Paul Elam Attacking Woman on KSU Campus

Paul Elam is back to his tricks of harming women on campus. His sidekick Sage Gerard aka Victor Zen, a student at Kennesaw State University, set up a men’s group with the help of Paul Elam. Sage has snuck into women’s bathrooms to put up AVFM stickers, recorded women on campus without their permission and has generally brought the misogynist track record of AVFM onto KSU campus.

To see some of Sage’s older videos and to find out what this men’s group really is about go to his Victor Zen Youtube channel and watch his older videos where he attacks individual women on Youtube, calling them cunts. Particularly, this video where he calls Laci Green an ‘utter cunt’ in this maniacal attitude. Sage is a woman hater. Make no mistake.

Sage Gerard is a misogynist. He tries to couch his words carefully but as Paul admits, he says Sage calls people (women) cunts. Sage also thinks women invent male violence in the form of domestic or intimate partner violence to get money from the government. Feminism is a great conspiracy to these very abusive men where their problems suddenly become women’s fault and patriarchy is cast away.

Paul Elam has taken it upon himself, since he knows he has to be Sage’s mouthpiece legally, to attack various women on campus starting with Stacey Ketner. Elam writes directly to her to let her know that MRA’s are searching for her dox and a good picture of her to plaster on his hate site.

The other day he linked her University email and profile.

Elam has done this before for his MRA friends when they’re in a bit of hot water and can’t legally speak publicly. Elam takes over for Sage and reprints what Sage would like to say, if he could.

This is just one woman in a long line of others who will be targeted by Paul Elam for a harassment campaign. I’m working on a video where Elam states his plan of attack for women in public and how to strike at their support systems to isolate them in the real world and ruin their employment chances too.

We all thought Paul was done with his blatant attacks on women after the first conference. He’s apparently decided it was worth it all along to harm women just like he did with Danielle D’Entremont, who was viciously attacked by a man on Queen’s campus. He also attacked Emma Howland Bolton and Professor Adele Mercier among others. Any woman who realizes that AVFM and its’ hate groups are direct threats to women they get attacked, viciously.

Campuses must never allow these groups. They are outposts of a designated hate site. Anyone who allows them on campus has a death wish for women as they disseminate hateful propaganda about women and feminists and inevitably lead to direct individual attacks.

The rhetoric used to get these groups on campus is a front. Sage probably made this group sound like a great adjunct subject but it’s really a cover just to get them in the door. Once in the door the hatred spreads like wildfire and the entire campus is infected.

Let this be a lesson to campuses who are thinking of hosting men’s rights groups.


10 thoughts on “Paul Elam Attacking Woman on KSU Campus

  1. Sage Gerard: is this a guy you want to hang your hat on?

    According to Linked in he’s a perennial student type (working on his second B.S. in the same field at Kennesaw – how does that work?) with a perennial hunger for $$, which causes him to post an imaginary company on Patreon and accept the patronage of men who also are patrons of the Aurini Sarkeesian movie Bane666(the koolaid pitcher skull fellow) and Sargon of Akkad (woman-hater).

    These youtubers are a lot of fun, though not as fun as Feminism101, where one of Elam’s ejectees, Diana Davidson, is currently eviscerating Fidelbogen on her site Feminismlol, and I do give her full credit for the witty title.

    MRAs spin endlessly within their internal politics. Sometimes it can be extremely amusing, as with Thunderfoot’s (RazorBladekandY’s) plowthrough of Janet Bloomfield in a few recent videos. All this distracts their followers from noticing that they’re doing squat for men.

    The overall impression I have is that AVFM has been trying to look respectable lately, like a model trying to move into a serious profession like acting. They did lay off the cyberstalking, invasions of privacy, doxxing, and defamation lately, even though that’s how the site was built.

    But lately Elam has been getting his ass kicked by MGTOWs whom he presumptuously moved to lead. He needs a distraction, and he’s nothing if not conservative. What worked before, Misogyny 101, harassing women, will work again, and with the turnover at his site there are always fresh schmucks to egg it on.

    Let’s watch how his threats to Kennesaw officials work out. I predict that they are as empty as AVFM’s war chest.

  2. Are we really surprised ? Website traffic down almost 50℅, income down almost 70℅ at AVFM and everyone going over to Gamegate where you get to harass real women. Elam is basically waving a flag to everyone over at Gamer gate saying we’ve got new women for you to harass, come on over(and bring all your lovely money too! )


  3. Yoo hoo! Fresh meat here! Ain’t he just as vicious as fuck? And look at little Mr. Gerard, who gets his money from Elam. I think we all know what he is.

  4. @porkchops, that’s a surprise. So the gamers and the mgtows are leaving AVFM? What’s left? The drunks?

    There’s an interesting new concept over there. Let me see if I can explain it.

    AVFM is built on its obsession with women. That’s why 90% of its articles are about women. The mgtows say this means AVFM is “gynocentric”. Meaning, obsessed with women. This makes the AVFMers angry. OK, they’re obsessed, but a hate crush doesn’t count.

    Mgtows say they have given up women and don’t give a shit. (I like this approach, speaking as a woman). They go away, theoretically.

    But 90% of their vids and so forth are about women. Exact same hate crush! Even so, the thought that they are really just the same as AVFM makes the mgtows angry.

    Then AVFM says it’s the the mgtows who are gynocentric, not AVFM. The pile of bullshit just gets higher and higher and higher, stinking so bad everybody’s got to make mad vids to show how much they don’t give a shit about women.

    Especially the women mgtow/avfmers make hate vids. Women women women, hate crush and some more hating. (Men’s rights, who cares?)

    Yeah. Mad vids obsessing about us and what they’d like to do to us to get us back under their thumbs. All of them. Same wish. As for the women hate crushers, who knows what their pathology is.

    Everbody takes a luxury cruise down de Nile, fistfighting all the way..

    Meantime women have a wish too. We wish they actually would go away. Get a boat, go sailing, Get season tickets, join a Scotch-drinking club, buy your Lamborghini. Leave us alone. hear?

    But Hate’s the Name of the Game for both AVFM and MGTOW. Hate and obsession. They won’t go away. They’re going to hound women until the men suffer their coronaries. Then their epitaphs will read, “Get those bitches.””.

    Prove me wrong. Especially you MGTOWs. Actually, prove it by going away. Show a little class. Please.

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