Happy Valentines Day From Hitler

I got this from an MRA on Youtube today and thought I might share it. Appears that disagreeing with straight white males makes them remember the massive oppressions they suffered while in feminazi concentration camps. This guy was in the Dworkin unit of the camp where he was taught not to make rape jokes and forbidden access to porn for a week. He escaped before final self-awareness could be achieved.

diana abuses MRAs like hitler abuses jews

I now proclaim Valentine’s day to be a Male Holocaust Remembrance Day. We shall gather to mourn the great loss of everything great and masculine. The elimination of rape, battering, street harassment, stalking, murdering of women, manspreading, the pay gap, and buying/selling prostituted little girls will be particularly missed. Just think of all the wonderful rape jokes those evil feminazi’s took from the world. It will be one giant manhug.


3 thoughts on “Happy Valentines Day From Hitler

  1. i admire your ability to keep your sense of humour!!! my brain goes straight to the formation of the international women’s vigilante group. happy valentines 🙂


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