Elam Jumps the Shark, Again UPDATE

Elam is crowing about a non-existent ‘victory’ over NOW New York. He thinks NOW removed their stance on shared parenting. NOW’s stance is to oppose shared parenting. Now this doesn’t mean NOW doesn’t support joint custody. Shared parenting is the assumption that there’s no abuse in a marriage or to the children where both parents get immediate joint custody.

Father’s rights groups are pushing for this because well, they’re abusers, and want their kids immediately given to them even if they’re beating their wives and/or their kids.

Elam is claiming that NOW NY removed their pages on the site opposing shared parenting but come to find out the ENTIRE site is down. *as of publishing on Sunday at 10pm PDT the site is down* Elam is crowing about nothing. It could be that NOW is revising the entire site but of course Elam rants that he’s actually doing something and ‘scaring’ feminists. In his rant he talks about bashing in the heads of feminism, which is just Elam’s fantasy about beating women.

‘NOW knows they have abandoned whatever their movement ever stood for in favor of collecting bucks from a bunch of entitlement whores who want to have their cake and eat it too.’ ~Elam

That’s rich coming from a drug addled deadbeat dad who collects thousands of dollars for writing angry screeds that turn out to be untrue with just one simple check.

I’ve emailed the national NOW to ask about their stance on shared parenting. If I get an answer I’ll publish it. The New York chapter opposes it, as do most sensible people. Shared parenting is just another con game of male abusers who think they’re entitled to joint custody even if they beat their families.

UPDATE: The NY NOW site is up again and Elam is wrong and taking credit for something that 1) Had nothing to do with AVFM and 2) the site was simply down and the pages Elam thought they took down are there. NOW’s stance on forced shared parenting is there for all to see.


8 thoughts on “Elam Jumps the Shark, Again UPDATE

  1. A little piece of history. Back in June 2006, Vice-President Randy Dickinson of the Coalition for Fathers and Families (an FR/MRA group) sent an email in to New York state legislators, just after a mandatory “shared-parenting” bill had died in committee. According to the Albany Times Union, the email included a news clipping regarding the then recent shooting of a Nevada family court judge, Chuck Weller, which was being heralded by various fathers’ rights groups as an act of “political resistance.” Dickinson also attached a quote from John F. Kennedy: “Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable.” When questioned by the Times Union, Dickinson tried to backpedal on his email’s threatening between-the-lines connotations: “Dickinson said he was just trying to make a point the group has communicated in the past to legislative leaders, that ‘they cannot continue to ignore our issues and refuse to provide any relief or accommodation, without encouraging violence from those more inclined to express their frustration and anger in that manner.’” Needless to say, the communication alarmed staff members from the office of Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver, who naturally interpreted it as a genuine threat, so Silver’s counsel, Dan Conviser, contacted the State Police. This particular incident followed reports from women activists in April 2006 involving being stalked and receiving violent threats, even death threats, from Dickinson and his organization. In other words, these guys have a history of terrorism, both in the US and other countries.

    • Hi silver,
      I’m not surprised at the terrorism of these men. This is why they’re the abusers lobby. These men have abused and battered their exes and kids and can’t imagine life without beating them so they turn violent when dealing with officials. None of these manosphere groups have a leg to stand on. They delight in shitting up the place and watching while feminists and women clean it up. If they can’t help but shitting up the place then they don’t deserve a thing. We’re supposed to be cleaning up life not just shitting all over people. This is why Elam got so mad at mommy. He wanted to shit up the place.

  2. Hey House Mouse Queen, have you seen this?

    “Yesterday, men’s rights activist group The Canadian Association for Equality (CAFE) unveiled its latest symptom of delusion in the form of 4-by-14-metre billboard. The ad features an enraged woman screaming at a cowering man while telling us in mismatched font: “HALF of domestic violence victims are men. NO domestic violence shelters are dedicated to us.” It then urges Torontonians to join the conversation with a PR savvy hashtag: #LetsTalkMen.” http://www.vice.com/en_ca/read/mra-group-attacks-ontarios-anti-sexual-violence-campaign-with-an-idiotic-billboard-274?utm_source=vicetwitterca

    There’s already feminists flooding the hashtag #LetsTalkMen with realistic facts about domestic violence.

  3. Must tell one of my favorite stories. Some years ago, a friend of mine had one of the first blogs devoted to exposing the MRA movement. At some point, she had posted something, and the MRAs came in screaming about DV-caused homelessness among men. I decided to make a calculated gamble. I am a grant writer with many years of experience, including HUD grants to establish homeless shelters. I offered my services GRATIS to help them set up a shelter in their city, since there was apparently such a huge unmet need. A service worth thousands of dollars. All they had to do was do some of the background documentation required for the application, such as street or shelter surveys documenting why men were homeless and why they needed a shelter specifically devoted to men made homeless by DV. The more I insisted, the more they backed off. They finally turned me down. Privately, women were emailing me saying I was crazy. But I knew this was an easy bet. These guys are lazy liars. They had no data, couldn’t find data if they tried their hardest, and had to interest in actually working on the (non-existent) problem. Any studies I have seen on the causes of homelessness reports a statistically insignificant number of men made homeless by DV–if at that. Substance addiction and mental illness, yes. But the MRAs have no interest in increasing funding for that. Their primary interest in allowing abusers to have access to their victims in the existing shelters and/or shutting them down.

      • I know. Where I used to live, this is exactly the solution that was in place for rare cases of homeless single fathers. Meanwhile, moms were jammed in at the shelter with all the other moms in crisis. I know of at least one battered woman who would not go because she couldn’t deal with all the other women and kids in crisis–i.e. all the noise, etc. It was too much of her given how fragile she was. I’m sure she would have loved a quiet hotel room where she could have slept undisturbed and tried to unwind at least a little.


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