You’re An Old Meanie Man Richard Dawkins!

Richard Dawkins, once the superior overlord of logic to MRA’s everywhere has now become a meanie old man who lives in an ivory tower and doesn’t understand anything about anything.

Paul Elam and co. are having a mantrum over not being publicly recognized by Richard Dawkins when he spoke at Kennesaw State University. For those of you not in the know, KSU has been infested with a men’s rights group started by AVFM’s Sage Gerard, who is a Senior there. Needless to say, the Uni has been a bit of a hot spot when it comes to hating on feminists so when the mighty Dawkins was asked about feminism and then about men’s rights, something happened.

During the QnA Dawkins was asked if he supports feminism and asked if feminism is important within the scientific community. Of course he answered ‘yes’ and even gave the appropriate definition of feminism, albeit a rather thin one.

When asked if Dawkins supports men’s rights he replied he had no idea what the MRM is and said he doesn’t think men are discriminated against to which the audience clapped. Wooooboy!

Caution: Elam Tears Ahead

Dawkins was once a darling of the MRM due to his snarky anti-feminist remarks to Rebecca Watson that we often hear from manchildren who say feminism is not needed in Western countries and the darky Muslim women have it ‘oh so much worse.’ Comments like that, we know, are mens way to silence women, to tell her she’s a dumb bitch and should shut up about it.

MRA’s rejoiced at Dawkins response to Watson. They crowned him a male hero.

Then this happened:

The oh-so-logical Dawkins has taken his official fall from grace over at AVFM. (Get your male tears mugs ready)

Dawkins is now an old bat who doesn’t know his ass from his elbow.

[Dawkins is] so insulated in his ivory tower that it has disconnected him from anything, well, contemporary. He seems so unplugged at this point that he actually seems to think that ideology is good for science.~Paul Elam

In between castigating old man Dawkins, Elam and co are making up little bed time stories about the event to make themselves feel better.

The audience applause at Dawkins remark that he didn’t think men are oppressed has been re-made into a new story, one that Elam’s ego can handle. The applause was really from MRA’s thinking Dawkins is a dumb poopy head.

The snickers in the audience had two meanings, Richard. One, they were the auditory equivalent of eye rolls. And two, they were an acknowledgement of hateful ideologues (the feminism you no longer seem to understand) that you have been sufficiently conditioned or cowed into being useful to.~Paul Elam

Elam’s invented some new shit too. In regards to feminism being important in science Elam’s new story is that Dawkins thinks ideology and science should be mixed together. LOL. It doesn’t get any better than this.

That is the problem with living the insulated life. Not only do you end up making foil-hat-worthy observations that translate to ideology being good for science, but eventually the insulation becomes so thick, so protective and muffling, that whatever tiny spark remains in the wire is of little use to science or to society.

This kind of Elam meltdown is hilarious because he invents a completely new story to soothe his poor ego.

The comment section is hilarious too. Dawkins went from a masculine logical manly man to an old bat.

Dawkins is 73 years old. He’s hardly immune to the ravages of age.

This is a man 1) who is so insulated from the matter he’s simply unaware of facts, and his support for feminism therefore has no meaning; 2) whose mind and memory are clouded by age… ~Jack Strawb

Dawkins has always been a bit of a hack.~Matt Cash

Then this:

Look into Thunderf00t and his videos. There’s a real skeptic.~Daniel Freeman



8 thoughts on “You’re An Old Meanie Man Richard Dawkins!

  1. Dawkins and Elam: What a great match. They both creep me out really badly!

    You’re right Dawkins’ definition of feminism is pretty thin – not the definition I would give exactly and it’s a little incomplete. I think it’s important to keep repeating “equality under the law” for the dunderheads.

    It’s nice that Dawkins eschews social Darwinism, but he’s still a giant, misogynistic dickwad. In fact, he has said some really terrible and really stupid things about women, which you can probably still find at YT. Things like women aren’t funny and aren’t supposed to be funny because men need to be funny so they can penetrate women’s vaginas – that sort of thing. Yeah, Dawkins! What a genius!

    Speaking as an atheist, I totally hate this guy and all the other atheist guys like him. I sorely miss modern atheism’s found Madalyn Murray O’Hair, a woman without whom Dawkins and his fellow misogynist atheists would not exist in the public sphere. They would have had to find some other anti-establishment group to infiltrate and run into the ground.

    It’s wonderful to see two such horrible men slinging mud at each other. I hope there’s some big pieces of gravel in there.

    • As a longtime fan of Dawkins’ books on evolutionary biology I was deeply disappointed when that whole “Elevatorgate” nonsense broke out. He seems to have a bit of a foot-in-mouth problem, especially when it comes to feminism, pedophilia, Islam, and children with Down Syndrome. Actually it was when I read his book The God Delusion that I first opened up about my atheism. I have people like Richard Dawkins, Sam Harris, and Christopher Hitchens to thank for that. But they also taught me to question everything, and that applies to all of their opinions as well. This is precisely why we have the A+ movement.

  2. Also I assume everyone here already knows about the appalling dox of the UVA rape victim. At least, it’s an unconfirmed dox the last time I checked, but it’s still revolting anyway.

  3. It fascinates me (and may be just contradictory human nature) that people who can see so clearly in some areas of human knowledge are fools in other areas. Dawkins I suspect hasn’t given feminism much thought, which explains his inconsistency there.

    As for his statement that he doesn’t know anything about the reactionary men’s groups (that idolized him and co-opted some of his work), he is just reflecting the mainstream. Very few people have ever heard of the MRA stance that men are victims of matriarchy, and if they did they’d look as befuddled as Dawkins at the notion. The MRM is disreputable. It has no leaders or theorists with any professional standing in an applicable field of knowledge. All it has are demagogues. Its attempts to legitimize are not working.

  4. O/T: Hilarious man tears.

    HMQ, did you see this this right wing male hilarity? I don’t want to post links and improve their rank and since one of the vids’ thumbnail image looks like a porn mag cover so, I’m going to put a little hashtag before the addresses and you can cut and paste them. It just seems safer that way.



    And, this is the video with the porno mag image and I should also add a Creep Warning (Watching this video could induce nightmares!) for hairy, greasy-looking dude who looks like he just rolled out of bed without benefit of razor or soap and is difficult to even listen to because he talks like he’s got his own schwangerooni in his mouth:


    It’s all so bizarre! If you needed some hard evidence to prove that men live in a world of their own, this is it. Clearly, they don’t think we’re human (it’s exactly as I long suspected, they perceive us as walking f#ck machines) – and this is the biggest male reversal that ever was!

    It looks like MGTOW is going mainstream among the conservative right wingers – now, if they would just stop talking about it and actually go away and leave us alone (They aren’t! Big surprise, I know.), that’d be real swell. Seriously, imagine the drop in violent crime that we’d have overnight!

    But, this is just more male whining about “harpies” and lying b#tches. They’re even using the term, “white knight,” and asserting that women lie when they say they want men to be nice to them. They’re, also, upset that women have sexual autonomy. It goes on and on – nothing new really, it’s just that it’s beginning to seem like a parody of itself at this point. In fact, if I were going to do a parody of MRM/MGTOW, this is what it would look like!

    • That was a good article, V. Here’s some more today from CNN, which has been at the fore of promoting the RS version of things at the expense of Jackie.

      In the video at the above link, one of her friends says how she desperately wanted to retract the story (according to Jackie in another article because she didn’t think she could handle re-reading the account, herself – but, I would guess she realized too late that she was going to be misrepresented in the article and there could be a dangerous backlash.

      I think we should coin a new phrase for this and I’m going to do it right now. Feel free to use it. The term is: Predatory journalism.

      What is predatory journalism? It’s when a journalist seeks out and exploits a traumatized crime victim to use for his or her own selfish purposes and without the least bit regard for their needs or their personal safety.

      Apparently, the author of the RS article went to the campus where these terrible crimes are occurring to seek out a vulnerable individual whose trust to violate – once, again.

      And, they wonder why rape survivors don’t trust ANYBODY ever, again. (They always make a big deal out of survivors who go on to get married and birth babies, for instance – this is why!) This is exactly why I live as a recluse and my best friend is a cat. (A watch cat who literally guards me while I sleep.) If Jackie lives to be 30 or 40 and endures much more of this, what do you think her life will look like?


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