How Dumb Men Are When They Street Harass Women

Here’s the first video, which I had to relink b/c of the damn playlist function on YT.

And the second.


5 thoughts on “How Dumb Men Are When They Street Harass Women

  1. Welluh, haha, it’s kinda sad to see the truth expressed so directly there. Yeouch.

    Speaking as a radfem, the first wave was to equalize laws. The second wave is to neutralize gendered culture. But I never really thought it would happen in my lifetime, going after stuff as deeply embedded as street harassment and alcohol/rape/college culture. It’s very encouraging. Change occurs faster than I can dream.

  2. Yes, those videos both really say what’s behind the harassment, at least, on one level. The French video that someone posted in your comment section of your post, “The Western Woman’s Burqua,” is, also, very good because at the end it shows how other men, usually your husband or boyfriend, really react to it. In my experience, all men (yes, I said “all men” because IRL, in my experience, it has been) participate in it in one way or another.

    From the time I was 12 or 13, my father was critical of what I wore. I remember him criticizing this long sleeved crocheted sweater I wore out to dinner one time because it had “holes” in it. Yes, it did and you could see a little bit of the skin of my arms. A lot of the time, it wasn’t even about showing skin, it was about this or that little thing, some fashion at the time – now regarded as extremely conservative, that he didn’t like. So, it’s always about the victim. When you’re constantly told you look like a w*#ore by the men who are supposed to be your “protectors”, there’s not where to turn when you’re harassed by other men day, day out and eventually assaulted.

    Boyfriends are pretty much the same way – you complain about street harassment or harassment in general and they use this as an excuse to basically imprison you. They won’t let you go anywhere by yourself and this is the excuse. If you’re attacked, they will blame you, too. They will react with accusations and violence, like we saw at the end of that French video.

    This is more of the “men as protectors” line of B.S. that men like to repeat – if you repeat it enough, maybe somebody will believe it, I guess.

    ALL MEN are part of the problem. Like you say, when they don’t call out other men’s abuse – and instead join in, which has been my experience repeatedly. I’ve got some pretty hair-raising stories I could share!!!

    And, this problem often is under your own roof with you in the form of a father, brother, boyfriend, husband, etc.

  3. Didja see this one?

    The video is up at the top, you have to push the play button.

    Of course, many of our “feminist allies” are going to focus on the race and appearance of the people involved in this video. To that I say, “F*#K MEN!”

    These videos, like the Hollaback video, are really for women so we can see that it isn’t just US. It happens to all women. And, the way the men behave is so extremely typical of our experiences.

    The reason this is important is so that we don’t internalize the blame when we are attacked by men – which most of us are, at some point. Some of us are repeatedly attacked.

    I used to think *I* was the problem. Other people told me *I* was the problem. From the time I was a teenager, I used to look at my face in the mirror and think, “I look like a s*$t,” because that’s what people (mostly adult men) were telling me.

    There’s no way to fight the constant psychological onslaught, which is we all internalize the blame on some subconscious level.

    But, these videos showing women being harassed (or better yet men convincingly disguised as women – like that Egyptian video I posted a link to a few days ago) help us to realize that the problem is MEN – Yes, all men! The blame needs to be placed (by US – not them – F*#k them!) squarely and unequivocally where it belongs!

    • OMG that video.

      Men are predators. That video displays it quite clearly.

      The end was OMG. I actually thought for one second that that last guy might treat her as a human being, but NOPE! He was bigger than the other guy and wanted to prey on her.


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