Hope You Get Gang Raped

This comment was left to me on Youtube. It’s a perfect example of rape culture if the first thing out a man’s mouth is to threaten rape.
hope you get gang rapes bitchMany of these men have criminal records for sexual assault, stalking and so forth. This is why they close ranks around other abusers, like Elam.

UPDATE: Thanks to one of my readers for giving me the identity of the man who sent this comment. I cannot publish it here but it will be used for police records.


11 thoughts on “Hope You Get Gang Raped

  1. Wow what a piece of sh*t. I hope he has some kind of outstanding warrant and this kind of thing will get him pulled off the streets.

  2. That’s horrible, I’m sorry that happened to you. Glad you took it straight to the authorities. I wish these assholes would get it through their thick skulls that threats aren’t the same as free speech.

    It also annoys the hell out of me that this idiot is using a picture of Nikola Tesla as his avatar, Tesla seems to have been hijacked as an MGTOW icon, Doosh wrote a screed about him for RoK. While I’m sure Tesla wasn’t perfect, he was no misogynist, in the first pages of his autobiography he pays tribute to his mother; not for her mummy skills but for her genius, saying she could’ve been a great inventor herself if only she had had the opportunity.


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