14 thoughts on “John the Other Hides His Voice To Make a Video Against Paul

  1. Hey, someone’s doing a white ribbon gag on AVFM! Fake site, close name!

    The laugh does sound like Hembling, but overall it sounds to me like that Manhood Academy kid who out-aggressed Hembling in a “debate” some time ago.

    Do we know for sure?

  2. Let’s look at the bugs that have come out of the woodwork during the SCHI-ZM between what Hembling calls the Abandoners (MGTOWs) and the Reformers (MRAs).

    Yep, that’s how the MRM is shaking down. MGTOWs walk away, maybe, for a time anyway, angrily, wishing it warn’t so, going fishing, trying to find a woman who’ll have sex just because they want to, getting rid of her fast thereafter, maybe, not letting any woman ask them to take out the trash, and (speaking of trashing) trashing women but it’s quite a problem, a lot of MGTOWs are married, but yeah, they’re sort of abandoning females, the kids are another problem, they’ll think about that later.

    Then there are fake MGTOWs like Paul Elam, married four times and never without his helpmeet, never washed his own socks, likes to think he pays no attention to her, won’t marry her but will live with her for decades in what looks to everybody like a trad marriage, wants to cash in on MGTOWs, decides to write a book co-opting MGTOWs to bring “donations” into his for-personal-profit irrelevant outdated company.

    Or John Hembling, spanking his live-in girlfriend online to show he won’t take any gynocentric crap and incidentally completing her utter humiliation and destruction as a serious writer. Isn’t she ironic. She calls herself a MGTOW. When she spanks Hembling’s thong-clad butt on youtube we’ll consider that sad claim. Anyway, Hembling and Davison have been a bit of fun, what with Hembling begging Iranian men to contact him so they can organize a shipment of nuclear weapons for Palestine, and Davison fading like a bewildered ghost into nothing.

    Then up rear the Indies, “Torquemada” Thunderfoot, get a load of this attractive person, a disheveled wild-eyed American affecting a British accent for gravitas, and Barbarossa who spends his spare time being suave with his girlfriend, and Stardusk who is jawing away somewhere on the fringes about men being free.

    You want to be free, leave women alone and be free. Nobody’s stopping you.

    Charming gentlemen all, as Elliott Rodger named them. What woman wouldn’t accept them on their terms?

    I fear they don’t really plan to go away. I fear they are not abandoning women, just playing PUAs with a high-nosed approach. I hope I am wrong. I hope they all plan to become celibate. No more problems, guys! You said it yourselves! I very much want them all to become celibate.

    Before turning back to MRAs, let’s look at our little demon who interposes himself, maybe, in this video. Manhood Academy’s Professor frankly dislikes feeeemales, MGTOWs and MRAs. For him it’s about making it with women, wearing bow ties and quoting Nietzsche, while despising the lot. This kid’s all right, I like his candor.

    So. MRAs. Are they Trads or ??? Apparently, there isn’t a ???. Once the MGTOWs schism off, what’s left is, we the working-man-tools-of-the-patriarchy are gonna take back our !950s prerogatives and you feminists are gonna go down. Cuz the ruling men promised us our women and by God we’re gonna hold them to that! Judgybitch is a great exemplar of that. Hi, I’m Judgybitch and I looove servanting! Cuz I had no options, but I haven’t noticed that’s due to the Patriarchy!

    Then there’s Fidelbogen. I’ve been married forty years and she supports me financially in my everlasting non-lucrative creativity and feminists better not start rocking my boat!

    Did I miss anybody? These ephemeral characters…soon to blow off in a pile of straw…

    • Ugh, I always feel like the misogynist movement has gotten so big in recent years until I realize that it has always been this big.

      Where would the amazing atheist fit into this? He’s famous for being an outspoken antifeminist, but that last thing that I heard was that he identifies as “egalitarian” because he clearly doesn’t understand what that word means. He has connections though to the MRA movement though. He expressed interest in attending that AVfM conference before and he’s obviously a friend of thunderf00t.

      Also, on another note, did the white ribbon campaign ever sue AVfM?

      • @WoC, don’t follow that guy, but as far as white ribbon, the real organization has a very long time to decide to sue or not.

      • C36 is a reform that recognizes the research that prostitution is commodification of women’s bodies by men in an unequal society. Men are the primary buyers/abusers/pimps/traffickers/murderers and women are the primary sellers/abused/pimped/trafficked/murdered and missing.

        C36 is informed by research that quite clearly shows the Nordic model works.

        Edited for accuracy. HMQ

  3. Oh, boy! You’re calling me a gay man with a raw rectum! (I don’t think you’re gay. I do think you have a raw asshole though as we’ve seen. How many comments is this now?) Wow, how clever! Even funnier since you’re a beautiful, intelligent, witty, lesbian separatist! Are all men so vulgar, crude, and useless as I am? That’s a rhetorical question because I know the answer is yes.

    Funny how all those abused/beaten/raped/trafficked/ women across Canada are strongly FOR the law, and see it as beneficial to women’s liberation. But of course, some radical feminist knows this and her agenda is helping women, and finding new ways to criminalize men like me who abuse/rape/beat/pimp women. I’m a fucking blight.

    And when some escort winds up rotting in a landfill, its on me, because I’m an entitled male who, when told ‘no’, he must find the closest woman to buy to abuse. I’m no different than Pickton. Laws won’t stop me. I hate women, especially when I can’t commodify them and use them as objects.

    Edited for accuracy.
    Note: this john DID blame me for a woman ending up in a landfill even though the dumb bastard knows it’s not women doing this, it’s men, and no law has ever stopped a man from abusing a woman he’s ‘purchased’ except this one where the law criminalizes him for attempting to purchase.

    What it boils down to is this male predator is being told NO, he’s NOT entitled to paying for women’s bodies to use. I hope he’s the first fucker to get caught and fined heavily.


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