Justin Trottier: Canadian Centre for Men and Families is an Apologist for Street Harassment

Justin Trottier from CAFE’s Centre for Men and Families appeared on a panel at Guelph about street harassment. He ended up apologizing for men who perpetrate it and focusing on men who get into fights on the street, which is NOT street harassment.

Let’s not forget that Trottier is a proven liar as he lied on his charity application for CAFE and gets funds from the hate site A Voice for Men to continue his propaganda campaign in Canada.

Men street harass because they’re just attracted to women and because they can totally handle rejection, he says. I suppose that’s why a woman was murdered in Germany when she confronted the male street harassers.

However, he then goes onto whine about some guy walking into him and claiming that this is street harassment. I hope that Guelph never has him back again. We know the majority of street harassment happens to women.

Women just need ways to communicate properly with men on the street, he suggests. We can’t get angry about it. We have to find ways for men to communicate to women on the street that they’re attracted to women. We must find a way for men to have sex, for them to express their attraction, even though time after time after time, women say ‘NO!’ to street harassment.

His pithy little whiny voice starts at the end.


7 thoughts on “Justin Trottier: Canadian Centre for Men and Families is an Apologist for Street Harassment

  1. Yeah, loser is right. What a moron.

    I’ve seen and experienced many incidents of male harassment. One night I was in a cab in Queens and I saw a young woman being abducted by two men – one grabbed her feet and the other grabbed her head. It was a nightmare moment of me pounding on the glass demanding the cabby stop – but, he saw it, too, and kept on driving. I wonder if she lived. I saw and experienced things like that all the time, especially when I was in NYC. But, one thing I’ve never seen is two or more men street fighting. Nope – not ever. Not even once. Men are violent to women and girls, but I’ve never seen that kind of violence directed from one man to another. They’ll all join in to attack a woman, though!

    Much like misandry, itself – the “problem” of men street-fighting each other is not a thing.

    What a doofus this guy, Trottier, is. Maybe next time, he’ll come up with a more credible fictional narrative for us – but I doubt it! LOL!

    • Conflating street fighting to street harassment. What a doofus indeed. I suppose this is why men murder women who reject their street harassment like that woman in Germany. It’s just men practicing their good humour at being rejected the idiot Trottier says.

  2. What I don’t understand is how entitled he is with his “We have to find ways for men to communicate to women on the street that they’re attracted to women”. No, actually, we don’t. I don’t walk up to random people and tell them how attractive I find them. I wouldn’t dream of doing that! Why would anyone think that was an effective mating strategy?

    Well, to answer my own question, they don’t think it’s an effective mating strategy. They just want to remind women that we are here for them, not ourselves, and that they have power over us. It just infuriates me when asshats like this try to hide the power thing (the true motive) behind “you’re just so pretty I had to tell you” (a fake compliment). Does anyone (outside of the MRA) actually conflate harassment with flattery?

    • They cannot admit it to themselves is what it is. If they did they would have to confront the reality that they are not in fact the Nice Guy they try to pass themselves off as. I honestly think that even when they are openly menacing a woman who let’s them know point blank she doesn’t want to hear their shit compliments, they refuse to see that they are being menacing and act like it is just a joke.

      • That’s actually a pretty good point, laughnwitch. Thanks for posting that! I just can’t imagine going through life with so little awareness of how other people were responding to my actions. I know that my partner has had to set some of his friends straight on street harassment, in the past (they don’t stay his friends for very long if they keep it up) and it always surprised me that they claimed not to realise how creepy and threatening they were being. I had assumed they were lying, but it didn’t occur to me that they were lying to themselves first!


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