Marc LePine Isn’t Dead

On December 6th we remembered the women murdered by a man at Ecole Polytechnique. He called them feminists. We name the problem: male violence against women in Canada and the world.

This is a warning.

Marc LePine isn’t dead. He’s alive and well within Canadian society in the form of Men’s Rights Activists. LePine thought that feminism was the enemy and swore to defeat it. MRA’s have the same goal and have targeted and abused women all over the world.

The largest website for MRA’s is A Voice for Men, run by Paul Elam, and he has groups already in Canada. In almost every province there are small groups of men affiliated with AVFM and they are dangerous.

They have quite a few slogans at AVFM. One of them is ‘take the red pill,’ a reference to the Matrix movie where Neo takes a red pill and is suddenly made aware of the knowledge he lacked. For the ‘Manosphere’, the red pill is a metaphor for waking up to the fact that men are really the oppressed and women are the oppressor.

Many Canadians might remember the ‘Don’t Be That Guy’ postering campaign by Sexual Assault Voices Edmonton. What started as a great ad to teach men and women about sexual consent turned into a nightmare when MRA’s got wind of it. Members of AVFM tore the posters down and implemented their own ‘Don’t Be That Girl’ posters, which reinforced rape culture and victim blaming. MRA’s think women constantly lie about rape.

feminism sucks tshirt

Displayed for sale on AVFM

As you can see by the MRA t-shirt, their goals are exactly the same as Marc LePine’s only this time, there are more of them and their numbers grow, albeit slowly.

Canadian feminists have to be on particular lookout for Justin Trottier and his CAFE group. They just opened a men’s centre in Toronto and they are affiliated with AVFM. Trottier lied on CAFE’s application for charity status by putting feminist groups on the application that did not approve of a single thing he was doing.

CAFE has been studiously working to undermine Canadian women. Their motto is: Equality is for everyone. This motto is redundant since feminism is precisely that and we know it’s women rather than men who are oppressed due to their sex. They’ve had some of their events cancelled but that’s not enough. They are infecting Canada with everything AVFM stands for.

Here’s a CAFE event from 2012 where you can see many Canadians spreading hatred against women. You may also want to see CAFE’s Youtube channel.

Toronto Pride kicked CAFE out of their parade march.

They also like to threaten women on Twitter.

There are several tactics MRA’s are using to harm women. One of them is Parental Alienation Syndrome (PAS) which is an invented concept used by abusive fathers to get custody of their children. It’s a made up diagnosis to blame mothers and gaslight children. I’m sure if a feminist activist went to CAFE, you’d hear much talk of this fake diagnosis.

Fathers Rights groups, which is a subgroup of MRA’s, attempted to get this ‘diagnosis’ into the DSM. The DSM refused to include it because it’s so outrageous. The syndrome claims mother’s alienate children from their fathers psychologically during and after divorce. If the child doesn’t want to see the father MRA’s and father’s rights activists think the child was manipulated by the mother. This ‘diagnosis’ has been successfully used in some courts. This is going to be a hot topic in CAFE’s Center for Men and Families as well as circumcision, suicide and workplace deaths.

The Centre for Men and Families has a mission statement that includes a couple curious items that distinguish it as a men’s rights group. It states it’s fighting against:

Media, Social and Cultural Misandry and Academic Misandry (e.g. in Gender Studies and Culture Studies programs)

Note the use of the word ‘misandry’, which isn’t actually a concept in our patriarchal culture. The more important point is that that CAFE sees gender studies and cultural studies as male hatred. This is their clear opposition to women’s studies, women’s rights and feminism. They can spruce up the language but it’s there in their statement.

None of these issues have anything to do with feminism but MRA’s are woman haters and so every ill that men suffer is twisted and the blame put on women.

Also curious is this:

We value public policy that flows from fact-led and evidence-based scientific research rather than political or ideological commitment or special interest agenda.

MRA’s have this belief that feminism inflates statistics of rape and domestic violence to harm men. They continually repeat the mantra that feminists are a bunch of ‘gender ideologues’ which is quite funny because feminists that are in any way educated about feminism are opposed to gender.

Equal or ‘Shared’ Parenting is another concept made to guarantee custody to a father who is usually abusive and the National Organization of Women has made an important statement about it. Equal parenting isn’t what you and I think regarding it’s surface meaning. Most couples share custody of their children after divorce. It’s the rare cases of male violence and abuse of women that make it to a bitter custody battle. What MRA’s/father’s rights groups are attempting to do is to get the law to change so that upon divorce custody will be split 50/5o, even if the father is abusive. These fathers use their 50% custody to continue to have their ex-wife close and therefore under his thumb.

‘Male reproductive rights’ is another propaganda key word. What it really means, which Barbara Kay alluded to in her talk, is women being either forced to carry the fetus to term or be forced to abort, depending on what the male wants because male supremacists want men to have a ‘say’ in what women do with their bodies. This is blatant control of women’s reproduction and is something MRA’s and male supremacists are fighting to preserve.

The point is that CAFE’s Centre for Men and Families is an MRA outpost in Toronto from which women will be harmed.

If you listen to Justin Trottier here being interviewed by Dan Perrins from AVFM, you’ll see him tell Dan that male violence against women isn’t really a thing and that women and men are violent at comparable rates which is absolutely false. Don Dutton, a Social Psychologist at UBC supports Trottier’s CAFE and AVFM. He’s done work with male batterers and MRA’s use him as their source for their claims that women are just as violent and are responsible for the violence that men do to them.

CAFE must be monitored closely because it is an extension of AVFM and male supremacist ideologies. Trottier talks a cool game but make no mistake, if he’s willing to lie to get charity status in Canada, then he’s capable of anything.

Men’s Rights Edmonton likes to stalk and video tape women at night. Eric Duckman runs MR-E and on the front page of his website:

At the moment we are volunteering our time and resources to FTSU.

FTSU is the acronym for ‘fuck their (feminists) shit up.’ I’m telling you, these men are the new Marc LePine’s. Once they get a hold of a woman they can harass online and offline, they’ll do it.


Attila Vinczer and friends put up these posters libeling Prof Adele Mercier at Queen’s and contacted her superiors calling her a rape apologist for correcting a false statistic MRA’s peddle

This is what happened to Philosophy professor Adele Mercier from Queen’s University. She corrected a statistical comment by an MRA on the Queen’s journal and within 48 hours MRA’s emailed her superiors and postered the Queen’s campus with pictures of Adele calling her a rape apologist.

Danielle D’Entremont was physically attacked by a man after opposing a Men’s group on Queen’s Uni campus. When MRA’s found out about the attack they stalked her, phoned the police station to find out about her case. They harassed her mercilessly.

Prior to the first MRA conference in Michigan, they singled out a feminist protestor Emma Howland Bolton and attacked her as well.

Finally, feminist media critic Anita Sarkeesian received a death threat referencing LePine and ‘Montreal-style massacre’ if she dared speak on a Utah university campus.

MRA’s want all Canadian Universities to have men’s centres to spread their propaganda. Simon Fraser University was the site of a fierce debate because most students thought a men’s centre was redundant. The men’s centre didn’t even follow the normal course. It was started from the top-down, given $30K without a clear mandate, and all without male students petitioning for it. They claim domestic violence is mostly started by women and that both men and women commit it equally. They claim there’s no rape culture. They claim fathers get a raw deal in family court. All of these are untrue yet these propagandist soundbites get repeated in the media.

Especially troubling is the MRA main narrative, that Canadian society is a Gynocracy, ruled and run by women. In fact, John Hambling, who was fired from AVFM, calls Canada a ‘cuntry’ that has too many feminists. Erin Pizzey, a British MRA claims Canada is considered one of the worst places to live if you’re a man. It wouldn’t be so ridiculous if they didn’t absolutely believe it to be true. They see women as having the ultimate power in politics because, as they put it, more women vote. They also think women run capitalism too, because of our disposable income that is ‘given us by a man.’

AVFM recently attacked Heather Mallick of the Toronto Star for an article she wrote stating the men’s rights groups are a waste of time. She criticized MRA propaganda regarding boys doing worse than girls in school and criticized CAFE’s new men’s centre. AVFM quickly posted her picture on their site and called her a bigot. In between calling her an ugly bitch cunt who can’t get a man one MRA said he was going to find out her speaking schedule and drive out to harass her.

So where does MRA rhetoric come from? Most of it comes from what they consider to be the ‘father’ of their movement, US based Warren Farrell. He wrote a book called ‘The Myth of Male Power’ in the early 90’s that told men they were powerless because of their sex drives and that women’s bodies put men at a disadvantage. He claims women need to be protected by men and uses all manner of outlandish pseudo-science to support it. He never says what women need protection from but concludes that women hold all the power in society.

It would be hard to find a single example in history in which a group that cast more than 50 percent of the vote got away with calling itself the victim… Women are the only ‘oppressed’ group to share the same parents as the ‘oppressor’; to be born into the middle class and upper class as frequently as the ‘oppressor’; to own more of the culture’s luxury items than the ‘oppressor’~ The Myth of Male Power

Farrell is great at re-writing history as is Karen Straughn, a Canadian MRA who claims a little wife beating is normal. She’s says she’s proud of her ‘viking’ roots, which is a direct appeal to the white nationalists that are part of the MRM. When interviewed by David Pakman she used racism as an ‘argument’ against the notion that men prefer women more than men. She invoked a concept in psychology called in group preference to claim that men should prefer men but really love women, hence the male need to protect women and that it’s odd because white men aren’t suckled by black women.

Straughn’s historical revisionism is legendary and MRA’s around the world eat it up as fact. She’s a staunch Libertarian and has spoken on libertarian panels in the US. She rarely speaks about Libertarianism but instead uses the platform to throw out propaganda such as upper class white women started feminism, which Naomi Wolf had to continually correct her.  She romanticizes returning to some golden era where women and men knew their roles, such as the 50’s or as far back as the turn of the 20th century.

VICE did a great take-down of her and her MRA cronies.

Speaking of rape, here’s Farrell’s swipe at rape culture:

Unemployment to a man is the psychological equivalent of rape to a woman.~The Myth of Male Power

Farrell recently teamed up with the owner of A Voice For Men, Paul Elam, to promote the second edition of Myth of Male Power.

He’s been taken to town in the mainstream media for his misogynist screeds he either writes or publishes on his website. One article he’s known for is called ‘Bash a Violent Bitch Month’ where he describes in detail what he’d like to do to a woman.

I’d like to make it the objective for the remainder of this month, and all the Octobers that follow, for men who are being attacked and physically abused by women – to beat the living shit out of them. I don’t mean subdue them, or deliver an open handed pop on the face to get them to settle down. I mean literally to grab them by the hair and smack their face against the wall till the smugness of beating on someone because you know they won’t fight back drains from their nose with a few million red corpuscles.

And then make them clean up the mess. …~Paul Elam

Elam perpetuates rape culture, while simultaneously denying its existence

“I have ideas about women who spend evenings in bars hustling men for drinks, playing on their sexual desires … And the women who drink and make out, doing everything short of sex with men all evening, and then go to his apartment at 2:00 a.m.. Sometimes both of these women end up being the “victims” of rape.

But are these women asking to get raped?

In the most severe and emphatic terms possible the answer is NO, THEY ARE NOT ASKING TO GET RAPED.

They are freaking begging for it.

Damn near demanding it.

And all the outraged PC demands to get huffy and point out how nothing justifies or excuses rape won’t change the fact that there are a lot of women who get pummeled and pumped because they are stupid (and often arrogant) enough to walk though life with the equivalent of a I’M A STUPID, CONNIVING BITCH – PLEASE RAPE ME neon sign glowing above their empty little narcissistic heads.’~Paul Elam

If you’ve started hearing this propaganda in the public sphere you now know where it’s coming from. While most mainstream media outlets rightly recognize MRA’s as the new Marc LePine’s and abhor and mock them, some Canadian media embraces them.

Barbara Kay of The National Post has officially become a mouthpiece for MRA’s, repeating their false narrative that women are making false rape accusations to get out of drunken college situations.

Canadian Senator Anne Cools spoke at the first MRA conference in St. Clair Shores this year to talk about love and marriage in a traditionally conservative bent. She is outspoken about her disdain for LGBTTS persons having rights to marry.

MRA’s claim they are bipartisan but one closer look reveals they are traditional conservatives with a libertarian bent. They believe the State is the new ‘man in the house’ and resent things like Title IX and the new affirmative consent laws that were spurred on by Eric Holder and President Obama to address rape on college campuses. In fact, in the MRA 2014 manifesto they claim to want to end child support and rape shield laws that protect rape victims.

They are clearly not doing a single thing for men. They will quote statistics about male suicide and workplace deaths but follow it up with nothing but endless hacking at women’s rights.

Canadians must come together to face this. This is a problem that won’t go away without careful consideration. Part of the problem when dealing with backlash movements is the fine edge between ignoring them and giving them attention. I’ve thought about this question often. Should we just ignore them? I don’t think this is the right answer but we must be careful when engaging them that we don’t give them any legitimacy.

Many mainstream outlets use the MRA circus as clickbait because these guys are so bloody ridiculous but fail to see that these guys are like Marc LePine and they will do anything to harm women and children. I don’t think the mainstream media handles them as carefully as I would.

I would like to offer all women a place, here at this blog, to network as activists against MRA’s. I’ve helped many women who were targeted by MRA’s. While I use this blog to report on MRA’s, its main purpose is to network with other feminists to stop the MRA backlash.

Please bookmark this site and get involved with us here to keep abreast of how you can help other Canadian women. Our networking is crucial.

I leave you with the official site of White Ribbon, an international organization dedicated to ending male violence against women. Donate to them. They’ve recently been attacked by Paul Elam. Elam cloned the site to divert money to his pocket. Remember there is only ONE home site and ends with .ca domain.



4 thoughts on “Marc LePine Isn’t Dead

  1. Thank you for this fierce and informative article. Good to see that someone as knowledgeable as you is covering the backlash against feminism in Canada.

  2. I am not surprised that Libertarianism is involved in all this. I used to be infatuated with this political ideology until I realized how completely vacuous it really is. Recently I’ve started to realize how depraved it is, as well, as regards the treatment of children. That it lies behind anti-feminism is no surprise, as it is just another variant of vulgar individualism/neo-liberal thought: society is only individuals, individuals are fully responsible for what happens to them, people must be punished for their bad decisions, and so on.

  3. Man there’s a lot to take in on this post and a lot to comment on. It might be odd that I zeroed in on this specific section, but I started watching the VICE video you linked to, and I had to stop it when I heard an incredulous Warren Farrell ask why we have a male-only draft registration in the U.S. People should watch this video and see the answer to that if they wish:


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