Taking a Little Break

I’m taking a little time off, well deserved little break from writing. It should only be a few days. If you want to read my last post, it’s quite long and very detailed. I’ve got a new young house mouse I’m caring for and when he arrived and got social with me it I found out just how exhausted I was mentally. Being immersed in so much misogyny and male violence takes a toll on me. I’ve written to some of you personally about this issue.

Being a woman online isn’t easy, especially a woman who confronts the violent, rageful men that inhabit the Manosphere. In the last couple weeks I’ve received rape threats and several other sexually violent replies on Youtube. The misogyny that is thrown my way is sometimes very hard to deal with. Youtube is a horrible place to be if you’re a woman, well, so is every other social online space that allows men to harass, threaten and intimidate without any action being taken to stop it.

I’ve decided to take a few days and relax with my new mouse Buddy. Nature sends things your way when you need it. That’s what I truly believe.

You can still contact me by email joyintorah18@gmail.com and send me screenshots and notes. I’ll try to check my email once a day.

~House Mouse Queen



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