A Special Merry Christmas To All

I have plans to open a new site in 2015 which will replace Mancheeze. I’m tired of the name. I chose the name because of my pet mice while I imagined my little furry friends nibbling away at the men’s rights movement. Mice can chew your whole house apart (I give them things to chew on so they don’t destroy wires and such). They’re tiny little creatures who can do a ton of damage. That was the metaphor I had in mind.

But things change and I’ve decided that I want a new site with a new logo and a new name. It’s still going to be a play on my pet mouselings but the format will be totally different as I hate how narrow this column is.

I also have this other project in mind that’s much larger. I want to start a live one-on-one feminist mentorship site, like an online Big Sister site. I’m still braining it but I figured I’d run it by all of you to see what you think.

We’d have volunteers that do live chats with younger women to educate them about feminism. I’d need some women in tech to help out since I can’t do it myself. It’s a good way to network, which is the main idea of this site. I want feminists to have a live network and messaging system so we can support each other in our quest.

I’d much rather use an instant messaging system besides Twitter since many women are stalked on Twitter.

Any female webmaestra’s out there?

It wouldn’t truly be a good Holiday if I didn’t severely piss off MRA’s, specifically Dean Esmay. My mice also pissed him off too. He re-wrote a Christmas poem ‘Twas The Night Before Christmas’ and put me in it. I love it when he rages. It wouldn’t be complete without calling women whores or without simulating raping Andrea Dworkin.

’Twas the night before a feminist Christmas, when all through the house
Not a creature was stirring, ’cept Diana Boston and her mouse. <— here I am. 🙂
The blanties were hung by the chimney with care,
In hopes that St. Dworkin soon would be there.

The gender studies students were nestled snug in their beds,
While visions of slut walks danced in their heads.
With me in bed all warm with my cats,
I’d closed SCUM Manifesto and decided to nap.

When out on the lawn there arose such a clatter,
I sprang from my bed thinking a stalker on ladder.
Away to the window I flew like a flash,
Tripping on my dildo I fell with a crash. <-Dean admits having a dildo!

I peered through the window like an old creepy male.
I stared out and exclaimed, “Oh man—what the hell!”
What to my oppressed eyes then did appear,
But a pink sleigh pulled by eight flying simps in bondage gear.

With a hairy old driver so angry, that bitch!
I smiled ever so slightly while my panties did twitch. <- Does he also wear panties?
More rapid than state funding, her flying monkeys came,
And she hissed and she cursed and she called them by name:

“Now Kimmel, now Stewart, now Clinton and Alda!
On Gosling, on Flood, on Biden—Obama!
To the top of the porch! To the top of the wall!
Now dash away! Dash away! Cis male scum ’n all!”

To the women’s shelter rooftop the male feminists flew,
With the sleigh full of hate and St. Dworkin too.
As I drew in my head and was turning around,
Down the chimney St. Dworkin came with a bound.

She was dressed all in spandex from her head to her foot,
And her clothes were all stained with much food grease and soot.
A bundle of baby foreskins she had flung on her back,
And she looked like a whore with a huge sagging rack. <-gotta call women whores!

Her eyes were hollow and her moles were hairy.
Her hair was all matted with spittle—quite scary.
Her gaping mouth was drawn down in a frown.
Her breath smelled of cat shit and her teeth were all brown.

Her shirt said “#YesAllWomen” and “men are dumb.”
I knew right then that I wanted me some.
She had a hideous face and a huge round belly
That shook when she talked, like old K-Y Jelly.

She was crusty and smelly—a ripe old self,
And I sighed when I saw her in spite of myself.
With a fart and a scratch she started to work,
Filling the panties, and then turned with a jerk, <-rape joke, right?

Grabbing her crotch and picking her nose,
Then giving a huff, up the chimney she rose.
Waddling to the sleigh, to her oppressors she yelled.
And away they all flew—like their balls that she held.

But I heard her swear as she drove out of sight,
“#killallmen and to all women good night!”

Wasn’t that just the kind of rapey, stalky rendition AVFM would come up with? I can picture Dean just raging away after getting ixnayed from Huffington Post and then finding out I was behind that (TY Soraya). Lil ole me, not very popular, been called crazy by MRA’s so many times, and I have pet mice that drive them nuts too! Yep, lil ole me, a tiny mouse who can nibble away the entire house. And that’s what I’ve been doing: nibbling away, one little piece at a time.

I think my best present is having so many wonderful women around me, networking to get things done. This year has been great for that so thank you to you all, and you know who you are.

Oh, and Judgybitch was suspended from Twitter again for posting an image of woman and implying rape (which I and others reported). But, but! She didn’t do anything wrong!

Here’s a little aside: I just heard of this news story and I’ve tweeted about ‘tunnelling’ before. Men who watch porn end up raping any female around them. Grandfathers have raped their own grand daughters and in this case a teenage male raped a 5 year old girl. The judge let him off citing it was ‘impulsive’ (no shit, really?) and society’s fault.

Finally, I leave you with a great tweet that one of my radfem friends made:

🙂 Get crackin’


2 thoughts on “A Special Merry Christmas To All

  1. I wish I could contribute some ideas for your site. I really have no idea how such a thing would work. But, I’m not up on whatever is happening with messaging or chatting these days. I haven’t messaged in probably 15 years and I haven’t been in a chat room since the days of DOS! When chat started it out was just normal people getting together to discuss a subject in real time. Then the porno freaks took it over and even to say “chat” now seems to imply porn. But, it might be nice to have some kind of live interaction if we could do it without intrusions.

    I’m looking forward to whatever you plan to do with your blog next.

    I hope you had a nice Christmas. I baked myself a big turkey (got one at a bargain price this year). So, tomorrow it’ll be a turkey pot pie, then the day after that turkey tacos, then turkey enchiladas, and so on probably into 2015!


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