Happy New Year Little Mouselings

I’ll confess. My mouseling, my sweet little mouseling Cheech is gone. I don’t know where he is. I call him, I put cashew butter out for him, and he doesn’t come.

This is part of having wild mouselings as friends. You never know when they won’t show up anymore.

The good news is there is still a big ole buck wandering around in here when I sleep. I know he’s there because I’ve caught him skittering around when he thinks I’m asleep.

I’m the kind of animal carer that’s ok with not having a direct relationship. The big buck can come and go as he pleases. He’s like my little vacuum cleaner. If I drop a piece of anything he’ll come while I’m zzzz and eat it. Mice eat bugs too. I’ve seen Cheech chase a bug on the floor and eat its head off. They’ll even jump at the wall to get a bug.

This is the beauty of being nice to wild mice. It’s a beautiful symbiotic relationship. I know big buck is there and that’s all that matters. I don’t leave food out for him. Whatever I drop on the floor, as in crumbs and such, is his, and he loves to use his nose (best sense on a mouse) and find it.

I’m keeping it all real.

I’d like to share with all of you a blog I’m totally in love with. It’s run by a wonderful lesbian woman called ‘Dirt’.

She is critical of transpolitics and gender and is a great writer.

I’ve noticed many transcritical activists have started following my blog as of late. Thank you.

The whole trans thing was unknown to me until very recently. In my day to day life I’ve met and befriended MtT people. I have nothing against transpeople but like so many others who have started following me, I am critical of the entire trans industry. And that’s what it is, an industry, a patriarchal oppression.

What put me in this position of addressing the trans industry was simple things like rejecting the terms ‘TERF’ and ‘cis.’ I never made statements against transpeople. I just disagreed with those labels because as my last post has clearly stated: women are not privileged and gender is a social construction made by men to keep women subordinate.

Whenever I stated my dislike for those two terms, I was inevitably labeled as such and banned from various online spaces. This confirmed my analysis of those two terms and wham! I was now in transpolitic-land.

Many years ago, on Youtube, a MtT viciously attacked me and a small group of radical feminists for analyzing the pornography industry. We were labeled sex-negative, NIMBY’s, anti’s and a whole host of other terms. We few radfems were bullied mercilessly online. This 2 year campaign of bullying made most of us leave Youtube and/or take long breaks and coming back under new names because our videos were falsely flagged for not playing along with the male narrative that porn is healthy sexuality.

When I came across a video of a transperson angry that Vancouver had opened a woman born woman pharmacy I attempted to explain to her why this was necessary. You see, I live almost across the street from this pharmacy and I know the lay of the land here, the many aboriginal women and others who would benefit from services meant just for women, ya know the ones with female reproductive systems?

My comment to this T person was polite and kind but sure enough the trans and sex pozzies got a hold of it and called me a ‘transphobe’ for defending women’s special needs.

Those were the few experiences in the past I’ve had of being labeled a ‘transphobe’ and lately being called a ‘TERF’ because I think the term is offensive.

On Youtube I’m an outcast to those people who claim to be feminists but of course they’re not radical feminists. They’re fun liberal feminists who think misgendering someone is on par with rape, the ones who think Slutwalks are going to magically stop men from hating women who want liberation.

I had heard of the Twitter conflicts between radical feminists and transpeople. I didn’t get involved because I have enough on my plate dealing with MRA’s. I still stay out of it.

However, I can’t stay out of it completely because as a woman, it affects me. When I reject those two terms I am involved. I am saying very clearly that I, as a woman, belong to an oppressed class that has always been oppressed because of my sex and because of gender.

I hold no ill will to transpeople but I am critical of the politics. If that means I must get in woman warrior mode then that’s what it means. I will not be silent on this.

Recently, a young person took their life. Many are saying it’s because this person was trans. It’s become a political football game before the family and friends have time to mourn. I find that sad.

I suppose I’m now getting an education due to rejecting these political terms like ‘transmisogyny’ and ‘cis.’ A while back I wrote about a transperson who aligned themselves with AVFM, the misogynist hate site run by Paul Elam. Transpeople and MRA’s make strange bedfellows but when it comes to hating women, well, I’m not surprised.

That unification also confirmed by suspicion that transpolitics is driven by misogyny and specifically the fetishization of women through gender.

What also informed me that this is a fetish is the fact that most people have some sort of gender dysphoria at different times in their lives. I’ve experienced it at various times. When I was younger I thought I was missing a penis. I couldn’t understand why some had them and some did not.
I accepted my body as a I grew older but we women know it’s not as simple as that. We’re always using the male gaze, internalizing it to judge ourselves in the mirror. Now that I’m pre-meno I’m much more secure in my body. I will catch myself at times viewing myself as male would and I stop.

I think GID (gender identity disorder) is a result of patriarchy. It’s a social dis-ease that can only be corrected by annihilating gender. No amount of surgeries and hormones is going to change your sex. A vagina is a vagina is a vagina. It’s not a hole. Viewing it as a hole is a patriarchal concept built around male sexual satisfaction. That’s why porn addled men see women as a collection of holes. When a male has surgery he doesn’t get a vagina. He gets a hole. And that’s what he wants because that’s how he conceptualizes it, fetishizes it.

I will never see a MtT as a woman. It’s not out of hatred or a phobia. There’s a very reasonable explanation for why: gender socialization and biology. The comment I reposted a few days ago succinctly sums up my position.

None of this means I hate transpeople or I wish them harm. It means I recognize patriarchy and the status of women within this system. It means I’m a feminist. It means I’m honouring my lived experience as a woman, born into this caste and socialized into this caste. It means I recognize the root(s) of women’s oppression.

The sudden silencing and hatred that’s happened to me because I reject gender confirms my experience as a woman. The result of pointing out male violence is more male violence. Every woman knows what a simple equation that is.

I’ve seen the hatred and violent threats that women who are critical of transpolitics receive. You can sense the male socialization oozing out of them. When I read these threats I say to myself ‘This person is not a woman.’

Finally, to any transperson reading this blog: I wish you no harm. Your politics are not mine. If you still want to threaten me after that then you’ll just be making yourself look bad and further confirming what I and my sisters have known all along.

This blog is a safe space for women.


22 thoughts on “Happy New Year Little Mouselings

  1. If I may quibble with only one thing, having written about gender dysphoria (no longer known as GID) and wading through the scientific literature on it, I have to say that it’s not simply social. There’s something about it that happens, at least in utero, which causes someone to feel so strongly about being born as the wrong sex that they’re willing to autocastrate. Actually the question of whether or not SRS and hormone treatment therapy was integral to what I was writing about, since it dealt with cruel and unusual punishment. If the treatment was cosmetic, as many allege, then we could rightfully deny trans prisoners this treatment since it isn’t medically necessary.

    I know we’ve had a brief discussion on this subject before and we don’t see eye to eye on it, so I won’t rehash that stuff here or anywhere else. Maybe it’s because you’re the only friend I’ve got who’s a radfem and I’ve had transgender friends for a while now, plus my favorite professor worked exclusively for LGBT rights. I’m not sure. All I know is that I want cis women (apologies for using the term) and trans women to be able to get what they want, what they need, and have their respective spaces. Of course it’s not really my fight either, which makes me an outsider to it.

    Sorry about your mouse. I had a freak out recently because my dog nearly died — vets messed up her insulin and she became hypoglycemic.

    Oh, and I wrote that thing and posted it, let me know what you think 🙂

    • Who wrote that “scientific” literature? My guess is it was men. If not men, then it is part of a male-dominated medical and psychiatric establishment dominated by men.

      Don’t you think we women feel the same way when we are genderized (abused with gender stereotypes, forced to behave certain ways, dress certain ways) from the time we are very tiny children? We do. This is why we are feminists.

      No, dude, you’re not going to see eye to eye with women who understand what it means to be women in this world of violence and waking nightmares. Men don’t understand what it means to be female because they are not female – no matter what they think, how they feel, how they wish, how they fantasize or how many surgeries or drugs they take – this is because you are all men. Stop trying to tell us what our lives are about and this problem goes away.

      • Actually no, a good deal of the studies weren’t conducted by men. And yeah, I know I don’t know what it’s like to be female. I agree with you on that point. I also have no desire to tell you what your lives are about. Only you can define that. At the same time my transgender friends get to define their lives as well. I don’t want to turn this into a flame war though, so I think I’ll end on that note.

        • I think her point was that this is my blog and a woman born woman safe space.

          I would also ask you to not use the term ‘cis’ unless it’s in parenthesis since women do not have privilege.

          I honestly don’t know why you felt the need to use the term knowing what you know.

          It does confuse me.

          • Sorry HMQ, I basically said it for want of a better term. If I had to differentiate myself from a trans person I only know that as the phrase to use. Also I wasn’t trying to imply privilege either when I said that, since I saw the last article you had on the subject. On the plus side I’ll say that your article gave me something to at least think about. Didn’t mean any offense.

            That being said, I look forward to your feedback on my post, since you’re one of the few people who actually reads what I write 🙂

            If people like it, I’ll keep it as a yearly feature. I’ll also be taking suggestions on entries for the 2015 one too, but that’s a ways off.

            P.S. When will you be launching your new site? If you want help with a banner for it I’d be happy to oblige.

          • That’s ok. I prefer the term we’ve always been known by: women. Because that’s what we are and have always been.

            I don’t know exactly when I’ll launch my new site but this site will permanently link to it.

        • A woman calling a man out on his patriarchal attitude towards us is just what it is. I have not even come close to “flaming” you, so why are you so defensive?

          So, your friends get to define their lives. The problem is that they are doing it at OUR expense. They are men (mostly men, some confused women are in the mix, too) reinforcing harmful gender stereotypes and inflicting them on us. You seem to be okay with that. Because some men “feel” female (this is impossible because they have no idea what this means – they can’t because they are not female… just think about this logically for a minute) we now have to stop moving forward with the dismantling of thousands of years of enslavement and oppression of women?

          Men always come first with men.

          But, that’s not even the real point – the point is that this is another effort by men to reinforce their dominance over us, to keep us in our place.

          And you approve of it. You even called us cis, although you apologized for it first. Try that with some other seriously oppressed group. I think I’ve been pretty decent about it… you seem to feel otherwise.

        • Correction, I see you apologized after using the slur, not before.

          I think the reason you are so defensive is that since I am, in your world view, a “cis woman” that I’m not supposed to have any strong opinions, or probably any opinion at all. I’m supposed to be quiet and say “Thanks for your wonderful contribution to this conversation.” And, when I point out that you are not supporting women and feminism with this idea, you exaggerate your impression of my response, you believe I’m on the verge of flaming you. This is because I’m not behaving toward you, a man, like a CIS woman, a deferential, unopinionated woman who crosses her legs and smiles and behaves according to the gender prison the patriarchal system has tried, since the moment I drew my first breath, to enforce on me. If I were a man with an opinion, I don’t think you’d be nowhere near as defensive – you wouldn’t exaggerate the nature of my reply to you.

          Women say to men, “What you are doing is hurting us.” But, men just keep doing it because you think we don’t really know what we’re talking about. But the CIS/trans thing IS hurting us. It is costing us resources and time and it is diverting our purpose, which is liberation.

        • From what I understand there are two types of transppl: autogynephiles and homosexual transppl. No matter how much research they’ve done over the last 40 years they could only find TWO types. The homosexual transppl change in their youth and the autogynephiles do it in their older age.

          • Ooh, yes, I’ve heard that idea. It’s, at the very least, a theory that has some scientific literature to back it, though like anything else in science it’s been subjected to some critiques. When I wrote my paper I didn’t have anything on this view. It’s a shame that after graduation I no longer have access to the database with all the studies I used. I know WPATH, which issues the Standards of Care for trans people, gave a bit of criticism of the that theory. At least it’s debatable though 🙂

          • Thanks, I’m glad you enjoyed it ^_^

            Traffic skyrocketed today for some reason, from 20 to over 200. I have no clue. Hopefully this means people like it and I can do another “Dirty Dozen” list next year 🙂

    • And, please don’t apologize for using the term “cis woman,” just don’t use it. It is a misogynist slur. It’s not friendly talk. I thought that point was established above and elsewhere on this blog.

    • I wouldn’t want to have a dick, either. It’s disgusting. But, like HMQ said, chopping it off doesn’t make a person female nor does it mean that he “feels female.” Men have no idea what it means to be “female,” so how can they feel “female?” The answer is: They cannot.

      Furthermore, I would not want to be a part of a group of people, a social class, and a gender who is responsible for 99.9% of the violent crime around the world. I would not want to be part of a group that – no matter how anyone tries to deny it – is responsible for every human atrocity ever committed. I would not enjoy being perceived as a potential predator by women. Maybe these hard facts are why these men go into deep denial – both the trannies and the MRAs – and engage in fantasies of all kinds like that they can magically transform themselves into something else, either IRL or in video games.

      But, facts are facts. Men are all those things – the authors of all violence against women, the “warriors” who start wars and glorify death and rape in the name of God or country, they are rapists and pedos and pervs on the whole.

      They are, also, the people who are running the Western allopathic medical establishment and the psychiatric establishment. Look at their history. I don’t believe much of anything they say. They have an agenda and they always have. Gynecology, obstetrics and psychiatry have been and continue to be used as weapons against women and girls (I include girls because they are mass rapists of young girls – a whole other subject!). Their B.S. scientific studies are just that – B.S. In their view, now some “fags” are getting hurt and so what. If they didn’t have that view, they wouldn’t push these harmful ideas about gender.

      There is no way that a fetus developing in the uterus has some kind of genetic mutation that makes it want to wear sling-back pumps and suck dick! All of gender is a social construct! It was shoved at me from the time I was a tiny girl. It’s not a real thing. Women aren’t *born* or formed in the uterus with the desire to subordinate themselves to men, either. Again, this is 100% social construct. What we are born with is a desire to survive and keep on living and that’s why you see girls and women behaving the way they do. Other men get off on this, fetishize it and imagine that they are female or think they are women. That’s what’s happening here. Anybody who can’t see that certainly has no business talking about “science!”

  2. Happy New Year to you, too, HMQ!

    In this new year, I think we need to consider how to oust the menz from the conversation. When they’re not overtly trolling, they’re trying to control the conversation, divert our attention, steal our time, and so on. This is what men do. This why they should not be part of feminism.

    If they really want to help us, they should stop stirring around in our business and start talking to OTHER MEN about how to stop all their raping, murdering, and other violence and threats thereof.

    Anything other than that, is detrimental to us. They know this. This is nothing they haven’t heard from us before. Ah, but they know what’s best for us, don’t they? They know everything! This may not be what they say, but this is how they continue to act.

  3. Has anyone heard the term female-centered anti-racism or anti-transphobic? I see this fairly often..but I saw a example the other day that left me stunned and thinking about withdrawing from online feminist activism.

  4. “What also informed me that this is a fetish is the fact that most people have some sort of gender dysphoria at different times in their lives. I’ve experienced it at various times. When I was younger I thought I was missing a penis. I couldn’t understand why some had them and some did not.
    I accepted my body as a I grew older but we women know it’s not as simple as that. We’re always using the male gaze, internalizing it to judge ourselves in the mirror. Now that I’m pre-meno I’m much more secure in my body. I will catch myself at times viewing myself as male would and I stop.”

    It’s interesting that you mention this, because I’ve experienced the same thing. I’ve noticed the “male gaze” living in my mind and it’s made me feel male. But I did not go down the road of deciding I was a man trapped in a woman’s body. I’m a woman trapped in a patriarchy.

    So sorry about your mouse going away. I think it’s adorable the way you describe your mice.

    • Many people have conflicting thoughts about gender. It doesn’t meant we surgically alter our bodies.

      You’re not a woman if you have your penis cut off and you’re not a man if you have your breasts cut off.

      There are intersex conditions but those are chromosomal biological conditions.

      I don’t deny that there might be brain differences but as we all know there are more brain differences between individuals than there are between sexes. This point cannot be stated enough.

      I have a high T level and was given water pills to eliminate it from my body (which I never took btw). I could go to a doctor right now, tell her I’m suffering from dysphoria, they’ll do blood work, see the spikes of T and probably agree to chop my boobs off and such but that doesn’t make me male.

      My hormonal imbalance is well documented but it doesn’t mean I have to change my body to match some gendered illusion of myself.

      The only motivation to change is to satisfy the social imperative of gender of which you’re either a male or a female gender role.

      Why is it not possible for me to have some dysphoric thoughts and to accept the body I have?

      I also worry about young people who go through these surgeries and then regret it and there are plenty of these people. Is the medical establishment helping them by surgically altering them permanently when they haven’t even experienced the body they have?


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