Misandry Holiday Couture: The Iron Burqa

misandry dress

Misandry dress that stabs men who come too close


Since men can’t behave in public, nor in private for that matter, dressmakers have come up with a new misandry dress to keep the street harassers and rapists away. This dress has sensors in it that pick up sudden air gusts and breathing. The spines on the shoulders will attack the male offender if he approaches you.

Some MRA’s heard about this dress and wrote a long whiny rant. Here’s what one had to say:

Women, in fact, are presumed by many within the “social justice” activism circuit to be completely incapable of coping with either unsolicited invitations to converse or any physical violation of what they perceive, rightly or wrongly, as their personal space.
Of course we should allow strange men to touch us, rub up against us and talk to us while we’re going about our day. Anything else is pure misandry.
He relays a story of a man who, instead of asking the woman next to him to move her stuff, picked it up and moved it himself. We’ve all been subjected to the ‘men can’t possibly ask’ syndrome plenty of times. Men are totes entitled to handle things that don’t belong to them.
Compliment a pretty woman walking down the street, and you are practically shouting threats of rape at her. Move a commuter’s things from an empty seat so you can sit down, and you are a racist pig who wants to enslave her – and who, from a lofty perch built on entitlement and “privilege,” thinks she is less than a person. If you happen to know more than someone else about any given topic, and that someone else happens to be female, daring to inform this person that she is incorrect is the dreaded crime of “mansplaining.” Social justice activists love to add “man” to lots of different words, because there is no more offensive condition to the progressive than the physical and cultural reality of being masculine.
What vim. Of course it would be polite to ask a woman to move her own belongings but that’s misandry. Of course it would be polite to leave women you don’t know alone but that’s misandry. Of course it’s also wise not to think you can tell a woman what her experiences mean and refrain from mansplaining but that’s misandry!
A bed-wetting liberal cannot abide another man’s freedom of action because he fears it, and he wants his nanny-state government to take this fear away by coddling and controlling him (and everyone else).
Why do women need rape laws anyway? That pesky nanny government and its’ silly rape laws. Men aren’t rapists, they’re just automatons that don’t ask before having sex with you. Men want to be free! We menz want to be free to rape. Anything else is MISANDRY.
The social justice wimps have thus taken to the Internet and to public relations campaigns to shame men who sit with their legs too far apart, taking up “too much” personal space
Manspreading is now being publicly addressed on the MTA. There are posters now that warn men about taking up 3 seats and teh menz are really unhappy about having to behave politely in public. They want to be animals after all and have not a single care for say, a disabled woman who needs to sit down. No, of course disabled women can’t take up even a single seat. Three seats must be reserved for the menfolk whose testicles will shrivel if he doesn’t sit with his legs apart. Talk about misandry!

MTA poster campaign

I say, if men want to be animals then ship them to a jungle somewhere where they can manspread, handle other people’s belongings without asking, and rape each other to kingdom come, every day, all day. If men can’t adapt and act like human beings capable of compassion and dignity it’s really the only solution.

What is the world coming to when dressmakers are making dresses to keep men away? I mean, look at how men acted after the 10 hour street harassment video? You’d think it was such a challenge for them to not talk or whistle at women they don’t know. What sort of compassionate respectful world do you want ladies?
It’s time for the iron burqa ladies. Iron burqa’s with big iron spikes all over it with little caged slits for eyes. It’ll go right to the ground so no man can lift it up and no man can take it off. I know, it’ll be locked, kinda like a chastity belt but for the whole body. All women will wear them and never take them off.
Nothing else will stop a man from raping or harassing you because men are no better than that. They’ve quite clearly told us that they can’t refrain from acting like beasts and that expecting them to behave with decency is taking away their precious freedom.

4 thoughts on “Misandry Holiday Couture: The Iron Burqa

  1. I’m in love with that outfit, it’s like something out of a superhero movie. And I’m sorry you stumbled onto WorldNutDaily. It’s regarded as the craziest website on the Internet. It’s mainly a conspiracy website pushing the idea that Obama is a gay/Nazi/Kenyan/Communist, and its founder believes in dragons. No surprise they got into feminist/woman-bashing.

    Hope you’re having a happy holiday, HouseMouse. Miss talking to you 🙂

  2. That dress would be well-complemented by a pair of evening gloves equipped with elbow spikes.

    One of my signature street combat moves is to step back into and elbow gropers (make a fist, arm held tight at your side and hit backwards with your elbow while stepping back hard!) Imagine doing that with a nice sharp spike on your elbow. (It’s fairly effective without the spike, too.)

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