Mike Buchanan Berates Women At Brunell Uni

I’m reaching out to British feminists as I type this and I’m horrified.

Mike Buchanan, the british MRA member of the hate site AVFM who goes on national television calling women whiners and telling us to be quiet about the sexism we face was allowed into Brunel University Engineering dept. to berate women in front of 5 engineering students.

He even had the audacity to record it. The propaganda he tells these students is just unbelievable.

He chides women for not working as hard as men after medical school. He continually argues with the only woman on the panel because Mike thinks women shouldn’t get a single bit of help with Engineering grants. The misogyny he parrots, direct from AVFM, will curl your fingernails.

Why was he allowed to sit down with these students? I have a feeling I know how he got in. A male student on the panel, Ieuan Morgan, is an MRA who shares the same misogynist thinking he does.

Mike writes in the description of the taped hour long interview:

So we were pleased when Ieuan accepted our suggestion to gather a number of his engineering student colleagues together for a discussion last Friday.

I’ve already notified someone in the Engineering Dept but more importantly I need to reach out to UK feminists to get this dealt with.

We shouldn’t be allowing propagandist woman haters to sit down with students to give them the most inaccurate picture of the world possible and to make misogynist remarks at a University that should pride itself on teaching students tolerance and not woman hatred, especially in a field that’s already male dominated, where women have struggled to even enter.

If anyone is in the UK and can contact the Engineering dept at Brunel, make sure you let them know which student, Ieuan Morgan, allowed Mike entrance to the University.


9 thoughts on “Mike Buchanan Berates Women At Brunell Uni

  1. Oh, no! Not this loser, again!

    I just saw the 1st part of the vid. It is so wrong that dudes are getting part of the very little money allotted to women to study engineering. That’s the first awful thing I noticed.

    Violent, hateful dudes literally screaming in my face in the hallways are why I quit the Math and Comp. Sci department a long time ago. I could see there was no future for me in the sciences – men weren’t going to let it happen.

    You know, I’ve never been suicidal…It’s a wonder to me that I haven’t been. Really! When I think about this mountain of stuff. I’m sure you know just what I mean.

  2. I don’t know why that glob of cholesterol is allowed in there to talk to these students, but I think think this is wrong. They should be protected from such men. Some of what I hear him saying to the women is psychological abuse.

    If we really want women to be successful, then male abusers should not be invited in to sit down and abuse us.

    • Agreed. I’m trying to get in touch w/ British feminists now and I’ve already contacted the Engineering dept.

      This is not right. Students should not be subjected to this woman hating PoS.

      The horrible part is the blond haired guy on the far right is an MRA and let him in.

  3. I tend to think, I know optimistically, that there are not that many deliberate agents of women’s oppression at work in this century; that the men of our generation may happily or obliviously or guiltily enjoy their male preprogatives, but do not set about maintaining the oppression with clear understanding that that is what they’re doing.

    Mr. Buchanan is one such deliberate agent of oppression, it appears.


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