John Hambling Shames Paul Into Fixing Dean’s Tooth

Well, Hambling finally did it! Elam, after collecting hundreds of thousands of dollars over the years, has finally decided to help his public face, Dean Esmay, fix his tooth. But wait a minute, not so fast. This money won’t come out of Paul’s pocket. It’s coming from, guess who? AVFM readership! It makes one wonder why this has taken so long if AVFM readers will be footing the bill but I suppose that’s the greatness of being activists for men. Nothing gets done until it’s a manfight and someone is forced to fix that tooth or look less manly to everyone else.

Hambling tried starting a fundraiser for Dean’s missing front tooth but couldn’t find anyone to collect the money so he just sent $100 to Dean for his tooth. This was during the big battle between Elam and Hembling, and it made John really seem the better dude.

Instead of taking the money quietly and having a fundraiser Elam decided this was too important politically and his need to get back at Hembling was too great. So now, instead of gracefully accepting the money, Paul and Dean have made a video, with Dean’s wife, claiming Hembling shamed them all with his donation drive to fix Dean’s tooth.

Dean does address his snarky comments to the ‘feminist’ professor blaming her for his missing tooth because she’s pampered and makes tons of money. At the same time he says his tooth wasn’t a big priority. Uh, it’s only a priority when you can blame a woman while MRA’s do nothing to help a man, unless they can beat up on another guy!

I think this video response shows the complete failure of men’s rights ‘activism.’  LOL

Enjoy the lulz!


22 thoughts on “John Hambling Shames Paul Into Fixing Dean’s Tooth

    • A bunch of crazy rapey men at Halloween! One of them stalked the MJ reporter while she was leaving the bar they went to after last years conference. I sure hope no women are in the bar they decide to drink at.

      • Hey! And just think – they don’t even need to put on scary masks!

        In fact, maybe we could earn a little extra money making rubber Halloween masks that look like Paulie Boy, Yeti-man, Baldy-dude and that red-haired dude that looks like a wacky-psychotic version of Ronald McDonald!

        Oooh and remember that scary made-up doll face that one of the women drew on herself and made a YT video to raise dough to go to an obscure suburb of Detroit right before the last conference. That would make a great scary Halloween mask, too.

        They could be sold right along side Jason’s hockey mask, a mask of Richard Nixon with his two fingers saying, “Well, I’m not a crook!” and the Creature from the Black lagoon.

        Seriously tough, I am glad this man is getting his tooth fixed! If he were an animal in a zoo, someone would help him fix his tooth! They should have helped him out long before this. He said he went 10 years like that… it’s not even healthy. Some Men’s “human” Right’s group!

      • I’ll tell you what “spoiled” and “pampered” means. It means having a whole lot of time on your hands to “volunteer” (and by “volunteer” he means harass and terrorize women online and IRL) and not have to engage in any kind of gainful employment. That’s “spoiled” and “pampered.”

        Oh, the martyrdom! Oh, the sacrifice! Oh, woe is poor Yetiman!

      • I saw that (I read MoJo all the time). Sooo frickin creepy! I figure I’ll make my coverage of their event appropriately horror-themed. Once we find where the venue is we can let people know to stay away from that general vicinity.

  1. HMQ,

    Apologies for the O/T, but did you see this article:

    You may have already seen it. It was in my reader feed this a.m. at this blog:

    It’s a good article all the way through, but I especially liked this statement regarding the remarkable stupidity of legalization/decriminalization of prostitution: There is no “safe” here – when women’s bodies are made open for men’s use, we are simply disputing the boundary between “terrorised” and “dead”.

    Also, when I was in Germany, which was before 2002 when prostituting women was legalized, there was a remarkable amount of casual social acceptance of this. It’s similar to what I’ve seen in places in the U.S in the past 10 years, which I never experienced before that. A friend of a friend there, when he found out I was a dancer somehow interpreted that to I was open to being prostituted by men and took me to an actual brothel, which was run by a female pimp out of a beautiful old house that had been converted from an ancient barn! It was a magnificent house. I said nothing while I was there, but clearly understood him explaining to the woman in German that I was a night club dancer from the States and she explained to him that I was not a “sex worker” or “whore.” She refused to talk to me, in fact, and if she had, I’d have told her the same thing I told him, “I am not a prostitute. I am not a whore.” I’m pretty sure I said that a couple of times on the way there, but he didn’t believe me because men never believe women when we say we’re not whores. There’s some kind of major ethics problem there in Germany, I think, which allowed this to happen to women – not just German women but many desperate women from other countries, especially central or eastern Europe. I desperately didn’t want to come back to the U.S. at one point because of all the violence here – but, this and other experiences convinced me that things were no better there. In fact, I think they were a couple of decades ahead of us in terms of men openly abusing women for a fee.

    When men are this accepting of the idea of prostituting women, then all women become suspected “sex workers” or “whores.” The next thing that follows is they (the johns/punters) are everywhere! They’re working in the cubicle next to you at your office job – they’re your landlord! And, eventually there are so many of them openly soliciting women (and undoubtedly children) that everybody just accepts it as a matter of course – “Yea, women are whores” or, as I was told once when I complained about being solicited by a john, “Well, at least, he asked before he assaulted you!”

      • Yes. I wish more liberal feminists and women, in general, would read Andrea Dworkin when she talks about Men on the Left Vs. Men on the Right – all the predictable betrayals the Men on the Left have committed and how the many ways they have used and abused women.

        Frequently, when I was in Germany, I was called a “prude.” That’s a nice change from being called “slut” and “whore.” But, both are ways to push women into sexual compliance.

        Normalizing the activities of johns and pimps means that more and more women get hurt. When men – or their laws – assume that all women are sexually available commodities, it makes an even more dangerous environment for women – all women are endangered by this.

        I’m looking forward to your article.

        • Have you heard of Rachel Moran? It will feature her. She recently was interviewed by Deep Green Resistance. Now I would happily sign up for DGR but it includes men and I’m not so sure I could trust an org that puts men in positions of power in feminist circles because they tend to take over.

          • Yes, I’ve heard of her. I was just reading something at one of her blogs a couple of days ago. She seems like someone who has more patience than I do for those anxious to prostitute women. I think she’s trying to educate them and that’s good. There used to be a time when a man might actually feel ashamed for abusing a woman or child, but that time seems to have passed us by.

            I think she’s the one who made the point that if these men, who claim they are somehow helping women by being johns, really want to help a woman who is in trouble, they could just give her the money or give her a job. Gee! That’s a brilliant idea, isn’t it? But, the fact that men have to be told that shows that they are not johns because they want to do something good for women – they are there to do what men do to us everywhere else, not least of all in our own homes! They are there to abuse, to sexually assault, to dominate and quite possibly kill us in the process.

            I was amazed at how many of the johns tried to make it out like they were helping someone! The fact that she can explain to them that which should not need an explanation demonstrates her remarkable patience. I don’t have that gift. I want to knock the bastard out flat. I think these men ought to be taken, one by one, single-file, out in to a public square and shot in the head. I think victims ought to be able to sign-up to do it.

            I really do like what I’ve seen of her work, though.

          • Yes, and lots of men seem to be involved in DGR. I’m always suspicious, you can see even here at your blog how men try to steer the conversation. I’ve been back through some of my comment interactions at your blog and I can see how early on, I allowed males to do that. We don’t want to offend, do we? And, these men are hoping to sway some women, to detour the conversation (to a matter of race when this is not at issue, for instance, or by insisting that we maintain or adopt a male worldview of ourselves that we are here to be penetrated by men, to serve men, that men must always be a priority). But, clearly any men involved in feminism are up to no good. There are lots of examples of it in feminist discussions around the web.

            I can’t remember where Andrea talks about it right now, though. She wrote about being involved in the anti-war protests to keep the men out of the draft and how when that problem was resolved, the men turned on the women, who they had already been using as a sexual supply, and began selling them in porn.

          • Here’s a nice podcast with Rachel Moran. It’s been out there a while, so you may have already heard it:


            She says a lot of interesting things here, but at about 22 minutes or a little more she talks about this strange idea – which I’ve mentioned to you before in private conversation – how if a man hands you money, even a small amount, he feels he has the right to do whatever violent thing he wants to you and as long as there is a sexual component to that, no one seems to recognize that this is abuse.

            In the strip clubs, a man hands you a dollar or $20 tip and believes that he now has a right to sexually assault you – and many more of them now than ever before are rapists. In the past 10 years, I heard lots of stories of strip club customers (usually, conscious of “no touch” rules) becoming violent johns. I’ve had my personal experiences with this, too.

            Let me give you a non-strip club example of this kind of thing – giving a woman money for one thing, then the man feeling that he has the right to do whatever he wants to her: With the nasty downward turn in the economy a lot of men who have money are acting as johns. They’re not street soliciting or visiting brothels to do this, though. They are taking advantage of their female employees. I know a man who has quite a lot of real estate to lease, high end places, too. He has a woman who works as his property manager. But, once a month she comes to his house, puts on a costume and the “play.” This is part of her job description.

            I’ve, also, heard stories recently of women leaving “normal” jobs like working at Subway to come to work in a strip club so they can avoid being prostituted by their managers. The manager actually came to the club to seek out his former employee, who became very upset and kept repeating that she didn’t want to be raped by him, anymore. (Unfortunately, the strip clubs aren’t much of a refuge from this kind of thing, anymore, but the certainly used to be. As bad as they were, they were better than being sexually abused at a “normal” job – that’s how I ended up with a long career in the clubs, in fact. But, that’s all changed – and this is not by accident.)

            So, men everywhere are now becoming johns as this concept of paying a little money to a woman and then sexually and in other ways violating her is becoming more mainstream. Again, this is what the term “sex worker” being used by the sex trade lobby (an organized effort, as Rebecca Mott has pointed out at her blog, if you’ve been reading the last couple of posts) has done!

          • Thanks, HMQ, I my have to read “Mercy” again. I often go back and re-read her work. You can start reading anywhere in one of her books and it’s all just so amazing! I wonder if we’d be talking at all – if we would have the words to even talk about these abuses – if not for her.

          • I agree. She verbalized what we were all thinking but couldn’t necessarily admit that men truly hated us and how to frame it so that there were no mistakes on this point. In other news, I haven’t been well. I was supposed to go to a specialist appointment today but they cancelled my apointment without my knowledge. I’m so tired.

          • HMQ,

            I’m sorry to hear that.

            If you’re tired, you should definitely sleep. Sleep re-energizes the body.

            Did you see the last post at my blog? There’s some pretty cool stuff in those videos. Maybe there is something there that could help you to relax and feel better.

          • HMQ, I just emailed you from my Gmail account regarding this matter. It’s very weird because you are already on my authorized readers list. I just double-checked! Then I sent you a couple more invitations.

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