Elam Tells David Futrelle to Kill Himself

Elam’s just had a meltdown over David Futrelle about a shirt that was most obviously sexist. Matt Taylor, some sort of STEM/NASA dude, wore a shirt with half naked women on it in various poses in a public interview. Of course Elam thinks a man who does sciency stuff is allowed to objectify women and of course the natural thing to do when a feminist points out it’s sexist is to tell that person to kill themselves.

In fact, just a few months ago Elam hosted probably the most sexist, misogynist douche bag STEM professor in the USA, although I’m sure Thomas Impelluso isn’t the only STEM prof that thinks ladies should just be quiet and not enter STEM fields because he wants his ‘dudes club’ to be penises only.

When confronted with his obvious sexist discrimination Impelluso dug out the backhoe and started digging.

Some dudes over at AVFM see this as a really bad move but Elam snaps at them to get in line.

David Futrelle- Please kill yourself 2014-11-14 16-01-59So Paul’s honest opinion is that David Futrelle should end his life. Glad we’re up front about that Paul.

You see, Elam’s on a sinking ship and I think he knows this. As the ship goes down we’ll see little fits like this from Elam where he tells people what he really thinks.

Elam is a bully and this will live with him forever. I hope he realizes what a dumb mistake he just made. In the time when online harassment is getting a serious look-see, Elam does the stupidest thing imaginable.


13 thoughts on “Elam Tells David Futrelle to Kill Himself

  1. That wild-eyed, pencil-necked geek (and pencil-necked geek is NOT a compliment, by the way – it’s a scum-suckin’ freak, a silly lookin’ creature with a funny physique, if you remember the Dr. Demento Show) made the headlines at RawStory today. It’s something about how women should not be allowed to work for money. But, there is no such thing as patriarchy, of course, and women have never been enslaved by men, etc., etc.,


    Again, the best thing I can say about MRAs is they have alleviated all doubt about men’s motives. All those things my friends and I used to sit around and wonder about with regard to men, we no longer have to wonder about. All doubt about men along with all hope for their humanity has been completely erased. Thank you, MRM. Thank you, menz. Thank you, internetz! (I want to say, Thank you, Al Gore, too – because, you know, he has a penis and he invented the internet!)

  2. Al, whyn’t you come back to your invention and get the men off our backs? You can make a genderless machine, but you have to clean the misogyny-mold off it every spring, don’t you know a thing about routine maintenence?

    As for Elam, yeah, I’m seeing it. The MGTOW revolt. The traditionalists all that are left – all that site ever was, was a KKK (Kinder, Kirche, Kueche) site. The lack of real issues leading to offering the members cheap thrills like dox-hunts of girls. The infighting. The media waking up. The mainstream getting approached and recoiling in disgust. Elliot Rodger and the ongoing entitled male violence problem. The mensrights sub stopping the incessant posting to it, and the majority there not fans of ACFM. The low quality of the posters and the frank bias. Most of all, the tone of blind hatred toward women set by Elam.

  3. And cue: this outraged indignant champion of doing something to stop the high level of male suicide tells a man to commit suicide, because annoying men committing suicide is such a funny joke.

  4. The question is, who will be the first MRA to have the honor of telling Elam in public that he and his site have got to go? Will it be Hembling, who is already openly calling him crazy, Thunderfoot the MGTOW who is already calling him over-reaching, perhaps Judgybitch after she’s thrown under the bus (which should happen within a couple of months)? Will a rival hate company pop up and do it? Maybe Farrell — he’s still looking for respectability — here’s one way to recover it.

    If he doesn’t step down peacefully,and the lawsuits coming up don’t do it, he’s going to drag down the whole manosphere with him. He’s already set work on real men’s issues back 20 or 30 years by hardening media rejection, emphasizing bigotry rather than problem-solving, and polarizing the issues.

    Does anybody still buy his narrative that the overwhelmingly negative publicity he engenders is somehow helping men? AVFM’s only purpose is shaping public opinion — how’s that working out?

    The only narrative he’ll accept when he goes is martyr — and that often means trying to cut down everyone around in the last throes. It’s a dangerous exit. How it is dealt with is going to be important as to whether the MRM can ever be effective.

    Just my opinion as an outside observer, of course.

  5. Hembling seems to be following Clausewitz on defeating your enemy:

    1. Destroy his enemy’s army (Hembling’s causing divisions into MGTOW and MRA and scooping up the MGTOWs).

    2. Seize his capital (he’s set up his own site to compete)

    3. Deliver an effective blow against a principal ally of the enemy (attack JB, a vulnerable flank).

    ref: Carl von Clausewitz, On War, Oxford University press,2007, p. 242

  6. I am lucky that I only encountered one professor that was an open misogynist (taught math) while pursing my physic and engineering degrees. That guy really tried to screw up one friend by accusing she and I of cheating on a take home exam (we didn’t). He was the freshman adviser to a roommate and gave her such bad advice on which classes to take that her permanent adviser was shocked. My male classmates on the other hand had some prize assholes among them.

    • I can relate, acrannymint. On the way to my law degree what should I have to get past but a professor in a bow tie who ignored women students raising their hands, interrupted us, and told us to talk over tea instead of in his classroom.

      It’s almost comic. I hadn’t been raised in a male prep-school culture and the other few women were in the same boat, so we didn’t know what entitled male students did to object: a low hiss that was unidentifiable as to the individual. If only we had learned that earlier, but of course if we had that would have meant we had some sort of weaponry and we were accepted more as sacrificial lambs, I do believe. No matter: we did extremely well in our careers.

  7. Thank you for this post on the nut job Elam.I have been reading occasionally your blog and I learned about it from we hunted the mammoth when it was manboobz. I have ben a donator at times to Futrelle’s blog because I think he is doing a public service by tracking hateful sites in the so called manosphere such as avfm. I am sickened at the level of hate Elam has spewed since his blogs inception. He is a charlatan who is in it for the money. The funny thing is he probably barely has any based on his constant plea for so called “fundraising” campaigns on avfm. Moreover he states that avfm is about “compassion for men and boys” and they are human rights activists. What human rights activists tells another man to go commit suicide?

    The scary part is some libertarian and/or traditional women such as Karen Straughan and Judgybitch have chosen partner with him. The good think is I think the tide is turning and even his fellow mra’s and mgtow’s are now want nothing to do with him and his pal Dean Esmay. Elam is self destructing right before our very eyes. Look at the paltry attendance at their stupid conference in Detroit a few months ago and to think they had to have it in a small vfw hall because no hotel chain wanted anything to do with Elam and his cohorts.

    You mentioned how his former partner John Hembling is now against Elam. I just perused a video by Hembling https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pnYH2VGUrbM and very interesting I saw this comment from an mgtow

    “John I am an MGTOW like you and have become used to love a voice for men but have become disenchaned with their traditionalism of late as you stated. As a fellow MGTOW/MRA do you think perhaps we actually have more in common in some ways with feminism than tradcon? Were we MGTOW’s barking up the wrong enemy when the manosphere began a few years back? I mean at least feminism ( I am talking about moderate feminism- not the misandric radical kind) is about redefining traditional gender roles and supports such issues as the ERA and women fighting in wars. Perhaps as MGTOW’S we were fighting the wrong enemy and the enemy is not feminists but traditional conservative women? Wouldn’t it be ironic John if somehow in the future MGTOW’S and some feminists formed some type of alliance to combat traditionalism and traditional gender roles? Perhaps we erred in that regard-just some food for thought.”

    Perhaps Hembling is now really on to something even though I still detest Hembling as a bigoted opportunist. But if he can push for Elam and his websiite to be run down I’ll somewhat tolerate perhaps Hembling’s shenanigans.

  8. Hello, Teri, enjoyed reading your comment!

    The way I’m seeing the situation, MGTOWs are furious that women now have equal rights, especially with regard to custody of children and to parental contributions upon divorce. They dislike benevolent sexism just as radfems do.

    They’ve decided to walk. Theoretically. But let’s assume they really mean, to walk. Stop marrying. Stop sexual relations with women. Because they won’t go for equality and they can’t get traditionalism back. They’re being pragmatic.

    They’re going to theoretically fish and watch the ball game in their condos with no hassles involving women and children. They do want women to lament over this and the strange silence they hear hasn’t fully registered yet.

    The MGTOW gentleman you quote seems to have noticed that a lot of feminists don’t seem to want to get married either. Kudos to him for his perspicacity.

    He has noticed the similarity with feminist thought, though he erroneously thinks he’s talking about moderate (Libfem) people, when he really is talking about the Feminists Who Must Not Be Named. The Radfems.

    He is correct. There are similarities. MGTOWs who actually plan to leave women alone could theoretically align with radfems who WANT MEN TO LEAVE THEM ALONE.

    I think radfems are going to wait awhile to see if MGTOWs are just high-nosed PUAs or if they actually intend to go away and leave us in peace.

    Personally, I think they’re PUAs in sheep’s clothing. Too bad about theory not meaning squat if you’re a MGTOW.

    • I understand where your coming from regarding MGTOW’s. From what I’ve surmised over a period of time, you are correct most mgtow’s are not genuine. Howver there are a few of them such as bar bar and stardusk that are genuine. They have a whole buch of videos and followers on you tube. These dudes have obviously been hurt before by women but stupidly like jerks blame ALL women. The problem with MGTOW’s is they think that by having nothing to do with women anymore it will help their lives. But in reality they seem to be living sad lonely lives. I do agree with your point that in a sort of ironic way, MGTOW’s have much in common with radfem’s who want nothing to do with men. I cannot tolerate the hatred of women that i hear on bar bar and stardusk’s videos so I have chosen not to listen anymore to them. The sad part is these dudes are somewhat intelligent guys that if they changed their crappy attitudes toward’s women -they actually may have potentuial.


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