your-face reality is a clownish tactic and means they can never build any credibility.

      These reversals don’t anger or surprise feminists any longer and have no provocative value– and hurt the MRM more and more whenever the mainstream comes across any of it ands reacts with disgust at the transparent lies. It’s obvious that the MRAs don’t believe a word of what they’re saying.

      So I won’t expend any more energy on this. Let them continue to exhaust themselves digging their movement’s grave. Yeah, sure, men don’t catcall, have fun.

      • de Beauvoir was a brilliant feminist.

        And you’re living in the real world if you think citizens are actually taking feminist twaddle seriously. Look at the last US election. There is now more women in Congress. While it is true that the Tories are rolling back abortion rights only a dumb MRA like me would support that. Looks like more child support payments from men like me who can’t reason his way out of a paper bag to see that women’s reproductive rights actually benefit everyone.

        But I’m dumb that way. I’m a dumb male.

        Edited for correctness. HMQ

  2. I just watched a little more of that video. There are a lot of parallels to what we are experiencing here in the U.S and Canada with the MRAs and men, in general. For instance, just as they filmed the violence the perpetrated on the gay man in this video, men here are not afraid to film, text, Tweet, brag on Reddit, etc., about the violence they do to women and sometimes even girls. They have no fear of the law because the laws de facto support rape and rapists here – at least, in the U.S.

    Also, those guys giving out those gifts were performing a prelude to an act of terror involving bombs at this cinema event, which reminds me a lot of what is happening with GamerGate and, especially, the recent shooting and bomb threats against Anita Sarkeesian and women perceived as feminists (whether they are or not). Her speech was to be about an aspect of entertainment – so, these Russian goons and our own male goons here must have some kind of understanding of the value of their group or class keeping control over the media. I think that’s interesting all by itself.

    On a side note, I was playing a game earlier today (yes, I too am a gamer-without-a-d#%k from way-way back in the ’80s when not possessing a d#%k considerably less of an issue than it is now) and I was thinking about how much that form of entertainment really gets into your head – even more than movies or TV. So, this is why the men want to keep control over media and maybe especially these games.

  3. Obama will be impeached. The support is there.


    You can change my words for your victimized group of flying monkeys all you want. It doesn’t matter to me even though I’ve left 10 comments in 2 hours.

    Edited for lolz.


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