If I Were a Woman at Dalhousie

Misogynist men are everywhere and we here at Mancheeze see the most vile and vocal of them on a regular basis in the form of Men’s rights ‘activists.’ We also understand that men in general are raised to hate women. From violent pornography to video games, young boys are taught to control and dominate women and orgasm to sexual violence. One look at Nofap forums will inform women of just how many men can’t have sexual relationships with women unless they contain violence and degradation of women

It appears Dalhousie Uni has a huge problem with misogynist men, well a problem that the men didn’t bother to hide. A group of 12 male dentistry students created a ‘Gentleman’s’ page on Facebook where they talked about raping their female classmates by asking such things as ‘Who would you hate fuck?’

A professor showed a film of a woman in a bikini to ‘wake up’ his male students, all the while the female students sat in class, under constant objectification and threat of rape by chloroform. Oh yes, the men joked about it!

The male president of Dalhousie, is telling us he’s going to use restorative justice. What the fuck does that mean? I wonder if the president watches porn or if he finds violating women to be a turn on?

Avalon Sexual Assault Centre wrote a letter to the president and I agree with every word.

These upcoming male dentists are going to put women under sedation if they are allowed to practice dentistry, which is something the chaps joked about on their FB page. Should we release these rapists as health professionals whereby they’ll have access to women under sedation? I think not.

If I were a woman at Dalhousie I’d not stop until these men are booted from the school. If these men ever graduate a dental program the public should know where they are practicing and they should never be allowed to see female clients. Ever.

I will happily publish all the names of these men so if you shoot me an email (joyintorah18@gmail.com) I will. You have my word that I will not release any information about you. This site is a women’s network whereby we help women who are being targeted and attacked by men’s rights activists. Look in my back postings through the calendar in the sidebar to prove it.

We women have to protect ourselves because we know some male president and his ‘restorative justice’ is just a bunch of meaningless drivel to assuage the public. Unless the president takes action and refuses these men graduation we women have lots of work to do.

Depending on how the president deals with these men, I recommend ad campaigns be run by women’s groups to let all potential female students what will await them at Dalhousie.

Some may think my post harsh but once you do the work that I do, that rape crisis centres do, that women’s shelters do and you come into contact with these misogynists who do anything and everything to harm women, you’ll see I’m correct. I have zero patience with woman-hating men.

They should be denied the benefits of society because they give nothing in return. That’s my motto. If you’re bent on harming people and you think rape is funny you deserve nothing and that’s what you should get. You should be publicly named and shamed.

FYI: there are no links to the CBC even though the CBC covered this in depth because the author is disgusted at how the CBC did nothing in the Jian Ghomeshi case whereby he physically and sexually harassed women and the CBC allowed it to happen. CBC doesn’t protect it’s female employees.


17 thoughts on “If I Were a Woman at Dalhousie

  1. You’re going to get sued for libel, idiot, or do you not understand how journalism works? You can’t accuse men of rape for making jokes, and then smear them as if they’re rapists. i hope they drive you into the street.

  2. Very interesting! I don’t know how you find some of this stuff!

    Again, it confirms many of my suspicions about members of the medical profession.

    I don’t understand “restorative justice.” Is this some act of revenge against women for some imagined grievance?

    The letter is correct about this: Many of us survivors do not have anything whatsoever to do with the medical profession. Death is preferable. I see them as a bunch of violent perverts who will use “medicine” as a ruse to harm women. In my experience, this is accurate.

    • I really appreciate that Ella.

      I get so much misogynist ranting from MRA’s on Twitter that, as I told another female friend, it gets very tiring to the point where I take extra naps.

      It could also be my age tho too. Being 45 and disabled spinally I’m sure makes me more tired but I do think it takes a toll on my mind.

      Any reassurance and love from other women who I solely identify with and share a common experience is very welcome.

  3. Most male dentists are disgusting assholes. I’ve been tortured by many as a child. The one that I currently have is OK for emergencies I am looking for female dentists tho. Isnt amazing how male dentists pretend to know when a woman feels pain in the tooth. So many time I’ve felt pain as a child and those abusive asshole would be like its in your head.
    F u mra morons if y joke about rape u are a rapist simple as that.

  4. As a health care professional, I find this kind of sexual objectification of both colleagues and potential patients absolutely horrifying. Can these jerks be reported to the college of dentistry (or whatever the regulating body that oversees the dental profession is called)? They need to be watched!

    • Long time no see Chris! I do know how much men hate women and I think the women who post here and who read my blog know this also. We know. I suppose we try so much to suspend this thought and when we get yet another example of how much men hate women, it’s a blow to us as women. Each time I see men hating women it’s like the first time I realized that women are the targets of male control. Every incident I feel the same shock and anger.

      When I watched Justin Trottier of CAFE’s Centre for Men and Families try to minimize street harassment by saying men having street fights is included in that definition, I cringe. See my latest post for that.


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