The Three Amigos: Take Women’s Right To Abortion Away

‘Every time a boy sticks his penis into a woman he really places his entire life in her hands. He has no rights once he has sex.’ ~ Warren Farrell as spoken to a mother of a young boy.

Men should be allowed to split town and not financially pay for a child he helped create is the solution Paul Elam and pals Tom Golden and Warren Farrell are suggesting. Although Elam hates abortion and said it should be legal, he thinks women should just have to carry a pregnancy and a man can just split. If we could just make women carry to term, ‘abortion would drop like a prom dress.’ says Elam.

‘Hahahahaha”‘, the men all laugh. It’s so funny when men talk about taking women’s rights to bodily autonomy away because men are too biologically stupid to wear a condom.

‘Nobody has any empathy for a man who puts a pill in a woman’s drink and then tricks her into having sex that way (notice he doesn’t call it rape) and yet if we don’t put a pill in a woman’s body the man is tricked into having sex and told that pill was in her body and then the government forces him to raise that child and pay for the child even if he doesn’t have contact with the child, This is the ultimate government subsidizing a fraud.’ ~ Warren Farrell comparing drugging a woman to rape her to a man paying child support

Elam’s reliance on biological arguments for how men are so programmed to want vaginas, that they are so biologically driven, means men are fools and can’t overcome their biology and do a simple thing like wear a condom. If men can’t master the condom then they certainly aren’t ready for a pill.The pharmaceutical companies that will not conduct the trials needed for FDA approval are correct in their thinking. Men are just too stupid when it comes to taking any responsibility for reproduction and guess what? Elam is advising MRA’s to contact big pharma and demand a pill.

‘Men are totally programmed to release that sperm and scatter those seeds.’ ~ Paul Elam

Elam is so reliant on this biological drive for men to reproduce that he fails to apply that biological lesson when it comes to women taking all the risk of pregnancy with her body. His tiny brain just short circuits when we get to that biological fact. Women burden the entire risk of pregnancy and that means it’s their call. Period.

So biology only matters when it comes to dismissing stupid men who can’t figure out how to go to the local store and buy condoms and then actually have the mental state to follow the directions and put one on.

‘Consent to sex isn’t consent to parenthood.’~Paul Elam

Well, duh! Consent to sex is consent to the possibility of pregnancy, never parenthood. A man can run out, as Elam suggests men do. Sending some money once a month isn’t parenthood.

‘The government is subsidizing fraud. This is subsidizing a woman to use a man for 18 to 21 years directly without his consent. ~Warren Farrell on child support

Paul Elam, Tom Golden and Warren Farrell want to take away women’s ultimate right over her body by using outrageous scenarios that have only happened once, like a woman who snuck into a sperm bank and robbed it and then made the biological father pay. I don’t even believe that story but if it’s true it’s the ONLY time it’s ever happened.

‘Lads often claim that condoms are fiddly and spoil the mood.’ ~ The Economist

While the three amigos discuss the male birth control pill they reiterate how men are biologically stupid and then get puzzled as to why women would never trust a man who says he’s taking a pill.

I wouldn’t trust a man on a pill. I’d insist on condoms, only because it’s a barrier method that works very effectively. But we know what this is all about. Men want to feel the vagina without being responsible enough to wear a simple condom. This is the drive Elam is talking about. This is the stupidity of men he’s referring to.

‘To support a child you’re tricked into creating, that is the ultimate form of powerlessness. A man’s body shouldn’t be used without permission.’ ~Warren Farrell on child support

These idiots talk about misandry and yet reduce men to biological automatons who can’t resist a vagina.

‘Female beauty is the source of men feeling powerless.’ ~Warren Farrell

I would love men to have a pill. Let them take internal medicine that has several side effects like women have done for decades. Shit, I’m all for it. Let them poison themselves. I don’t give a flying shit about it.

‘You can end up just lowering your self value and sacrificing everything while you’re being humiliated and don’t know it all because of this biological drive.’~ Paul Elam

According to the three Amigos, feminists have stopped the progress of the male birth control pill (bcp). It always comes down to blaming us. Apparently there was a protest in Budapest about birth control pills for men but I searched the internet and can’t find a single thing except links to MRA sites that make the claim.

The problem with male birth control is that you have to control sperm, lots of them, whereas with women it’s just one egg, once a month. However, there’s a plant in Indonesia that men boil and drink in tea a half hour before intercourse. The plant is called gendarussa and it ‘weakens enzymes that sperm need to join with a woman’s egg during fertilization.’ They say its effectiveness in near 99%.

There’s also Vasalgel which requires minor surgery to flush the gel out of the testicles that men aren’t willing to endure. Men are such whiny babies when it comes to any procedure near their precious dicks. Men are notorious for avoiding regular exams for prostate health simply because it’s ‘gay’ to have a doctor stick a finger up your ass and make you cough. So this is the mentality we’re dealing with and it’s no surprise that big pharma turns their noses up at ever producing internal male birth control.

‘How about we take all your (women’s) options away except for an IUD?’ ~Paul Elam on restricting women’s rights to contraception

With all our scientific breakthroughs why has it taken so long for a male pill? The reality is we have a working system already and big pharma, not feminists, aren’t willing to invest in it for several obvious reasons.

Men don’t care for themselves. They can’t even be responsible enough to wear a simple condom. When we’re talking big money on research and development, companies aren’t going to go through all that so men can continue to be irresponsible or as Elam says, ‘biologically programmed.’

Finally, the bar on side effects is high. Women are expected to deal with lots of side effects but in this research, any little side effect to the poor dudes is seen as an immediate loss. There were only 18,000 men willing to try out Vasalgel. So you can see that while men’s mouths are moving a lot, it’s really just talk.

‘Your sperm is your credit card. Guard it carefully.’ ~Tom Golden, MRA

COMING UP: Recently Dean Esmay wrote an article about ‘To Kill a Mockingbird.’ So apparently white middle class males are suddenly blacks being accused of raping a white woman in the deep South. I can’t wait to dismantle that bullshit.


14 thoughts on “The Three Amigos: Take Women’s Right To Abortion Away

  1. Drugging women is not “tricking them” into having “sex.” It’s poisoning, raping and quite possibly attempted murder.

    These guys just take reality and turn it inside out. There are so many reversals in these quotes. It is women who are harmed when men stick their meat weapons inside our bodies. It is women’s bodies that are harmed by pregnancy. Men have no investment in any of this, whatsoever, and the reason that a male BC pill hasn’t been developed is that there is a question as to whether there is a market for it because, as I said, men have no investment in preventing harm to women. They WANT to harm us.

    There’s, also, an ancient Indian tree that produces an oil called Neem. Several drops of neem oil in a capsule have been tested on married Indian solidiers (this is old and probably online somewhere) and after taking the oil every day for some period of time (30 days, 60 days – I can’t remember), they were unable to impregnate their wives. The neem oil renders the sperm weak and powerless.

    Neem oil is, also, used by women as a spermicide historically.

    Also, Chastetreeberry, supposedly used in spring rites among the ancient Celts, has long been known to reduce male fertility.

    Bottom line is this: Men WANT to hurt women. They like it. It’s in them. They can’t resist doing it and part of that harm is to impregnate us so they can gain control. (I think we talked about this at one of your posts not too long ago: Men are sabotaging women’s birth control so they can impregnate us and then use the law to take control of our lives – and to have more objects for their vile abuses.)

  2. I am glad you mention the danger of birth control for females. I will never go near that stuff. Its amazing how these men have no decency but want to murder and poison the same women who brought them into this world. Women just need to bug out from society stat. I hate these pervs I hate seing them hearing them their opinions are of no purpose to my own life. Man free life.

  3. And Wtf TM when did that turd become relevant in the mrm. Again I am compiling the list of the real names of these guys behind the scenes. I have their names addresses and associates\ educational achievements and publications. I am sure you know some of them already. But I will be sending them out soon.

    • It’s a good start. I’m kinda worried about the map though since men in the MRM and other MRA affiliates are predators and I see photographs of these women. We’re not in the clear yet to release pics because men will harm us using them.

      • I agree, HMQ. It’s a nice blog and it’s a nice idea, but I don’t see how this could be very safe. I notice a lot of the members seem to be on other continents.

        Are there places in the world where it is safe to be public about being a feminist?

        It isn’t safe here. It’s not even safe for professional women, who do not declare themselves to be feminists, online right now in my experience.

        • I’m glad you agree with me. I’m going to start one but my goddess it’s not going to be pictures of individual women on a google map. Men will track these women down and harm them. MRA’s have already infiltrated it. I’ve seen MRA names on there. So in a very short period of time, the MRA’s the predators found the site and infilitrated it. My site will be locked down tight.

          I just need a woman to do the computing end of it. I won’t accept male help. So if I have to wait and wait for this, I will.

          • HMQ,

            I don’t think I’m cut out to put together a site like that. It’s been a long time since I did web work.

            I’m extremely paranoid – you probably know this about me. It’s part of the reason I’m still alive. My paranoid self says a site like that could easily be a “honey pot” – a trap, from which to acquire information.

            My fear about any site that had a whole bunch of feminists’ information stored in a database is that it would be targeted for hacking.

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  6. You really need to read my upcoming book “The Myth of Human Power.” It’s all about how desk lamps really have all the power. They force us to work for money to buy them electricity and as soon as they stop getting what they want, they leave us in darkness! Thanks to Warren Farrell’s logic I’m able to see through the oppression of desk lamps and the lampocentric culture we live in!…


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