Dean Esmay Might Get a Tooth Courtesy of a Micropenis Manfight

The infighting going on within the Manosphere is just hilarious. I haven’t written about it because I wanted to see how far it would go.

I’ll sum it up in a few bullet points:

  • Paul fires his right hand lunatic John Hembling
  • Paul starts a fight with a portion of the Manosphere called MGTOW which is just a bunch of guys whining harder and louder about women
  • Paul accuses Hambling of plagiarism and deletes all Hambling’s past writings on AVFM
  • I make popcorn!
  • Paul calls Hambling’s g/f Diana a cunt and a skank
  • Hembling admits plagiarizing and offers to pay for a new front tooth for Dean

So these two are having a cock fight with micropenises and it’s making me lol so hard watching these two go at each other.

The good thing is maybe Dean Esmay will stop blaming feminists for his missing front tooth because Hambling wants a fundraiser to get Dean a sparkly shiny new tooth. Maybe one of the Dal Dentistry Gentleman’s Club who hate women can do it?

So one part of the Manosphere is now going to ask Esmay if he really wants that bloody tooth fixed in order to piss Paul off and make Paul look like a bad pimp. I mean, we remember what Esmay looked like on national tv. His suit was horrible, his hair even worse and that missing tooth just topped it all off.


God, that crotch tie! Notice the manspreading? Does Dean always jiggle when he talks? Notice how the meritocracy these straight while males are always going on about doesn’t apply to them when they can’t afford to care for their teeth? It is Dean’s choice to spend all his days working for a former drug and alcohol addict who directly pockets every donation.

Here’s Hambling’s offer to get Dean a new tooth because we all know how Paul was supposed to get Dean a new tooth and it never happened because AVFM is all about helping men, as long as it involves harming women. Fixing a tooth has no value to Pimpdaddy Elam. Maybe this is like a trick where Elam parades the poor wretched toothless man around so people feel sorry he’s being oppressed by feminists?


15 thoughts on “Dean Esmay Might Get a Tooth Courtesy of a Micropenis Manfight

  1. “Cockfighting with micropenises!” LOL!

    I watched that vid with Yeti-man, again, just for the comedic value. He calls himself a “working class man.” Talk about giving oneself airs! In reality, he’s aspiring to be a charity case.

    And, of course, anyone who think it’s a “horrible lie” to say that they don’t attack women should definitely read the two previous blogposts!

  2. Very good summary, HMQ. I take mine unbuttered. As long as we’re hanging out on the couch watching The Godfather movies, I would like to offer my own guesses as to where the plot is leading. it sure is convoluted.

    There’s a strange sort of trading off going on. It’s like the Mafia, blood-feuds, knockoffs, tradeoffs, secret alliances, plotting against each other, shifting alliances, double agents, taking your brother out, typical for the criminal element they are.

    Elam is broke and needed attention, so he put out another bounty to ruin another woman, which could have consequences he doesn’t care about, like his buddy Sage Gerard getting expelled. That’ll encourage guys to put up AVFM stickers!

    Fidelbogen has been drawn in too. He can’t stand Elam, is not an MRA, and is completely irrelevant, but his videos hardly get any viewers any more and AVFM is the only exposure he can get.

    The Godfather needed somebody besides himself to take up the attack on MGTOWs, so he pressured the timid F to come back. The agreement was, F would do one of his mealymouth attacks, this time on MGTOWs, who Elam now calls PIGTOWs, and then Elam would in return publish F’s piss-poor pet article on AVFM.

    That happened last week, and F no doubt was hoping he would get away with his usual thing of writing meaningless bullshit that sounded like he was saying something, but “Skank” Davison (to repeat Elam’s slur, since she calls all women “c***s”) decided to go after Fidelbogen in a video. As bad as her video was, just showcasing Fidelbogen’s pomposities on the video earned Fidelbogen a lot of serious disrespect from the MGTOW faction, including Thunderfoot.

    Fidelbogen got under the table, taking his spaghetti with him and peeked out under the tablecloth like he does. “Peter Wright” was down there too.

    Elam reacted by treating Davison, formerly an Administrator at AVFM, as hateful men always treat women who have slipped out of their control, not even referring to her by name, only body parts. Dean Esmay had just finished doing the same thing to her, referring to her as nothing but a pair of “t*********”. She tried to counter this with humor, but the commenters, all men, just wanted her to show them, which reflects the quality of thought of the MRM overall.

    Davison likes to start her videos with the lame, offensive joke, “It’s been two minutes and I haven’t been raped yet.” As someone said before, you sure?

    Meantime, Hembling and Davison outed a couple of AVFM staffers by letting drop Judgybitch’s and “Peter’s” real first names on videos. Elam threw out all Hembling’s writing over the years on AVFM and called him a liar, plagiarist, and thief. As a final shot he resurrected Hembling’s crazed video on giving the Palestinians nuclear weapons. Hembling was shook, but maybe if he spanks Diana some more on video for the slaverers, he can get some courage up.

    All in all, the whole mob is standing around pointing pop guns at each others’ heads.

    The center of all this for these sexually-screwed-up men are Davison and the arrow-waving Judgybitch, since Karen Straughan snuck out recently by the kitchen door. The Mob is as gynocentric as when Sophia Coppola saved Godfather Part III. As for the “Men’s Rights” plot, as always, who cares?

    • The manfight thickens! Hambling is now throwing a couple thousand at Dean telling him he can still talk shit about him if he wants but carefully places a kind manword at the end of his new video to let the pair know he’s really still in love with them. How else do you solve problems in manworld besides throwing some money around? Actually having to say ‘sorry’ is too much for manpsychology so money will have to do.

      Dean claims he’s been saving all along for that wretched tooth and just needs a few more thousand. Maybe Dean doesn’t really want a new tooth and is manfraid of dentists? Maybe the dentist is a, a WOMAN! One of those horrible creatures that has perfect shiny teeth because she’s a feminist!

      The money is rushing in now, Hambling has saved the day but Paul might want a piece of it. We’ll just have to see how this perceived slight goes down in Elam’s crater-like head. One must wonder, will Elam capitulate to having himself look like a schmuck and have MGTOW’s everywhere pay for Elam’s poor staffer Dean who gets shoved on national tv looking like he just crawled out of a sewer? Only time, and much handwringing, will tell.

  3. Here’s yet another story of a man who held a disabled woman captive for 6 years and used porn to groom her to BDSM. The more I read about men using BDSM the more I start to rethink my position on it.

    So where was about 10 years ago? Practicing as a domme at an underground fetish scene in vancouver. I was thinking ‘this is so liberating beating the shit out of men and having them serve me.’ I must admit it was nice having 4 men take care of my every need. They did what I told them to do. One held my cig, one rubbed my feet, one massaged my back and one held my drink. I felt like I was dismantling patriarchy in my own personal way.

    The only problem is that men use BDSM for all the wrong reasons because BDSM isn’t just BDSM without the patriarchal social forces influencing it.

    While I was practicing I felt I had power but years later I am starting to question this because once I left the confines of the dungeon, I lost my power completely.

    I also have to reconcile this with the fact that women are a class and while I may have had my individual needs met for a few hours a week it doesn’t mean a doggone thing to the poor Aboriginal woman standing on the corner waiting for her next trick to burn her with cigs, force alcohol down her throat and and murder her.

    Not long ago I did a hangout with some folks on youtube and I took the position that BDSM was ok as long as it was consenting.

    I am coming to the conclusion that BDSM is just another patriarchal mechanism that is used on women, by men, to harm women. It can’t ever be separated from its context.

    • HMQ,

      I’m right behind you all the way in this conclusion, starting at the same point you were about 20 years ago. I didn’t think it was so bad. But, I didn’t know the way men were using it, how it was being abused outside venues like dungeons and B&D night clubs, where it’s more controlled. A personal experience with a common garden variety sadist (wolf in sheep’s clothing) combined with more information now coming from women on the internet, where we are able to read and share our personal experiences, has opened my eyes!

      I don’t see how any of us (women) can really own our own sexuality or be assured of bodily or sexual autonomy in the present state of things.

      A word of advice to women: If any man admits to you that he’s into “kink” or “B&D” or any kind of porn, that should be a big, red warning to get and stay far away from him. All men are dangerous, but when they admit these things up front, they are testing you to see how pliable a prospective victim you are. Some won’t give you this test and will surprise you, unexpectedly with their sadism, but when you fortunate enough to get a warning like this ahead of time, take heed – and get far away from him!

  4. It is so funny to see this all unravel. They day woman can’t get a lot but look at them infighting. I think it tells us that the patriarchy is not as supreme as thought as we see in this small case study here. If a group of men can’t get along. Sure as hell the patriarchy has a chance of crumbling. I also think that women handmaidens do a lot to uphold the patriarchy as well thus our problem. Anyways but is the c word really that bad? I know people use it in a negative for women who refuse submission to pariarchal standards and for women who do their own thing. They can be mean they can be terrible etc. Beside our cunts are beautiful and after all that’s where life comes from thus we as women are very important in the context of all life. I think more women need to exhibit the c like behavior in order for us to banish the patriarchy.
    WWS you speak of previous blogs? I have not heard of that ugly toothless fatty having his own blog before it. Crap I also keep forgetting to contact you D but I will next month. I’ve been very busy.

  5. Haha thanks for that. The best and only way to deal with these asshats is to laugh at them. Same goes for the UK variety. Have you been keeping up with the ridicule Mike Buchanan has been getting on Twitter and in our press?

    • Yes, indeed I have. I’m pretty up to date on all this but I don’t always publish it all. Buchanan is being used a laughing gag in the British press. I love it because he thinks he’s ‘winning’. LOL

  6. Just out of curiosity, what the name of the video where he “outed” Peter and Judgybitchs first names? I rather not give him views wading through his gross videos..


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