More on Paul Elam and Sage Gerard’s Attack on Stacey UPDATE

In the rush to get the info out about Elam and Gerard’s attack on Stacey Keltner, a professor at KSU, I didn’t put all everything I wanted to in the post. Here’s an archive of Elam’s first post on Stacey.

Elam and Gerard are angry at a certain department in KSU called ISD. Elam claims

First Brian Clyne endangered Sage and told the cops to keep Sage from contacting him.

Brian Clyne debated Gerard and it was uploaded to Youtube. There is nothing endangering about telling someone to leave you alone.

Sage has made evidence available to AVfM staff in the interests of learning about his options in rectifying the situations he faced, not expressly for purposes of publication.

Yet Elam is publishing it and going after, a woman! How surprising! To think Gerard isn’t behind any of this is ridiculous. They work together.

That being said, I am the sole and final arbiter of what will be published on this site once it is in my possession—which I now have in volumes. Any opinions expressed in light of the evidence are also my own – or that of readers in the comments.

Sure Paul. Nice legal disclaimer. We all know what you two are up to.

My ultimatum is that if I hear of any student or faculty member retaliating against Sage for my addressing his accusers about this case, then understand that AVfM will do everything in its power to hold Kennesaw State University responsible for its failure to protect the Title IX right to a safe environment owed to one of its outstanding students, and for instead making a deliberate, systemic attempt to damage his established academic career and well-being.

It’s important to note that Elam uses a pornography lawyer to fight his little fights and the fact is Sage violated women on campus. This is a fact. You don’t enter women’s restrooms to put up inflammatory hatred. This is Sage’s fault and you, with your intense need to harm women on campus and spread hateful propaganda, is using him to get this accomplished. This is not to say Sage isn’t a misogynist. He’s just as bad as you but he’s admitted he’s mentally ill. What’s your excuse?

And if, for whatever reason, you hubristic asshats think this is an empty threat or keyboard bravado, I suggest you look through the history of this website.

Paul is nothing but an opportunistic liar. He’s done absolutely nothing, unless you count the attacks on women on campus I wrote about in my last post.

I intend to name each and every one of the Sage’s abusers, provide their imagery and describe their behavior in dedicated articles.

This is just ‘lolworthy.’ Nobody abused him except maybe you Paul.

First in line for a public spanking is Gender Studies Coordinator Stacy Keltner.
Mr. Esmay, my paddle, please. We’re going to be here for a while.
If anyone is wondering what a paddle is, it’s used in BDSM pornography.

This new attack on a woman is reminiscent of last year, prior to AVFM’s conference. Some commenters have mentioned the MRA alignment with Gamergate and how publishing women’s information in this new climate, where women are being threatened with death and being forced to leave the video game industry, is out of control. Elam’s strategy seems to be to use the Gamergate mob to help him achieve his end result.

I have an upcoming video of Elam stating his strategies to harm women, which he explained in a recent video on his Youtube channel. In the video he talks about another target, Amanda Marcotte, a well respected liberal feminist. Elam wants to dismantle her support systems and harm her employment. Now, Elam won’t be able to do it but he knows that Gamergate, the internet misogynist hate mob, is more than willing to email and email and email, dox women, revenge porn, post full images of women with any and all personal information they can muster.

Elam knows the Gamergate mob, of which MRA’s make up the vast majority (who else would supply a misogynist online hate movement?) will see his videos and his posts on AVFM. This is why the targeting of Stacey Keltner, at this particular time, is critical.

Elam has had plenty of time to target women at KSU but he’s choosing to do it now. The two pdf files, which are letters from KSUM faculty about Sage Gerard’s misogynist behaviour at KSU are dated Sept 4, 2014 and Dec 11, 2014. Elam declared public support of Gamergate on Nov 14, 2014 as David Futrelle reported.

It’s well known that MRA’s from AVFM were already supporting and were a major part of Gamergate well before Elam declared public support. In their reddit forum KotakuinAction it’s the same MRA players inhabiting Gamergate as well as 8chan, the site well known for posting and distributing child pornography.

What Elam is doing is piggy-backing on Gamergate, giving them female targets, and sitting back grinning while they do the work. Elam writes directly to Stacey in his recent call for doxxing:

Stacy Keltner, I hope you are looking forward to our date. I certainly am. Oh, and for a faculity (Elam can’t spell ‘faculty’) member of a university who has published a book, it is clear that you have gone to great lengths to keep your image off the internet.

Nice try.

Is that a threat? No, it is a promise. Big difference.

As we have been saying here for years, the time for collegial, polite discussion and negotiation with these piles of refuse is over. Stacy Keltner has conducted an ideologically driven smear campaign against a peaceful activist, painting him as a threat and making him vulnerable as a target.

She has done this to him as a student at the school where she is on faculty, and she has been enabled and abetted by that school’s legal department.

So we have a choice. Follow the rules that they want us to follow, which means providing her further cover to conduct her campaign of lies and hatred. Or, to say fuck their “rules” and do business with them in the only way cowards and bullies understand.

2015 will be a year where we shine a light on many corrupt acadamicians (Elam can’t spell ‘academicians’ either). Stacy Keltner is just the first.

We have people working on securing her image. Meantime, $100.00 to the first person who gets us a clear image of her which we can verify. Something large and clear enough to be used as a feature image is preferred.

Yes, you read that correctly. He’s offering money for her dox. This isn’t the first time he’s done this although this is the first time he’s done it on AVFM’s main site and not through his secret forum boards. All it takes now, is Gamergate/8chan to do the work, and he knows they will.

Remember what AVFM did to Professor Adele Mercier? They emailed her superiors at Queens University and claimed she was a bigot and a rape apologist. Elam, supposedly speaking in Keltner’s voice, writes:

I am a lying ideological piece of human filth that secretly desires A Voice for Men to put me into the public spotlight. 

Notice how Elam claims women love harassment and beg for it. This is similar to his claims about rape where he says ‘women are begging for it.’

Elam knows he can speak for Sage.

Sage Gerard has once again been legally prohibited from fighting his own fight. He should be the one writing this article

Just as I am sure that my actions do not fall under the same mandates that govern Sage’s as a student of KSU.

The two pdf files I previously mentioned are letters from the KSU administration which deal with Sage Gerard’s actions, like sneaking into a women’s restroom on campus and sticking AVFM decals in the stalls and recording women. [1] [2]

This will not end well for AVFM and it’s KSU men’s group which is now called Zen Men. The constant intimidation, misogyny, and outright attacks on women are going to get worse. Misogynists never behave themselves. They might throw out a few words like ‘egalitarian’ but their target is always women. In fact, one of Sage Gerard’s projects is to take the self defense program away from women at KSU because he claims it’s ‘misandry’ to protect women from rapists, who are by definition, men. Apparently, this is supposed to be men’s rights activism yet it always involves taking away from women.

I’ll update if I need to. Elam and Gerard are determined to continue this at the usual expense of women.


Elam is very ragey and has written a 3rd article reiterating he’s offering money for a photo of Stacey and describes how Sage Gerard attempted to get at her in her office when it was quite clear she didn’t want to talk to him. He went to the office window after going to her office and scrawled an ad in chalk in front of her office for the October MRA shindig at KSU. It’s quite clear to me Sage is pushing those who want nothing to do with him. If someone doesn’t want to see you, you don’t hang around their office and then go outside their window.

Paul is threatening Stacey and trying to force her to contact Sage. He’s published internal emails  of Stacy communicating with the ISD chair. So it’s clear to me that Sage Gerard is speaking through Elam. Sage wants his chance to get in a room with Stacey while she clearly doesn’t want anything to do with him.

Here’s a question. If nobody has seen Stacey, then who will verify the picture Paul wants? It has to be Sage. He’s the only one that can positively verify that it’s her.

Paul featured an image of a female dog pissing on the ground, meant to depict Stacey.

It seems Elam and Gerard have a death wish. If anything I hope someone takes legal action, perhaps on behalf of the University. This online targeting of women and men who don’t want anything to do with MRA’s has to stop and someone has to finally demand action and make Elam’s pockets hurt.

However, this could be an Elam/Gerard scam to get money. Their quarterly fundraiser went horribly. Paul has left a comment recently where he moans about how poor he is and how much he’s struggling. AVFM is doing so poorly Elam has to put ads on his site and made a post outlining how badly he’s doing.

I am personally broke. If my credit score were my IQ, I would not be able to tie my shoes. In the near future you will see advertising on the main site and the forums. We hope to have a way to opt out of seeing that stuff with a small monthly donation.

He’s also claiming the last conference was 25K in the red. That’s a lie. If everyone remembers correctly Elam scam machine went into full tilt near the conference and collected a whopping sum over and above the usual 25K by making up a story that they were being sued and feminists were sending death threats to the Doubletree Hilton. To this day not a single document shows that feminists were sending death threats to the hotel. I called that big lie out early as I realized it was a scam from day one.

Hopefully we will do better than the $25,000 loss on the last conference.

Elam is flipping his lid because Stacey filed a University police report when Sage Gerard went to her office to ‘talk’ to her and ‘ask her questions.’ This is where men think they’re entitled to women’s time and space whenever they want, even if you have nothing to say to them and want nothing to do with them. Gerard knew he was being intimidating. We women know that our ‘no’ means nothing to men who want to abuse us. Stacy did the right thing and had a guard escort her that day.

The only people who panicked and filed reports are professors who are politically-affiliated with the ideology Sage criticizes in the manner expected from a university student!

Sage Gerard started a hate group on campus and went around intimidating people that wanted nothing to do with him. This isn’t criticism. It’s targeting and harassment of women. Notice that men are involved and also want nothing to do with Sage Gerard, but the target is always women. Always.

CLICK ON IMAGE TO ENLARGE Here’s Elam telling us all how downtrodden he is.

Paul Elam Dead Broke and Whining 1

It appears Elam took down the internal email. I got a copy of it so anyone who knows Stacy or is her legal rep can see it was indeed shared with the public.

Stacy Keltner is such a vapid, stillborn pile of failed neurons that I am only left to conclude there is something wrong with her. Schizophrenia? Brain tumor? PTSD from seeing Andrea Dworkin naked?~Paul Elam speaking for Sage Gerard


Stacy Keltner never once met Sage, and she has no evidence that Sage is violent. The only thing Sage ever did to her was try to ask her questions, and he never even got the opportunity to do that because the department chair helped agitate her own staff.

I don’t want to meet Sage either. He’s a vapid woman hater with a serious problem and you’re funding him. She doesn’t owe you the time of day.

Here’s Paul’s next threat to Stacy

Stacy, if I find out that there was a link between your report and Brian Clyne’s own vendetta that endangered Sage, I swear that you will never work in peace again. I will follow your activities and call out every lie that threatens the livelihood of decent men, until people stop citing your publications and you tearfully watch your degree gather dust in the closet. I have the resources and the connections to make that happen, and I will use them if you so much as tell one more goddamn lie about a man you don’t know. Covering your ass will only make me work harder to expose your sins.

You need to understand that there are people out there who will literally beat a man bloody if they believe that he is some kind of threat to women. Look at the murders carried out where victims are men falsely accused of rape. Perpetrators of this violence won’t investigate. They won’t even think. They will simply beat him until he is broken, and bleeding. You put Sage, an innocent and intelligent young man with a future, in a position where he has to keep looking over his shoulder every time he walks on campus.

And you won’t even let him express himself.

That is why you are one of the most egregious, repulsive and vindictive professors on Kennesaw State University, if not Georgia or the United States.

Sage runs his organization as an extracurricular activity. You responded so disproportionately that you encroached on an innocent student’s personal well-being and employment. Sage’s world started closing in around him thanks to you. People started treating him differently, because of you and people who think like you.

You stained Sage with a LIE that can follow him to job interviews and his relationships.

You are filth, Keltner.

Neither Sage, myself, or any men’s rights activist worth his salt hates women as you suggest, or humanity, for that matter. But rest assured that I hate toxic people who earn contempt with their manipulative actions. You are one of those people.

If you actually experienced even a tenth of what you put Sage through, then you would probably have fled the country by nowDid we learn nothing from Caleb Warner and Vladek Filler? Have we still not evolved the abstract reasoning necessary to understand that a lie can spiral out of control?

We’re still looking into your history, Stacy. I would take the time to spit on your repositories of pseudo-philosophical reflections, but I have expended far too much energy on this article as it is.

Just know that I always will learn more. If you think there is something, and I mean anything else in your conduct on Kennesaw State University that will embarrass you, then you better send Sage Gerard an email and try to make things right, because I will publish all of your mistakes. Sage’s email is right on our masthead. Try getting to know the guy for once.

If you need more convincing, I invite readers to contact you via your public contact info. We will notice if you delete that, too.

Hundreds of people here have donated to Zen Men, the organization your people have been messing with, and I figure they may want an opportunity to explain how they feel about your disrespecting their contributions to gender equity. Oh, and just a tip: The supporters will not threaten you. They will most certainly be angry with you, but you are not in any physical danger. You never fucking were. Just keep that in mind if some odd troll sends you a message you want to believe we endorse. Use your brain and try listening to thoughtful dissent for once in your miserable life.

Admit you were wrong like an adult, or pack up your desk.

The faculty member in Part III will not be announced. I suggest any ISD member interested in saving face get in touch with Sage before it’s their turn. Silence will be considered siding with what will only be disproven.

I don’t determine the fate of your credibility, you do.

And Sage Gerard and Paul Elam claim they’re a human rights group in line with MLK and Gandhi.



14 thoughts on “More on Paul Elam and Sage Gerard’s Attack on Stacey UPDATE

  1. Hi I wanted to send you this and I went to 8chan Baphomet board and saw that they were going around facebook looking for attractive women. Messaging these women as someone they knew then revealing that they had fooled them and DEMANDING nude photos or they would be doxxed and have an army of evil trolls called down on them. I saw they had actually doxxed a woman today, (I sent her a message along with a screen capture showing her what had happened). They were all promising to attack her later today by calling her and perhaps even going to her home. I thought you might want to investigate and do a thorough blog post.

  2. @laughnwitch. I’m not a lawyer, but it does seem like the financial and other relationships between Gerard and AVFM as well as AVFM’s intervention on Gerard’s call adds up to both AVFM and Gerard being equally responsible here. Gerard is a student there, so calling in an organization that puts a bounty out for a professor’s photo seems to me to put Gerard at risk for expulsion and threatens her. This is the kind of thing Elam doesn’t see when he’s blinded by his erections over his sadistic fantasies of hurting women. If I were the uni I’d kick Gerard out and hold him liable for anything AVFM does. Don’t bother with AVFM at all, it will hurt Elam even more that his intervention results in harm to his protegee. My 2 cents.

  3. Hey HMQ, you’ve got the psych degrees, wonder what you think of my analysis of Elam.

    Four drivers.

    1. Needs money. Always been poor. Blames ex-wives. Current GF supports him which damages his amour-propre. Always thought he was spshul and would make it. But nothing legit ever worked out. “Men’s Rights” fit right in because

    2. Hates women.

    3. Can only get a hard-on when he’s having a sadistic fantasy. To be able to harass women in real life while calling it Men’s Rights has been a godsend for his sad boner.

    4. Has a martyr complex. Example from a post today selling his old friend down the river: ” I have spent the last six years of my life destroying myself as an employable professional, living in fear at times, living with a partner who at times lives in fear, being a repeated target for hateful hit pieces across the mainstream media, having my words twisted out of context and being outright lied about.”

    Hahahahahaha!!! The Projekshuns, they are beyond funny! His whole career is writing hateful hit pieces!

    “There have been times, especially in the beginning, when I had to rely on my partner’s generosity because without it there would be no AVFM as it is today. There have been other times, and actually this is one of them, when I am not quite sure how we will keep things afloat from day to day.”

    I need moar monnnay!!!!!!!

    Yessir, it’s tough making a living as a threatening little Stalin. Nobody appreciates it enough, especially the followers who never give enough. Loyalty is all the poor man asks, the blind kind. Maryrdom is this gifted, compassionate misunderstood genius’ lot.


    How’m I doing?

    • You’re doing great. The fallout from Elam’s dismissal of the MGTOW idiots is priceless. Do you know how much Elam was able to swindle out of his readership this quarter? I think it was 5 grand, as opposed to the usual 20K.

      I don’t honestly know what’s gonna happen with MGTOW but I can assure you that little hate mob won’t stop visiting Elam’s site b/c all they do is find things to hate but the money will stop flowing and that’s the best thing.

      Paul has to get cut off from his money supply. It wouldn’t surprise me if he donated to himself to make it look like he was being successful. That’s the kind of ego he has.

      You have to remember Elam is an addict. His personality is very wounded and he needs to be in control all the time. This is why he can never have good relationships with his readership unless they agree with each and every thing he does.

      You’ve seen his latest accusation of plagiarism by John Hambling? Did you read the comments? Many MRA’s questioned Elam’s decision to harm Hambling by featuring the article, thereby guaranteeing everyone would see it. Elam had fits at the men who questioned him, telling them to fuck off.

      Elam has such a fucked up personality that he can only handle one thing: himself. Others are means to an end.

      Yes, he resents it that his common law wife has to support him now that he’s not getting the cash flow. This is why men must starve his cash flow. You’ll be seeing more angry outbursts from Elam as he goes down.

  4. Every person who financially supports Mr. Elam, his employees, and every person who expressly approves of this conduct on their site, should be looked at by that lady’s lawyer as a possible co-defendant. Do they really think they can avoid all culpability? Not to mention anyone who does some act in furtherance of this group stalking, like sending emails or taking pictures.

    A Voice for Men has members, funding from them, carries on several business enterprises, and is interstate and international in its business activities. Since it is not a corporation, members get no protection there. Whether Mr. Elam owns the site or not appears immaterial to the seeming fact that the members run the businesses as much as he does. They are all apparently as liable as he for his activities based out of the site and using the site’s name. As for the fool who pays the money Elam asks for to hurt that lady, well, good luck. I’m no lawyer but I wouldn’t get anywhere near that site.

    Mr. Elam is now talking about finding advertisements. It is hard to imagine any legitimate business advertising on that site. It is radioactive.

  5. Very much agree with Masha but would add as point 5 that the sheer outrageousness of what he has done and is threatening to do will attract mainstream media interest.Have to say this post has been brilliant!

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