I Got a Bone To Pick With You Jordan Owen

I’m an old Youtube user and it’s come to my attention over the last few months that some Youtubers from the past are now considering themselves feminists when just a few years ago they were anti-feminists. Now, not to deny that people change their views and that sometimes they get educated but it seems like they’ve really done a 180. I question their motives. I think much of it is for personal gain and not because they’ve truly had a change of heart.

Enter Jordan Owen, one of many Youtubers who I had several dealings with in the past. Currently he’s the dude working on that silly Sarkeesian Effect video (I won’t call it a movie cuz it just ain’t). He’s having a manfight with another sleazebag Davis Aurini, with whom he was supposed to partner with to the end of production of said video.

In his manfight with Aurini, Owen is railing against Roosh, another sleazy rapist PUA in the Manosphere who brags about forcing women ie. sexually assaulting them and coming up with a plan to stop rape by making rape legal. Owen had a mantrum with Aurini over some period of time about Roosh, who was supposedly a huge supporter of their silly video project. Owen made some videos deriding Roosh and Aurini immediately told him to take at least one of them down saying that Roosh was some key player in the support of their project. Aurini didn’t want Owen to piss off the people who were donating money.

In the chat logs Aurini posted as some revenge ploy against Owen, you can read the mantrum. I uploaded them into a .docx file just in case Aurini takes them down.

Owen’s complaints about Roosh involve his disdain for Roosh sleeping around spreading STD’s. He also thinks Roosh’s stances on women and rape are highly problematic and even called them ‘misogynist.’ What’s hilarious about this is that Owen is trying to paint himself as the good guy when in reality he’s just as big an MRA as the rest of them. He’s certainly not pro feminist.

A few years ago it was Owen blabbering out video after video attacking me and other feminists for opposing the socioeconomic coercion of women and girls into the sex industry. He made videos declaring his love of all things pornographic as well as attacking ANY feminist who disagreed with him that the sex industry was a hip job for 13 year old girls. I suppose he thought of himself as a proud ‘john’ who thinks nothing of the very real fact that minority women and girls are TRAFFICKED into western countries to live a life of servitude and paid rape in various ‘massage parlours’ across USA and Canada. His current video catalogue shows him as a stalker of Gail Dines, prominent anti-exploitation radical feminist.

jordan owen

Being abused in porn and prostitution is something I’ll never have to worry about~ says neckbeard white male

Suddenly Owen wants us all to think he’s got the moral high ground here but I remember. I remember his big blabbery mouth years ago while he endorsed the SLAVERY of women and girls, the PAID RAPE of women and girls through the ‘sex industry.’

The nerve he has to call Roosh a misogynist while he’s screeching at women that porn is somehow empowering is just effing INSANE, and ultimate irony. I left a comment on his unlisted video where he tells Aurini he’s not taking down his criticism videos of Roosh:

 This is rich coming from you when all you did was attack women who don’t agree with you on women being forced by socioeconomic coercion into an industry that is paid rape. You are so fucking disgusting, the both of you. You deserve each other. And don’t cheapen Dworkin’s words. She’s a far better human than you. She actually gives a shit about racial women being racially profiled and forced into prostitution. You don’t. You’re fucking ignorant and have quite a nerve getting on Roosh’s case when you’re no fucking better.

I stand by every word. Hey Jordan, you creepy fuck, let’s not pretend you’re sympathetic to women’s issues. Challenging Dworkin just makes you look like a shithog who will never have to worry about being broke and selling your ass on the street while men stick their dicks into every orifice of your body without consent. You’re no better than Roosh or Aurini. Maybe 3rd wave ‘feminists’ will buy into your bullshit but I won’t. Maybe they’ll have sympathy for you but I won’t.
Take a long walk off a short pier you creep.

8 thoughts on “I Got a Bone To Pick With You Jordan Owen

  1. Wow thanks for the expose about Owen. I honestly think Roosh is a scam, have you seen his photos in Europe? The guy looks like a loser who could never sleep with women unless he’s paying them or drugging them. Aurini is a joke lol, he’s an unemployed youtube philosopher who thinks he’s classy. LOL

  2. The really crazy thing is that some porn stars consider themselves to be


    Sexual morality seems to be a complicated issue in general for feminism. For instance, although all feminists oppose outright violent rape (I think), some still want their “right” to be sexually promiscuous without being ashamed of it. By my standards, both behaviors are highly disrespectful. (I don’t think it’s right to use a girl for sex even if she consents to it.)

    What about abortion? All feminists seem to want the “right” to abortion, but abortion violates a woman’s sexual privacy too (even though she consents to it). What kind of “right” is that? The right to pay a doctor to do damage to your body?

    Then there’s gynecology. This is an obscure one. Most women happily spread their legs for a doctor in this situation too, and I also think this is disrespectful.

    If you’re going to get angry at a guy for being confused on these sexual issues, I think you should be angry at a lot of women too. Women are their own worst enemies.


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