Male Entitlement Syndrome

MES is a new diagnostic category I’m making up to describe the entitlement men display and feel because penis. This syndrome usually occurs when a male is talking to a female and he assumes he’s more informed, more knowledgeable than she is. The accompanying mansplain is very common with MES.

This video is a perfect example of MES. Notice that the male is not as educated but goes straight into entitlement mode. The female in this situation is more powerful which is rare. Females usually aren’t as powerful and have to take the entitlement mantrum and it sometimes will involve male violence. Street harassment is a common form of MES that can result in death of women. Men must be able to harass women in public because penis. The entitlement of street harassment is not to be mistaken for the common excuses that males use to justify street harassment.

MES is a syndrome that can only be cured by complete female liberation.


3 thoughts on “Male Entitlement Syndrome

  1. The title of the video is sexist, she ‘flips out’ if it was a male judge it would be something like judge ‘scolds’ an idiot. Also, the misogynist comments with a wide array of sexual name calling (bible thumper, I notice bible thumpers use a lot of sexually explicit language when it comes to demeaning women, something they learn from the babble) on the video calling her the worst of names, saying that she should not have reacted the way she did because women don’t have rights to be anything aside of submissive little girls.


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