CAFE Takes Money From AVFM

Today AVFM announced that CAFE’s Centre for Men and Families needs money to stay open in 2015 and that all donations will be doubled by AVFM. There is no doubt that AVFM funnels money to CAFE and that CAFE is an outpost of AVFM.

Here’s the fundraising video from CAFE, released yesterday. Notice that the man talks about being sodomized by another man and then suddenly, out of nowhere, repeats MRA propaganda about men being blamed for domestic violence. Was he reading off a cue card prepared by Justin Trottier?

I happen to know there are several services for men who’ve been sodomized by other men. I know it because I’ve had to access those services for someone I know. The police took him completely seriously, they instantly referred him to a private counselor who only dealt with male survivors of sodomy. So the claims that there are no male services is BULLSHIT.

Notice how these two people repeat all the propaganda told to them by AVFM and CAFE. It’s really quite astonishing.

I hope CAFE’s Centre closes its doors forever because it’s a misogynist group intent on spreading false statistics and propaganda to blame women for every ill in society and to turn the facts upside down.


12 thoughts on “CAFE Takes Money From AVFM

  1. In this video, he says as childhood victim of sexual assault, he’s afraid he’s going to be perceived as a prospective sex abuser.

    If he were a girl or woman who was a victim of childhood sexual abuse, he would be worried about more violence and perversion from men, whether anybody found out or not. Also, as a man, when he says, “I was sexually abused,” he is not called a slut and whore and met with incredulousness and denial.

    But, yeah, being worried about being perceived an abuser because 90% (actually probably way more than that!) of men are, in fact, violent abusers – that’s a REAL problem. Let me stop what I’m doing right now and shed some tears for male survivors of “rape.” Where’s my box of Kleenex?

  2. Also, that smashing windows thing – I find that bizarre. Men are extremely violent, regardless. How many girls and women who are survivors of actual rape (because men cannot be raped because they don’t have vaginas and “anal sex” is a pervert’s euphemism for sodomy) do you know (I know a helluva lot!) who go around smashing windows or hurting OTHER people or their property because men did sexually perverse, violent things to them as children? I don’t know of any.

    This is the difference between men and women.

    Men are very, very violent and will use any excuse to be violent. Then, they [pretend to] wonder why we fear them so much?

    • Agreed wholeheartedly.

      Men take their issues out on other people and become violent towards others while women eat themselves up inside because women aren’t allowed to be upset about male violence, we not to get angry or else we are horrible harpies and feminists.

      I found the sudden concern with domestic violence pretty unnerving. It was like he was repeating the party line but in the middle of something that wasn’t even the subject.

      Those people are being taken for a ride and fed false stats. CAFE’s Centre for Men and Families needs ending.

      • But, men ARE to blame for domestic violence. Men are the one’s attacking women and children in the vast majority of cases and the attacks they make are especially brutal and often deadly.

        Women and girls aren’t the ones committing mass murders against their own or other people’s families. (Like the most recent case I read about where a man murdered his ex and five of her family members.) Women and girls aren’t pouring gasoline down men’s throats (to hide the forensic evidence of sexual assault or to send a “shut up” message), lighting them on fire and burning them alive. Women and girls aren’t stalking men and raping and murdering them in astonishing numbers. No. Men are doing this to US.

  3. And, regarding men being blamed for DV. Did you see the one about the Philadelphia cop who killed a woman who he once dated years earlier after she made 75 calls regarding harassment and stalking to the local police department there?

    When women ask for help from L.E. or anyone else, we don’t get it!

    One of my own freaky, wild-eyed bald stalkers, who was recently jailed for stalking yet another woman, has been sentenced to a small fine and 100 hours of community service. Yeah, that’ll teach him.

    The wife-beater who I thought murdered a woman one night a few months ago, who then beat her up on other occasions and she ended up unconscious on a neighbor’s porch, is now out of jail and racking up one charge after another against himself including 1st degree burglary (entering someone’s home while they are they are in it! – same thing he did to me) and right now he’s out, free as a bird, despite appearing in court yesterday for DV, which is only a misdemeanor.

    But, yes, we should all stop what we’re doing to worry about the poor menz who aren’t getting help. Let’s all wring our hands and don a worried expression on their behalf.

  4. Also, part of this false equivalency about male abuse of males vs. male abuse of girls and women is the fact that men who commit violence against males aren’t hunting down their victims like they are property.

    I never hear phrases like “men and their families” and don’t think “men and their property,” because that’s what that phrase really means and the men understand this, which is why they are stalking us, hunting us and trying to hurt or kill us.

    They view us as their property, whether we we have children with them or not or whether they ever stuck their meat-weapon in our bodies before or not. They still view women as their personal property. So, women’s shelters don’t just provide counseling services, they provide a safe place. There are armed guards there. This is a huge difference between male on male abuse and male on female abuse. Men, in large numbers, aren’t hunting down other men to rape (or sodomize) and kill. I’ve never heard of a single case of this.

    • Yes. That’s why there’s a lot of white male law around property.

      We actually WERE considered legal property of men. So it’s not like this effect hasn’t stayed with men.

      Oh and in other news, Elam was offered a slot on CNN. I tweeted CNN and got others to tweet as well.

      CNN cancelled his slot but I’m not sure if it was me that inspired it.

      Doesn’t matter b/c they’d never admit I got Elam off the show anyway.

      They never mention me and I’ve thwarted some of their shit several times. It’s kinda funny how they just say ‘a feminist’ did it.

      Here’s an image an MRA took of one of my tweets to @CNN

      He’s on twitter whining now.

      • Re: “Oh and in other news, Elam was offered a slot on CNN. I tweeted CNN and got others to tweet as well.”

        Yes, I saw your tweet last night and retweeted it. Good job!

        I have a new Twitter account as part of my effort to stay under the radar. I quit using my old one shortly after the Elliot Rodger murders. That whole thing and the response to it freaked me out really bad!

        • I hope u find me on the Tweets!

          Right now I’m tweeting the latest misogyny from AVFM.

          They’re screeching hatred at Malala for winning the nobel prize.

          Jack Barnes, the redneck idiot is all mad. I love it when I reduce them to butthurt!

          • Yes, I’ve retweeted you a few times recently. I don’t have many followers yet, though.

            If you look through your own followers, you’ll probably recognize me by my icon and header images. LOL! I’ve been keeping up with you, some other radfems and the #JusticeforJessica hashtag.

            Re: Hate at Malala. I’m surprised they’re not getting behind whoever killed Jessica Chambers. They seem like the MRM;s kind of guys. There’s not much difference between the slogans “Bash a bitch” and “Barbeque a bitch.” I’m sure they have lots of common ground.

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