WordPress Returns Admin Power To Me After MRA’s Attempt To Shut Me Down

After being censored by MRA’s for almost a week, I’ve gotten my blog returned to me. I lost admin power so I could, and you could, see the blog but I couldn’t approve comments or post new material.

WordPress dealt with this very well and I’m glad to be back but I do now realize that some changes have to be made. I need my own domain ie. to own my own site and not stay on WordPress.

I have an upcoming post describing the new direction. If I’m going to be censored while trying to protect women then I need to change where I post. It’s just that simple.

My plans for 2015 included this necessary change but the MRA attack on my blog happened earlier than expected. So please bear with me as I prepare a long post outlining what needs to happen, what will happen and how you can help.

~House Mouse Queen


15 thoughts on “WordPress Returns Admin Power To Me After MRA’s Attempt To Shut Me Down

  1. Can’t trust the Internet’s. That’s another way women’s communication is halted we are barred access to what would enable us to share the information. Thus the misogyni and perverted hate war from men against women continues. I am sorry to hear that. Blogspot is better u can also get adds there and it will be cheaper than a full out site I am not sure if they could sensor u or not. Either way I’ll be happy to help.

    • Which is actually the opposite of what I found. I moved here from Blogspot mainly because WordPress ran smoother, had better layouts, etc. I think someone could still lodge a false complaint on a Blogspot blog. But I dunno, I’m generally bad at the Internets.

      • This is the same reason I moved to wordpress. I hated blogger layout, even with using alternate code to get it looking respectable. It took ages to load for viewers and I realized it was crap. Now I love WP very much but I’m not really happy that MRA’s are doing everything they can to shut me down.

        • The unfortunate reality is that, with your message, they’ll try and shut you down no matter what. You know that better than I do, though. All you can really do is keep coming back at them. 🙂

          • This is the kind of thing that needs a united group of people working for the same goal. The goal for me is to protect women from these men. That’s my main goal. It’s the numero uno priority. I will have a post coming up whereby I explain this in detail and why I need many people to help and stay the distance with me. I know I can’t do it alone. I’ve known that all along.

  2. I’m glad you’re back.

    I had three business-related websites a few years ago. I closed them all down because it was through one of them that I acquired an out-of-state stalker, posing as a prospective client and the other two were hacked. I don’t know why they were hacked. It might have been personal or not – at the time, I thought not. But, now I realize that men are attacking women on every front and the internet is just one of these.

    They have rules to protect themselves from each other, but nothing protects us from them and all the rules they have can be used by men to harm us.

    For instance, if you have a website, you have to have an ICANN disclosure that includes who is the owner of the site (Your name) and you address and other personal information. There is some sort of fine if it isn’t correct. Normally, it wouldn’t be enforced, but if you have men after you, then you’ve got a problem no matter what you do: If you tell the truth about your name and location, they’re going to get you; if you lie to protect yourself, they’re going to get you.

    Remember how the phone companies (back when everybody had landlines and there were no other options) used to make you pay to keep yourself out of their phone directories if you had a phone at your private residence? I do. I always had to pay extra because I was born female and am subject to harassment, both from men I may know and those I don’t know. Pervs used to just go down through the phone book and find women’s names to call. And, just putting a first initial in front of your name was a dead give-away that you were a woman. Your only option was to pay the phone company extortion money to keep your name out of their directory.

    Well, the web hosting services run a similar scam. They want you to pay extra for added security on your site. You, also, have to pay an extra fee to keep your personal information (ICANN disclosure) private – if that’s even possible.

    Men going about their regular business don’t have to worry about random other men targeting them for harassment and violence. Women do have to worry about men doing this to us. This is why you are seeing fewer and fewer professional women, let alone radical feminists, online. I had only had my third website open for about one month before I acquired a stalker from it – a guy who is probably stalking a whole bunch of other women. Every time I read that another woman or girl has gone missing in his state, I wonder if he did it! This is what women are expected to put up with. I don’t know what level of internet security and privacy would stop this and still allow you to do business? I, also, worry that things are changing all the time, so that what seemed like a safe online activity last year might not be safe this year.

    I now do what little I do online with WordPress because it is safer than having my own site, having to pay “protection money” and still having problems with men.

    • Of course I will not give out my identity. I don’t care what the repercussions are. I understand that men will try to get to you anywhere you are but I need place where I can publish what I want.

      • HMQ,

        They can still come after you if you have your own domain and hosting. They’ll just bombard your hosting service with complaints (and if they convince them, you won’t just be out a site, but money, too) or they’ll hack into your hosting and server accounts. The latter is what happened to me. They hacked the actual accounts. Once they’re in, they destroy all your hard work and psychologically it’s similar to having your house broken into. It’s very upsetting.

        You can get your own domain for probably around $15 per year. You can get hosting for around $4 per month. That’s not terribly costly. You can go to wordpress.org and get all kinds of beautiful plugins for your site. These are not only themes, but they are differently engineered to do different things. You can probably find a free one that would suit you. After that, you have to pay maybe $25 in extortion money to stay out of the ICANN registery (whois.com) and then because you are at high risk for being hacked, you might want to shell out another $25 or more for added security, although before I did that I’d call them and find out exactly what they’re planning on doing for me – make them sell you on it.

        Another thing I might do if I were worried about being hacked is all the above, except obtain hosting from some obscure island nation – with the ICANN registry blocked, they’re going to have a hard time figuring out who your host is.

        Then, I’d have very complex passwords and change them frequently.

        When what I described in my previous comment happened to me, I just didn’t want to do it anymore. Between the stalking and the hacking and all the work, I just couldn’t cope with the idea of picking up the pieces and starting all over, again.

        So, I went to WordPress.com. The benefits of having a blog here are that WordPress takes care of a lot of security problems for you. You still want to have strong passwords and change them frequently. I use a throwaway email address. You don’t have to pay for anything here, so if they hack into your site, the worst that happens is you might lose some contact and some time putting it all back together. WordPress.com also ranks really well with Google – much better than blogger, which is owned by Google – and that’s because they are that good and that popular with bloggers. They have lots of good designs and, generally speaking, the company has a very good philosophy – certainly compared to YouTube and Facebook!

        Wherever you go, they’re going to target you. Here, your account is not tied to a payment processor!

  3. Good luck. I appreciate this site so I will be keeping an eye out for the new site. F’ing MRAs. Did you read the Mother Jones piece on Warren Farrell? She was way too easy on him and Elam, and he still found reason to whine. Eyeroll.

    • Yes, I did read it, a few times and yes, she went easy on them but she did make the important links between the murderous misogyny of Rodger and Paul Elam and Warren Farrell. I am writing a post at this moment correcting the strawmans of Elam and Farrell and just taking them down to reality, once again showing what dishonest idiots they are

  4. If you get your own domain name, it’s going to be hard to find a better blogging platform than WordPress.

    You can actually have your ICANN information locked down (for a nominal fee) so that it cannot be searched. If someone searches your IP address, they will find that all your personal information is unavailable to them.

    I had a stalker a few years on my own site. I was able to shut him down and keep him from accessing my information by utilizing options and services provided by my Hosting company. I use Bluehost by the way and highly recommend them.

    You should stick with WordPress in my opinion, just avail yourself of security options that your hosting company can provide you. It’s really not expensive at all.


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