Monday Open Thread UPDATED

Hi Sisters!

I had an 8 hour nap today to make up for all my lost sleep on the weekend. Wow it sure feels good, that sleep!

I have a very important specialist appointment tomorrow to deal with my disability. I’ve been waiting almost a year to see this doctor.

In other news, Time magazine has taken the word ‘feminism’ out of their ‘words that should be banned’ poll. MRA’s are reeling over it since they got wind of the poll and massively voted for the word. Now they’re whining that feminists bullied TIME. LOL. Idiot MRA’s!

Britain still hasn’t banned woman hater Julien Blanc from coming there and giving seminars on how to rape women. The fact this is being drawn out gives credence to these misogynists but I have a feeling he’ll ultimately be banned and Canada will also ban him.

Is Paul Elam putting up Craigslist ads for anti-feminist misogynist Karen Straugn? Here, check it out.

MRA Patrick Doran is blaming a man for the rape of his daughter, which he says wasn’t a brutal gang rape but a drunken orgy. Her stepfather is the target of MRA’s who think he failed as a parent. So much for standing up for men.

No MRA’s are welcome on this thread and in general aren’t welcome here. You’ve been warned.


Paul Elam is trying to co-opt Gamergate by being the most oppressed man on the planet who’s done the most kicking, screaming and whining about women that would make even the most staunch GGers blush. IOW, Elam is the ultimate victim of women having rights and in the last 25 years has started a creepy website and attacked women.

Activism yo!

Let’s put that cup under his poor little red eyes and collect those mantears.


7 thoughts on “Monday Open Thread UPDATED

  1. Sleep is a wonderful thing! The weather has cooled, a little prematurely, but it is oh so welcome! I love it. I sleep so much better in the colder months.

    I’m happy you’re getting to see this specialist. I hope she (or he) can help you.

    Time Magazine is not a woman-friendly publication, in my observation. It’s nice that they removed the word, “feminist” from their poll, but I don’t quite get how it got there in the first place and whatever concessions they are making is too little too late. No amount of misogyny from mainstream news sources really surprised me, anymore.

    That Craigslist ad is just plain weird. This doesn’t look like an example of effective internet marketing to me.

    I just read the “Naming the Victim” article. Naming the victim is always a bad idea, IMO. Men are like packs of wild dogs and once they know you’ve been attacked more will come to attack you.

    Also, the statement given near the end on behalf of the perpetrators is really baffling. Although, it seems to make sense to men somehow. Nonetheless, it is not possible to consent to rape. No one consents to being tortured and left for dead at the edge or a river.

    • Oh, geez! I just realized that that final statement in that article was made by the MRA you mentioned above.

      This shows how difficult it is to tell MRA points of view from those of men, in general.

      The comment section isn’t especially heart-warming, either.


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