Cenk Ugyur to Karen Straughn: ‘You’re Radical and Ridiculous.’

Cenk Uygur from The Young Turks had a long interview with Karen Straghn. She is a complete lunatic and once again proves it with the most disgusting statements I think I’ve heard so far. He called her ‘radical and ridiculous.’ I’m glad he figured that out but it’s too bad it took him over 20 minutes. Everyone in the real world knows just how much she rewrites history. She even admitted in this interview she read a man’s diary and concluded from it that feminists were violent.

Karen’s strategy involves reading a few personal stories and then generalizing this to the population. It’s a very sneaky tactic but anyone who looks into the most minor of her points will quickly find she’s wrong. Sometimes, she just outright lies.

She actually said FGM was beneficial because women have less UTI’s and STD’s. When I heard that I second guessed myself saying ‘Did she really just say that?’ I had to scan it again because I couldn’t believe my ears.

Not only did she think cutting a woman’s labia and clitorus up and sewing it all shut was beneficial to the urinary tract she also said there was a study proving this. I immediately looked for it and of course, there is no study, unless the study was done by a bunch of hacks. I certainly couldn’t find it. In fact, all I found was major health sources saying just the opposite. See research below.

If you have the stomach to watch this

Karen proudly tells us she hasn’t voted in 14 years and claims says women don’t need the vote because Mother Jones said so. I bet her male MRA swooners immediately ran to the store for early Valentine’s Day presents after seeing this epic performance. ‘Wow, a woman that doesn’t want to vote is totally cool with having zero rights! That’s my girl!’ SWOON! It’s as if you could see the MRA’s sitting behind their computer screens cheering on her deferment to the menz. This deferment to male authority is one of her regular schemes.She makes a lot of men horny and more importantly, she makes them open their wallet.

Sure enough, on AVFM, the comments started rolling in. Elam was so angry he penned a long piece attacking Cenk. Attacking men who don’t agree with you is a particular delight for these ‘activists.’ They care about men so much. Elam was so livid his grammar was atrocious.

‘Women in the US have had the vote for 95 years with no such assumption of their availability for die for democracy and better commerce.’

‘Blowing up on people in public for daring to be more informed than you are only impresses a following of the terminally stupid.’

Say what?

MRA’s in the comment section quickly got into white knight mode for their special ‘girl.’

Karen is equivalent to mountains:

‘Being a geezer I reserve the word “awesome” for things that inspire awe (sublime things: the northern lights, great sunsets, the Alps). Yet here is an occasion to use the word in a way that that sounds like slang, but is actually used in my “traditional” way — “Karen Straughan is awesome.” She inspires awe.’~Plainoletruth

Clearly coming from a man who cares about men’s issues:

‘She owned him and she remained calm, cool and collected while he reacted like a little bitch.’~Mythago

MRA’s think the vote isn’t really that important, unless it’s taken away from them of course.

People fetishize the “vote.” Chomsky is right about “manufactured consent.” The appearance of choice relaxes the rabble.~Plainoletruth

One heartthrob of Karen’s says:

Karen was delightful.’~Sputnik

How sweet.

Female genital mutilation is the cause of MORE urinary tract infections and STD’s. Sources:

FGM fact sheets

World Heath Org


African Journal of Reproductive Health



2 thoughts on “Cenk Ugyur to Karen Straughn: ‘You’re Radical and Ridiculous.’

  1. I saw this vid somewhere on line a couple of days ago and I tried to watch it, but I only made it about three minutes – mainly because I can’t stand that salivating pig, Jenk or Cenk or whatever his name is.

    As I was listening to them, a new slogan for the MRM occurred to me. I need to condense this into three memorable words, but it’s something like: A movement for men so misogynistic and stupid that even other stupid misogynists think they’re too extreme.

    Yes, almost all the women who speak on behalf of the MRM, who we heard at their massive charade conducted in an obscure suburb of Detroit several months ago, simply take something real, that actually exists, and reverse it. They’re not even as clever at their reversals as men are. They actually take literature, often feminist literature, but in this case, an allopathic scientific pamphlet on the alleged benefits of circumcision for males, and replace the words that imply males with words that imply females.

    It’s so simple-minded that it beggars belief. It’s, in fact, so remarkably stupid that I can’t believe anyone gives her the time of day behind a microphone somewhere.


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