PETITION: Keep PUA Julien Blanc OUT of Britain and Japan

PUA Julien Blanc was booted out of Australia for holding seminars where he taught men to be violent with women in order to rape them. He’s a ‘pick up artist’/men’s rights dude and he’s now trying to get into Britain to sell his particular form of male violence against women to dudes in Britain.

Sign the petition to keep him out of Britain. Sign this one to keep him out of Japan.

UPDATE: Canada wants him out too. SIGN Canadian petition here.

Here’s part of his seminar on violating Japanese women.

This MRA/PUA asshole uses the famous power and control wheel that illustrates why women stay in abusive relationships. He says it’s a ‘checklist’ to ‘make her stay.’

Oh and for the idiot MRA’s who might want to distance themselves from him, it’s too late. He tweets about taking the red pill, which is the staple meme of MRA’s. Paul Elam wears and sells shirts about taking the ‘red pill.’

julien blank tweet about red pill

‘Take the red pill’ is a meme of men’s rights activists.

Here’s Paul Elam in his ‘red pill’ t shirt.

Paul Elam wearing Red pill shirt

Paul Elam wearing Red pill shirt

Here’s the full article from Global News, Canada.

This post will be updated as information comes to light.



30 thoughts on “PETITION: Keep PUA Julien Blanc OUT of Britain and Japan

  1. This tells you a lot about men. Women never form groups so they could do collective violence on men. Yet men do this all the time.

    • Entitled white dudes are especially scary. I watched this vid and it absolutely amazes me how they perceive themselves and how they perceive Asian women must perceive them – like they think they are white gods or something. It’s all very bizarre, especially when compared to actual reality!

      But, men are always forming groups like this. The whole world is run by a bunch of privileged dudes in gangs: the Bilderbergers, The Bohemian Grovers, your local chapter of freemasons, your local law enforcement agencies, etc., etc., etc.

    • I guess you’ve never read the ramblings over at the now defunct radfem hub where women openly discussed genocide, and experimentation on men? Radical Wind still does it on a regular basis.


      Now go whine.

      Edited for clarity.

      • We already that was your agenda.

        Typical MRA/MGTOW/PUA dipshit with terrible fucking grammar.

        Edited for laughs.

      • Yeah, Radical Wind is a brilliant thinker. Always a pleasure to read.

        By the way, Silly Male, have you ever considered that there is no comparison between people speculating on how to end a world scourge (male violence) and taking NO ACTION whatsoever on such speculations, as opposed to perpetrators of that scourge going around the world practicing atrocities on their victims and teaching others to commit atrocities?

        Repeat my question one hundred times, until you can’t ignore it any more. Then write one hundred times, “I will stop conflating expressions of opinions with real-life assault and battery and torture and murder.”

        Then get yourself together and grow up.

    • He says, “If you are a white male, you can do what you want…”

      This is their attitude toward Asian women. But, it’s a mistake to think it’s limited to just Asian women. (Men perceive women as various categories of prospective victims and they have special ways of sexually violating us based on our appearance and narratives about our appearance, which they themselves devised and truly believe – blondes are “dumb” – (at least, that’s what Francois Tremblay called me in the comment section of a previous post!); brunettes are mysterious, Asians are submissive, etc.

      As I mentioned in recent previous comments, there are men – presumably white men – who think that being raped by white men is a special privilege, as opposed to being raped by a non-white man. White men have such a high opinion of themselves – they’re kings in their own minds. So, when they rape you, they’re doing you a favor as far as they’re concerned – you should be grateful that they are white men and not men of some other “lesser” race.

      The thing about seeing the video tape of this meeting is that I already know that these men think this way, but it’s just chilling to hear them talk about themselves this way in relation to women.

      • I think you meant white males think they can do what they want to all women. That would be more accurate. This is their colonialistic mindset being shouted out by these PUA/MRA’s. It’s so blatantly obvious and offensive.

        As far as I know Japan won’t let him in so now we gotta get him out of Britain and Canada.

      • I agree with you on all points. Yes, this is what men do they create narratives for women and treat them according. Be safe and avoid them at all cost if you don’t fit into submissive whore/man pleaser or ‘mother’ concept, you are basically screwed in this society if you do not choose the two defined choices by which we are defined.

        I find it so funny when white men exert some sort of dominance or the idea that they are better since, they are white. I’ve dated not-white men, and oh hell breaks loose, the opinion about you that those around you hold drops immediately. They see its as you are doing a disservice by being with someone you love or whatnot if he or she is not the right race. They believe that a white woman should never go below her ‘race caste’ and date non-whites, that’s why you see all such white women thrown into the ‘fat, ugly’ category because of the fallacy that black men date white women for status and that white women date black men because white dudebros don’t want them.

        • Re: “… the opinion about you that those around you hold drops immediately. ”

          I dropped a liberal friend a few years ago because of this. I was very shocked that someone who was constantly preaching about equality would harbor such hatred. I was, also, surprised at the inability to understand that “appearance” does not equal “race.” I was accused of being in an inter-racial relationship when I just can’t see it that way at all. You can look at me and see “white” – very, very white. I can’t be in the sun for 30 seconds! But, my father, his mother, her father and his mother display non-white racial characteristics. My father has dealt with mistreatment because of his dark skin and black, black hair. So, when I was with a man who looked quite a lot like my father racially, I was not in any way in an inter-racial relationship.

          In the U.S., especially, you cannot look at people an ascertain race. Blacks, American Indians and W. Europeans are mixed up going back for generations. My whole family looks like a checkerboard!

          • My family doesn’t consider itself ‘white’ either because of our immigrant status. Three of my family members died in Auschwitz.

            We weren’t considered white. We worked in 16 hour a day hard labour jobs FOR white folks.

            Our hair was mocked for being curly. Our skin, too dark.

            The great past time of true Americans was baseball so my family would find a spot to picnic and they’d play baseball.

            My grandmother told me that one time when they were playing baseball they had an American flag and placed it in the ground before they begun the game. They were mocked as not real Americans.

            The patriotism in my family is huge. When I moved to Canada and became critical of US policies my family didn’t like it. My grandmother actually got so mad she stopped talking to me for a while.

            I thought it was a bit much but I understand why they are the way they are.

  2. Apparently, this guy works for or is part of a company that teaches men how to abuse and assault women, which is located somewhere in the U.S. Apart from sexual assault he specializes in strangulation of women and instructing men how to effectively abuse women in our homes – as if men need instructions for that.

    I’ve been looking around and I can’t determine which state the company is in or exactly where this dudebro might be from. It may be that the company is in Florida. But, one of the founders of the company may be from California, so it could be there. Maybe it exists in more than one state.

    No article I can find says where he was deported to. My guess is the Australians didn’t just throw him out in the middle of the ocean with the sharks, which would have been perfectly appropriate, but they probably sent him to some other country – wherever he is originally from. The PUA website he’s a part of list his nationality as French.

    If this company exists in some jurisdiction in the U.S. we need to find out where and it needs to be taken down – at the very least, no one should lease space to such a group.

  3. Okay, here it is in the Canadian article linked to near the bottom of your article:

    “Swiss-born, California-based Blanc has made a fortune with his message — which includes telling men that emotional abuse and physical force is the best way to attract women.”

    Wasn’t Sam Pepper in California, too? Yes, and so were a bunch of the other YouTube attackers that were the subject of recent discussion when the Sam Pepper thing was a hot topic. It wasn’t safe to walk around L.A. back in the ’90s when I was there (I was sexually assaulted multiple times and raped during the course of a 3-week visit there. The rapist involved was an unknown Australian, incidentally.)

    It seems like a lot of men from around the world must go to California, specifically L.A., to attack women. I wonder what’s up with that?

    Maybe because that’s where the U.S. porn industry is based or maybe it’s all those songs like “California Girls,” etc., telling men that women exist as objects at their disposal.

  4. Something else kind of interesting: It looks like something is going on with his associate Kho.

    Also, his website, “Real Social Dynamics – Papa’s Blog,” address: – doesn’t connect to a server at the moment.

    A cached version reveals that his YouTube account has been “terminated” when you try to click on a video and go to YT. Here it is:

    Blanc’s other associate, Owen Cook, is actually named Tyler Durden. “Owen Cook” is an alias. His stuff still seems to be up – website and YT channel. He’s a creepy dudebro, too – I clicked on one of his vids and he teaches men how to treat women like pimps do. “Cook” is Canadian, according to this article:


    Here’s a donotlink to the above website:

    • Although Cook is Canadian and attended Queen’s University (Why does it seem like certain places keep cropping up, again and again, in these stories about MRAs and other sex predators?), he resides in California, according to the datingskillsreview article linked to above.

      Apparently, Durden is the Hollywood-dwelling mentor of Blanc mentioned in some other news accounts. Durden is considered an “early” PUA.

    • At that cached blog, Kno makes this claim about his company Real Social Dynamics:

      “Since 2002, I’ve worked with Tyler and the RSD team to build Real Social Dynamics into a multi-million dollar global enterprise, teaching over 20,000 clients in over 200 cities and 30 countries.”

      A multi-million dollar business? Do you suppose that’s true?

      I’m reminded of Kevin Trudeau, who is now incarcerated at a Federal Prison Camp – where he belongs – over his multi-million dollar global fraud.

        • You’re probably right.

          It’s hard to take any of their claims seriously. I don’t know if you’re familiar with the internet marketing world – places like WarriorForum – but, I can see something that has happened in recent years, which is a lot of internet marketing scam artists have found that “dating” is a huge “niche” market and a whole bunch of con men are making some fast cash. It’s the sort of thing you see at the sites for this company. They have discs of them talking into a microphone, which they want to sell you. They have a newsletter for you to sign up for so they can feed you a little info., then try to get you into one of their high-priced seminars.

          From one angle, it’s just a massive marketing scam. But, it’s more insidious than average because they are encouraging men to be even more violent to women than the already are.

      • Women, thoroughly enlightened by feminism, have turned into valued, inspired, brilliant women and have left men like me no choice, but to learn how to rape and beat you, while you desire for freedom. A modern woman’s only use to men like me is to violate you because I’m a rapist and a coward. so what other value do men like me have to women anymore other than rapist? Blame men.

        Edited for accuracy.

        My response: we do blame men. Kill all men. I hope you’re first.

  5. There’s a huge AVfM-RedPill connection.

    After the Elliot Rodger Killings, someone at reddit-againstmensrights posted a lengthy run-down of all the connections between the two, with links. It’s undeniable, but of course that won’t keep men from denying it.


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