Hour Long Susan Faludi Interview on C-Span

Bestselling authoress of “Backlash”, Susan Faludi is interviewed on C-Span. Notice the male interviewer is clueless.



12 thoughts on “Hour Long Susan Faludi Interview on C-Span

  1. She’s well-spoken. I liked what she said at the end about her next book being about what causes the “hostility” from men. I haven’t checked the date on this vid. Maybe she’s already written that book? She seems to have a need to get to the root of it as we do.

    • V.,

      I think the book she’s referring to is: Stiffed: The Betrayal of the American Man Faludi (1999).

      I haven’t read it, but there is (or was) another similar interview on YT with her talking about that book. It sounded like a lot of the poor, poor menz crapola we’re used to hearing. She talks about how men are pissed off because the were promised a docile sex slave and domestic servant just like dear ol’ mom and didn’t get what they wanted. I don’t care what their problems are, personally, I just want their violence and crime to stop. I don’t need to hear their excuses, you know. But, she talks about this – I thought all too sympathetically – in the interview about that book. She’s a journalist. She may be a feminist, but she is a journalist and it is a common enough thing for them to find sympathy or, at least, points or resonance with their subjects, no matter how despicable they are.

      I just went to YT to find the interview, but I couldn’t locate it.

      But, just the title of that book bugs me. We women who want to live our own lives, not be raped, not be harassed, not be groped, and to generally be treated like human beings with basic human rights have not “betrayed” anyone, most certainly not men. The title, itself, suggest men’s entitlement to enslave women – it bothers me. The interview bothered me. Still, I wish I could find it for you so you could see it for yourself. If I manage to dig it up later, I’ll post it.

  2. This is such a good interview. I saw it for the first time probably a year ago.

    You’re right about the interviewer dude. Those aren’t all just interview questions.

    Like this:

    Susan: “My father wanted very much for me to succeed.”

    Interviewer: “Why’s that?”

    And, then she explains that parents want their children to do better than themselves.


    What kind of a stupid answer do you think he was expecting to that question, “Why’s that?”

    Also, what a contrast! He looks like a representation of Death and she is a picture of health, beauty and human intellect.

  3. At about 18 minutes in she talks about the merger of Radcliffe with Harvard.

    I went to a private high school that was merged – and they made sure we girls paid the price even a couple of decades later. My father and grandmother had gone to the same schools when they were divided by sex. I don’t think merging them helped us, at all.

    Also, the university I went to to escape all the rape and abuse at the other two schools I had attended (one a big private school where rape is a matter of course) was required to take a very limited number of men.

    This is an example of how “equality” has been used to hurt us.

    Girls and women should have the right to an education without being exposed to physical, sexual and psychological abuse from males. There should be no male teachers at our schools and no male students.

    What a nightmare Harvard and these other schools like them have proven to be! You want to know who the worst men in this country and on this planet are? I’ll tell you. It’s those with the greatest sense of self-entitlement, the ones who are most likely to get away with any kind of crime. Be afraid of all men, but be most afraid of those men! That’s been my experience.

  4. Watching this interview, I really do get the sense that men – especially old geezers like the interviewer – live in a different world, one in which they and only they are human beings.

    I watch (and analyze) a lot of old stuff from T.V. and I’m constantly amazed at most of the interviewers or talk show hosts, with only a very few exceptions. All of them were men, especially if you go back to the 1970s and before. If you want to hear some massive oinking, check out a clip of the Dick Cavett Show. What a major prick he was. He acts like half of his audience (or potential audience) don’t even exist. It’s amazing to see these men before they started cloaking themselves better – they’re still pigs, it’s just not as acceptable to be as overt about it now – I think… I hope. I don’t know because I don’t see television. I’ve heard that it’s gotten really, really bad. So, the pendulum may have swung back to this for all I know. But, there was a time when some men, like Donahue, tried to hide their hate and at least pretended to believe that we are human.

    • I found it to be very unsettling as well. To not know The Feminine Mystique while interviewing a feminist writer?

      Reading Faludi’s book would’ve been a good start for him but it appears he never opened it.

  5. I saw this interview on YouTube a while back. I think I need to rewatch it again to regain my memories. If rewatch is even a word. If it isn’t it should be. Somebody told me it wasn’t but I’m going to use it anyway.

    On another note, it’s been a while since I posted a comment. I’ll try to post more often but I can’t make any promises. I just moved a month ago and it took me a while to get wifi. It took me longer to get cable and furniture and actually move all of it inside my new home. When I moved in there was mud and dirt all around my house since they just built it. So when I finally got internet access and cable from Comcast, I didn’t have it for very long. Well for my wifi at least.

    The technician didn’t bury the cable he just covered it with all of the surroundings dirt around my house. So when the construction workers came to get rid of all the dirt, gravel, and mud he cut the cable clear off. So no internet for me. When I called Comcast the man told me they couldn’t send a technician out here because he would pick up his phone. The man I was talking to sound very angry because of that so I tried my best not to make his job more difficult. I know it’s not easy talking to people. Especially people with a problem. It took them two weeks to come out here and replace the cable I was so upset but at the same time just happy and relieved I finally got what I paid for.


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