We Now Know Why Paul Elam Hates Women Hint: Mommy

Paul Elam is interviewed by Erin Pizzey and tells us why he hates women. Poor Elam hates mommy.

Now we know why Paul Elam writes about his fantasies of beating women and bruising up feminists and why he would vote ‘not guilty’ in a rape trial despite overwhelming evidence.

Now we know why.

Mommy made him take medicine for diarrhea. LOL Freud would have a field day with that.

In reality, a mother making a child take medication isn’t such a big deal. It doesn’t make a man a woman hater but it made Paul a woman hater. Paul thinks he’s healthy: LOL

What’s funny is that Elam talks about his father bullying him but it’s all on mommy. This mommy hating is a part of patriarchy. We tend to blame mothers for everything.

Let’s put this on a scale:

mommy forcing a kid to take medicine v. father bullying children.

Gee, it seems the father is the problem here but we all know MRA’s focus their hatred on women because it’s easier to, especially because we live in patriarchy. It’s easier to blame mommy and not daddy.

Paul is certainly not healthy although he thinks he is. Anyone who writes fantasies of beating women isn’t healthy.


4 thoughts on “We Now Know Why Paul Elam Hates Women Hint: Mommy

  1. I clicked on the video but it was so dumb I couldn’t continue watching it. I’ll just keep reading your analyses.

  2. Not just Paul Elam but Judgybitch and Erin Pizzey admit to coming from highly dysfunctional families, with both abusive mothers and fathers. But only the mothers bear the brunt of their anger. I think it has to do with the double standard that society has for fathers vs. mothers. The Mother are supposed to be the nurturing,” protective” parent so if she’s perceived as failing in that regard she’s treated very harshly, whereas crap fathers can pretty much do everything except brutally rape and kill their offspring and get a pass. Unfair, but that’s the truth.


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