We’re All Friends Just Gimme Money UPDATE: PUA Shot Woman in the Face

Paul Elam’s doing his quarterly fundraiser and was very deliberate in coming out with a small article declaring that the various ‘parts’ of the Manosphere such as PUA’s, MGTOW’s, Masculinists, and Tradcons are all welcome in his little world again.

He dismissed those factions ages ago but Paul’s running short on cash. His current fundraiser has only barely reached $2 grand whereas he usually scams in about $25 grand a quarter. All the money goes into his pocket, well except for doling out some to CAFE and to his lawyer for his fraudulent stunts that get him nowhere, such as cloning a DV charity to divert money into his pocket.

So now that they’re all buddies again we can rightly condemn them further. PUA’s like Julien Blanc teach men for $3 grand a pop how to rape women. Blanc thinks beating up women is funny too. He’s been denied visa entry into several countries. Elam now aligns with him so he’s fair game.

MGTOW’s are the internet’s silly males, mostly on Youtube, who swear off women in an attempt to look like they’re rejecting women first when the reality is no woman wants them. They hide their pain by running around on Youtube claiming women are sluts and stupid and have an entire glossary of silly words to woman-hate. I’m betting many of them are pornsick.

Masculinists are much more open about their abuse of women and I can’t tell you how many times Elam has banned them from AVFM but when Elam wants some cash, well, they’re all good friends now.

Elam is realizing he’s alienated a huge chunk of the losers and wants them back under his control. If anyone’s noticed, in the past few months after the big conference (LOL) Elam has mainly gone after men and shamed and humiliated them.

We watched his falling out with John Hambling, who by the way false DMCA’d me again because he’s desperately trying to rid the internet of a video he did 4 years ago. Every time he falsely DMCA’s I will find yet another way to distribute this video.

That falling out was particularly funny since Elam basically tried man-shaming John when out of the other side of his mouth he preaches that men shouldn’t shame other men.

Paulie’s feeling this hit in his usual 100K/year purse and I’m finally glad this is happening. He does nothing for men. What has he really done? The mass media hates his guts. Dean Esmay got his article pulled from HuffPoBlogs (you can thank me for that and Soraya Chemaly) and Elam got pulled from CNN (you can also thank me for that and some helpers on Twitter).

The media writes articles about Elam every once in a while which totally lay him bare. I know Elam thinks this is successful but it really isn’t. He’s getting run out of town and yet he still tells his faithful followers that he’s getting shit done.

CAFE might have to close its doors if it doesn’t get any money, which is great. That’s my personal next horizon. Out of Canada ye misogynists!

The point is, Elam just has a big mouth with a propensity for fraud and nothing more. He can get his sycophants riled up and point them to MSM articles so they can spam the comment section but as time goes on, more and more people will turn their backs.

Hell, Janet Bloomfield’s publisher just dropped her like a stone.

Another interesting fact is that Warren Farrell hasn’t been doing his weekly shows with AVFM anymore. I’m not sure what that’s about. It doesn’t matter anyway, Farrell’s been put out to dry.

You can expect more hilarious MSM articles about Elam but his organization will die. It’s just a matter of time. He can take monies from his readership but the fact is, he’s dumb. He’s played this thing wrong from the beginning. His entire idea that he’s going to take over the public discourse by being a misogynist asshole is NEVER going to work. He’ll just get broiled every once in a while by the MSM while we all laugh at his circus clowns.

He can be the biggest asshole on the planet and we can watch as show after show cancels him and each and every way to the public turns their backs on him. He’s a liability. He’s shown that time and time again. Cloning the White Ribbon was a really stupid move. Not only did he show he’s a woman hater but he’s a fraudster too.

The louder he gets the more people just dismiss him or laugh at him. I mainly laugh at him but I also know that many of these men have criminal records and are dangerous to women.

The more Elam opens his mouth, the more flies fly in. Let him have more tantrums. His tantrums are funny. He seems to think there’s some method in there and he’s fooled many of his followers, telling them he’s gonna change this and that. The reality is that people assign him ‘crazy right wing nut’ and dismiss him.

The political climate in the USA won’t tolerate the Conservative viewpoint and that’s all Elam really comes across as offering although with some fraud too boot.

2015 will be another year where we can watch Elam mantrums from his slowly declining website, enjoy some popcorn and watch the resulting shit show.

As for me, I plan on having a donation drive in Jan. I figure it’s best to let people get through the holidays. We’ll continue to do what we always do on here: network with women being targeted by MRA’s, help them, educate young women, and use a clamp to shut MRA mouths.


A PUA called Gunwitch aka Allen Robert Reyes shot a woman in the face. The PUA site he owns is offline but his misogynist pals are defending him and are oh so worried about him.

The MRA’s are in on it too, saying that shooting women doesn’t discredit PUA at all!

Now we can thank Elam once again for embracing those PUA’s and especially those who shoot women in the face with a gun.

I remember a year ago I said MRA’s are violent men. They are, and they’re all in this together.

Watch out for more violence against women coming from the Manosphere, toxic shithole of loser men that it is.


6 thoughts on “We’re All Friends Just Gimme Money UPDATE: PUA Shot Woman in the Face

  1. HMQ, you speak truth. You observe and react to all the sickness like a healhy human being. I agree wiht your reactions. I also watch MRAs and am grateful that somebody isn’t intimidated by them. Thanks for bringing all this to our attention.

  2. Elam’s transparency is really remarkable. Of course, that doesn’t stop the gullible from donating to his “cause.”

    Re: The PUA shooter. It looks like that happened a couple of years ago, but they just released him from jail (maybe) yesterday.

    The only news I could find on this was at PUA sites, which are full of all kinds of obscene material and disgusting pop-up ads. They’re still selling their “how to abuse women” material even as they report on this, but it’s okay, ya know, because they called her a “whore.” In fact, they called her a “meth whore” specifically. This is the same thing they called the 19-year old girl they burned alive in Mississippi. (Another 15-year old girl was found burned alive today in Indiana, but the mainstream media doesn’t seem to notice this for some reason. I’m sure she was a “whore,” too – we’re all whores, after all.) Once men call a little girl or a woman “whore,” it’s open season and they can do whatever they want to us with relative impunity.

    This man shot a woman in the face and nearly murdered her, but more men let him get away with it. Two or three years in prison is nothing. He and other scumbag men who commit violent crimes against girls and women ought to be public executed.

  3. Yikes, this is just awful. I’m really at a loss for words on the shooting. All I can say is I’m glad she survived — she can testify when he hopefully goes on trial for attempted murder. I originally came here to ask you for feedback on an essay I wrote but that seems tacky under the circumstances. I hope that woman pulls through.

  4. O/T – I read your comments about distrusting Facebook a few blog posts ago. In case you needed any other reasons for staying off there (apart from all the scary stalking, FB’s notorious hackibility, their total disrespect for their users’ privacy, and their overt misogyny in the form of allowing all kinds of porn and violence directed at women), here’s another good reason:


    A woman rejects a man’s advances and he breaks into her house and burns it to the ground. The cops and reporters called this “disturbing,” but I call it “typical.”

  5. I love this post Paul Elam is a disgusting rat of a man, (sorry for the rodent reference) I hope your predictions are spot on and he sinks away into obscurity and has to “GET A JOB” yeah baby that would be icing on the cake. I also agree that the MRA are a gathering of violent antiwomen terrorists.


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