Sage Gerard’s Threat Narrative Gets Money Flowing and Another Manosphere Man is Arrested for Plot to Kill Women

Right on time, as I predicted, Sage Gerard and Paul Elam gathered in money after attacking a woman at Sage’s University. I had a feeling this was yet another cash grab, and it was. Well, that was part of it. In standard abusive style, the entire scenario becomes the fault of feminists and women for not wanting to engage with Sage Gerard. Near the end of this article is a fresh reminder that the Manosphere is deadly, with deadly ideologies that encourage men to kill women.

See what you have to do is get the men riled up with what MRA’s call a ‘threat narrative.’ These are very beneficial to Elam’s and Gerard’s pockets. You make a few posts targeting a woman who Gerard and Elam claim are putting Gerard’s life in danger, an outrageous reversal, and then you use Judgybitch to drop the docs in Canada so Elam gets his dirty business out of the USA and off his legal shoulders, and then you ask all the men for money. And boy do they give it.

Gerard gave us a nice sob story, saying he had to have a camera with him because of those nasty wimminz and feminists would somehow attack him if he wasn’t video recording them. That’s an excuse.These women don’t want anything to do with him at his campus and yet he persists in taunting them, and in this case, outright targeting a single woman to make her life on campus extremely frightening.

We were so successful, so fast, that feminist professors from the Interdisciplinary Studies Department immediately moved to hurt me. They took away my friends, academic references and told lies in lectures. I could not even meet any of them to ask a single question, because my ability to speak to them has been restricted by attorneys.

This is the typical harassment scenario being acted out on campus and of course it’s not Sage’s behaviour and ideology that’s the problem, it’s women and feminists. Gerard barged into Stacy’s office when he found out she didn’t want to speak with him. She is well aware what he’s about as most people who’ve followed the Manosphere are. So what does Sage do? He intimidates her.

The professors preaching peace, love and equality stated that I wanted to kill women after citing an early 2013 homemade instructional video where I demonstrated safe, clandestine posting practices on a public university.

I have to record everything I do to make sure I have an alibi in case someone decided to punch herself and say I did it, or in case someone decides to sneak up on me.

When you preach hatred of feminists and women, it’s no surprise that this very demographic wants nothing to do with you. When you spread false statistics and try to take away the only self defense program for women on the campus, this is what happens. Sage is acting like he doesn’t know why people don’t want to be around him. Just look at his Youtube videos and how he ruminates on how terrible women are. Look at who he supports, Paul Elam, who thinks women should be curtailed in their reproductive capacity, who thinks women are begging to be raped and writes long screeds about beating the hell out of women and imagining them cleaning up their own blood!

Students and faculty started a blog called Menformation specifically to oppose me and Paul Elam.

Paul Elam and Sage Gerard are dangerous. They have a proven track record of harming women. Of course, these men tell themselves it’s really women that are after them, mentally justifying their attacks.

Remember what happened at Queen’s? A young woman opposed the creation of a men’s rights group and was physically attacked by a man. Adele Mercier was viciously libeled and attacked by AVFM. They can talk a good game and drop money into several places to make it look like they’re doing the right thing but as we always see, time and time again, it’s women they’re after.

Despite all efforts, the KSU legal division does not even seem willing to acknowledge how I have been targeted, and even today I have no assurances of my Title IX right to a safe environment despite the clear and present risk of vigilante retaliation.

This is standard protocol to blame the University and everyone else besides his hate group. Paul Elam’s group was designated a hate site by the biggest law centre in the United States that looks into groups like the KKK and yet KSUM aka Zen Men was allowed to propagate on campus.

The University might have been unaware of what was coming. I’m sure all the right words were dropped, such as we’re ‘egalitarian’ and ‘want equality.’ All the right words, donations in the right places. You have to remember, these men, in order to start their hate groups, will lie and manipulate.

Another affiliate of AVFM, CAFE, lied on a charity application citing organizations that wanted nothing to do with their hate group. Toronto Pride was lied to and when they found out it was CAFE they booted them out of the parade. Canada is still dealing with CAFE’s hatred and propaganda.

AVFM’s slogan is ‘Fuck Their Shit Up.’ I can’t believe the KSU thought this was a good idea. An Australian campus had the same problem with an MRA going after Betty McLelland. The MRA, Greg Canning, lost that battle.

What about Emma Bolton? She was attacked by AVFM right before the 2014 conference. The list is enormous and the hatred is everywhere. You should look into my back catalogue and find all the hatred and attacks on various women in and around Universities.

One month without your support, and it would be impossible to keep up with my tuition payments, let alone feed myself.

And we come to it. Sage wants more money, Elam wants more money, to continue the crusade to harm women on campus.

If I were KSU, I’d expell Sage Gerard for making the campus inhospitable. All the nice words and donations were just a front for what was to eventually come. These men have shown that when something doesn’t go their way, they’ll find a woman and attack her viciously, drop her personal information and do it in such a way where Elam thinks he’s not liable. The lies, the dirty tricks, the endless calls for money, are all part of this rag tag team of men whose only purpose in life is to harm women because they’ve decided their rotten lives are women’s fault, feminism’s fault.

The meritocracy they crow about doesn’t apply to them. If someone challenges them, they go in for the attack and then ask for money afterward. It’s a good scam and it’s worked for a few years. Once and for all a campus must stand up and take the legal challenge because it’s only going to get worse.

Students are encouraged to question but they’re not entitled to make up their own facts and spread propaganda and hatred. I hope KSU can make it through this.

Finally I leave you with yet again, another Manosphere man arrested for wanting to murder women, like Elliot Rodger did. Like David Futrelle points out, this is standard Manosphere ideology common to Sage Gerard and Paul Elam. Women are seen as evil cunts and sluts who don’t like the nice guys. If you’re a woman at KSU, you should be afraid of these men and should get escorts to your car. You never know which man in the Manosphere is the murderer just waiting for other men to support his twisted views of women. To allow that ideology to flourish on your campus is deadly.

I suppose I’m still shocked anyone would allow it.


14 thoughts on “Sage Gerard’s Threat Narrative Gets Money Flowing and Another Manosphere Man is Arrested for Plot to Kill Women

  1. I wish I were shocked by this.

    Universities only care about women’s safety when a national spotlight is placed on a handful of rape cases and even then, they don’t do much to stop the perpetrators.

  2. I hope the women of KSU are reading your blog. It’s best to be clued in.

    That man who stabbed strange women out of sexualized hate — can’t understand why misogyny isn’t recognized as a type of hate crime. It would be a good idea to look at those laws in Canada and other countries and see whether women are being excluded. More deterrence is needed.

  3. I really believe that as women gain more and more power which we are we will be able to demand laws against this kind of stuff. It is just going to take more time.

    • So
      >Edited by HMQ, harassing women online isn’t political speech you moron. Eventually, we women will get this through to your thick head. Nobody wants to hear your bullshit here.

  4. As for Jackson, he’s just another male vampire like the ones who go to women’s blogs to try to suck our energy. The men don’t like going to their own sites because there’s no life-energy there, just their hideous emptiness. They need anything they can get from us, even our dislike and contempt feeds them. What sad creatures they are. Anyway , enough energy on that one.

  5. Sage Gerard is going to graduate after the shit he’s been pulling at Kennesaw?
    Is the university going to let him get away with bringing in his gangsta daddy at AVFM? Somehow I doubt it.

  6. Wow so I google SG omg why does this thrash even breath?? Such negative energy such vile evil disgusting scum. How are bullies like him even getting ahead in life? I feel sick looking at him and knowing what a dirty disgusting soul he is.

  7. The ego of people like Sage Gerard and Paul Elam never ceases to amaze. All the world of women seems to be in a well-organized grand conspiracy to make their lives miserable—as if they are that important!!


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