This tag on Twitter has been around a while but I just found out about it last night. I think it’s important that women who were born and raised as ‘feminine’ have a tag to express the oppression we live in for being born into the sex class female.

Two days ago I expressed to some dude on Youtube why TERF was a misogynist slur and once again got called it, which again proves my point that TERF really means ‘shut up woman.’

Well I won’t shut up.

When men start appropriating ‘TERF’ to try and silence women who speak up about male violence then your acronym isn’t effective. He also called me a ‘nazi’ which I just laughed at because it was the perfect irony.

Is it really so difficult to imagine that females who are raised as the feminine gender from hour 1 of their birth are totally different than a male who either transitions after puberty or a male who, at the age of 30, puts on lipstick and a dress and is to henceforth called a woman?

Why is gender such a hard fucking concept to understand? There’s this thing called socialization and fuck, it works, every day, every hour, babies are born into sex classes and then based on their sex are raised into 2 separate and opposing gender categories.

I asked this google scholar if it was true that girls really do prefer pink to every other fucking colour? I also asked if girls truly do hate STEM because our lady brains just can’t handle it.

He never answered the question of course because that would mean admitting gender. Instead he just said I was like a nazi and then resumed calling me a TERF.

Just another day in neo-liberal la-la land where classes of people don’t exist and oppression is just an individual matter where every individual feminist gets to decide what feminism entails, where prostitution is seen as ‘liberating women from male oppression.’

I can’t scream loud enough.


6 thoughts on “#SharedGirlHood

  1. Dudes and their imaginary worlds and equally imaginary oppressions, which they demand we take seriously remind me of the boys from South Park.

    I-mag-i-nay-shun! I-mag-i-NAY-a-ay-shun! I-mag-i-nay-shun! Come sing along and we’ll go into their imaginary world together! I-mag-i-NAY-a-yay-a-shun!

    • Imaginary oppressions. I love it. I’ll start using it.

      It seems to me, and it’s been written about, is that men like to drop out of the world. They become porn and video game addicts and live in fantasy land. Are we women surprised that these same men think rape is actually fun? Men think rape is fun and they’d love to do it and get away with it. Hell, there’s been research on this and men have said ‘yep, we’d rape women if we could get away with it.’

      It just seems to me that men never live in the real world. Look at gamergoat. Men are so involved in their fantasy lands that they define their entire being by a goddamned video game.

      I was looking at mens faces on the street the other day and they were all pale and depressed. Men are fucked and they know it but they’re just typically blaming women instead of their own sick psychologies.

  2. Some dude on YouTube is why I wrote that essay on the New Atheists and misogyny. Some guy was defending The (Not So) Amazing Atheist. Here’s how it pretty much went down:

    MRA: “Those rape comments he made on Reddit don’t make him misogynist.”

    Me: “Pretty sure they do. He mocked a rape victim’s rape with pretty explicit language.”

    MRA: “He never once mentioned gender!”

    Me: “Rape is a gendered crime and he used misogynist slurs like b*tch and c*nt.”

    MRA: “Rape happens to men too, and guys get called b*tch and c*nt!”

    And it went on like that. But he did call Paul Elam a con artist which was pretty funny.

  3. “Just another day in neo-liberal la-la land where classes of people don’t exist and oppression is just an individual matter”

    I love this sentence. That’s exactly what’s going on!

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