Woman-Spy Blair Braverman

Hi everyone.

I took my week off and feel great to get going again monitoring the hate sites that make up the Manosphere. If you haven’t read the GQ piece yet then do it. It’s a great piece of writing by Jeff Sharlet about the men’s rights conference last year.

Jeff brought along a female friend Blair Braverman who is now being described as a female spy/plant to fool MRA’s into being rapey and creepy. You heard that right. Elam and his sidekick Sage Gerard think that Blair was purposely brought there to bring out the worst of men’s rights activists. All it takes is one fine attractive woman to get the Farrellesque rape-vibe out of MRA’s who think women’s bodies make men powerless.

‘[Blair was] hired specifically to flirt with men and get GQ a story. Since Blair was attractive, I did flirt with her… at first….But we have to acknowledge at least one fact: Blair’s job was to get raped.‘ ~ Sage Gerard

Nothing creepy about that at all.

The other plant was the pedophile who attended the conference who told Sharlet the age of consent should be 12.

‘The funny bit about the pedo is that Jeff in reality “found” him and put him in a car with the Honey Badgers to agitate them. Jeff was also seen ushering Pedobear around, and they rarely separated. AVfM will have a story on Jeff’s odd use of the (guy possibly paid to act like a) pedophile later.’~ Sage Gerard

I wonder how AVFM will excuse their friend Factory whose daughter was raped and he threatened to disown her if she phoned the police? I guess we’ll have to wait.


10 thoughts on “Woman-Spy Blair Braverman

  1. The article was enlightening and extremely negative. The AVFM fury-comments were even more enlightening. I didn’t see a single fury-comment that wasn’t from an AVFM staffer or regular. Looks like Elam assigned “Attila Vinczer”, Suzanne MacCarley, and Dan Perrins to this one. He probably warned Sage Gerard off as Gerard is in so much trouble already.

    Attila’s fixated on the idea that one of the commenters is David Futrelle, when the commenter says he isn’t, and there’s no evidence he is. Attila ignores that and proceeds to attack Futrelle, who isn’t even there. He oughtta get that obsession looked at. He writes like Dracula would write, all 19th century apocalyptic OTT bombast.

    Perrins starts up with pseudo-legal gobbledygook. He’s the litigious one.

    As soon as someone like you makes a comment, the doxing and vicious personal attacks get to some kind of level of insanity. Any disagreement makes them foam at the mouth. Their feelings are definitely hurt, and I think part of it is that they were blindsided. Diana Davison just did a perceptive video where she says she was privy to AVFM discussions about the forthcoming GQ article months ago, and that AVFM staffers bragged about how they were going to be “GQ” men and thought it would be a positive article. They really are, in MacCarley’s apt phrase, “clueless rubes”.

    And Suz, haha, it’s just so amusing to read her attack-dogging when she’s been caught on the web exhibiting her dim bulb in the funniest possible way:

    Anyway, you have a lot of guts going in there like you did!

  2. After looking into it, one notes that they keep claiming new “plants” at this said event. And I’m sitting over here like “how many people were planted, you only had like 30 people there”

  3. I know I should stop reading about their antics now that it’s clear you can’t take them seriously, but they’re just so entertaining, from Judgybitch flogging her unpublishable Hunger Games ripoff on her blog, to Gerard sneaking into women’s restrooms at KSU and drooling all over Blair Braverman, to Elam crudely calling everybody either a w**** or a c*** (like the lowlife response he just made to Sharlet), to JtO’s valiant fictional defense against the Army of Undead Boxcutters, to Fidelbogen’s unbearable inanities, to the made-up statistics, to the wriggling away when somebody like Elliott Rodger acts on their philosophy, to the fake report of violent threats by fictional feminist commandos in order to scrounge more donations for the conference, to Pizzey’s dog killed by fictional feminist snipers, to MacCarley’s moronic explanation of her antifeminism in the video above, to the photos of the shabby VFW conference and the disheveled participants nodding under the bad lighting, to the scuttling exit of Karen Straughan from AVFM, to the attempt to appropriate MGTOW and gut that philosophy, to the praising of women’s privileged status in Iran, to the disappeared money collected for Earl Silverman’s legacy, to the “satirical” articles about bashing in women’s faces, to James Huff’s video in which his delusion that he is a medieval warrior in a video game is revealed, to the sock-puppet brigading, to the purchase of fake Twitter followers…and to the real followers exhorted endlessly to donate donate donate with never a cent accounted for…

    And considering that none of this helps disadvantaged men…

    What can I say. It’s great TV.

  4. I’m the guy who has been doing battle with our MRAs pals in the comments on Sharlet’s article. Basically, I have taken the point of view that — since they can’t seem to keep themselves from making stupid, self-revealing comments — all II need to do is just keep them talking.and they’ll make it clear to anyone reading their posts what shitbirds they are. And, yes, they are convinced that I’m a sock of David Futrelle, ’cause after all there couldn’t be two super-manginas in the world, could there. (Originally they seemed to think I was sock for someone named Diana Boston, but apparently I was upgraded to Arch-fiend Futrelle.)

    Regarding the article — I think they were blind-sided, but only because they are totally convinced that they are right and no fair-minded person could possibly think otherwise, and that’s the reason that they don’t seem to understand that if you’re a bunch of shitbirds you probably want to hide some of your shittiness when there are journalists around. Attila Vinczer called me the Anti-Christ and the “most horrid despicable freak of nature” he had ever dealt with. I was quite flattered until I realized that he thought he was talking to David. If you goad them just a little they lose their shit and start screaming all sorts of juvenile insults.

    Sage Gerard is a real piece of work (not that the others aren’t.) He’s at the great First Men’s Rights Conference as (at the least) a minor poobah who needs to help demonstrate how this is all a big Human Rights thingy, but he can’t help himself from putting PUA moves on a young woman who is (1) a journalist (2) with her boyfriend and (3) the guest of a nationally known journalist. How clueless can you get?

      • I almost feel a bit guilty for the way I’ve been futzing with Attila’s head — but not really. But it is sort of like shooting pollywogs in a kiddie pool. He trots out all the faux “studies”, and when that doesn’t work, resorts to a string of juvenile insults. Obviously I want to insult me, because I believe it makes HIM look bad. One of the interesting things about the MRAs is that they have absolutely no sense of humor or irony.

        So you are DB? If so, I’ve been trying to find out what you do to get Attila so riled up. (OK, I know it doesn’t take much; talking while female is probably enough.) But if I’m going to be accused of being a sock for someone, I’m curious to know who my puppet-master is. (Obviously I’m quite familiar with David’s work, and it is flattering to be mistaken for him.) You seem to be a pretty badd member of the Women’s International Terrorist Conspiracy from Hell (as I remember, there was actually such a group in the 60s — tongue-in-cheek, of course) so I also consider myself flattered to be mistaken for you.

        Keep up the good work.


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