Elam Trolls The Manosphere: The Friction

UPDATE: WordPress has congratulated me for my 302nd post on this blog. I have no idea why 302 is important. However, to celebrate this there will be a Spring fundraiser very shortly.

The rift in the Manosphere continues with a response video featuring Paul Elam interviewing Factory aka Dan Moore. For all who didn’t notice in the GQ article it was Factory that threatened to disown his daughter if she reported her rape to the police. He didn’t believe her.

Elam sat down with Dan Moore to discuss the ‘friction’ in the Manosphere ie. Why does everyone hate Paul? This ‘friction’ is making Paul weary. Dialing for dollars isn’t so simple when an entire chunk of the infinitesimally small Manosphere hates your guts.

This subtle video is a spit in the face to the MGTOW faction of the Manosphere who’ve been angry at MRA’s for being ‘Traditionalists’ or your run of the mill right wingers. The dispute is over ideology and Paul wants to fix it because: $.

This is what men’s rights look like

MGTOW’s are just as woman hating as any MRA but their solution to the hate is different. If you asked a MGTOW what’s wrong with MRA’s he’d say that MRA’s want the 1950’s again where men are head of the house slaving away for their gold digging whore wives. If you ask an MRA what’s wrong with MGTOW’s he’d say that they are useless because they are more direct with their woman hating. In fact, Elam calls MGTOW’s the ‘real misogynists.’ He fails to mention his old channel on Youtube was TheHappyMisogynist.

In the video Elam crows to MGTOW’s telling them AVFM is actually doing something besides yapping online. It’s a response to the endless accusations by MGTOW’s that AVFM is just a money dump with zero prospects of doing anything for men.

Factory sends his own message to MGTOW’s. He thinks MGTOW’s practice of not marrying is going to ‘have an effect.’ Paul follows up by saying that MGTOW has ‘had an impact.’ It’s kinda like looking for the footprint of an ant.

Every once in a while Paul tries to kowtow to these different groups but ultimately ends up pissing them off. Many men have rightly surmised that Elam is impossible to get along with.

Elam says he hates the separatists of MGTOW because they think ‘every woman is a bitch and a ho.’ Coming from Elam, this is an epic lack of self awareness. I guess the only ‘good women’ are the female MRA’s that record nude videos singing rape chants under the direction of John Hembling.

Factory pipes up about ‘female nature’ whereby every woman has the same biological rules of behaviour. Your guess is as good as mine what those biotroofs are.

Elam gets in a shot at John Hambling in the video too at 17:09. He says John is making a career ‘attacking AVFM’ which he quickly dismisses as a male problem of wanting to be top dog in the hierarchy. Who’s gonna sit on the shit pyramid today?

In the middle of the video Factory has to leave the room because he’s got food poisoning. This allows Paul another shot at MGTOW. He claims MGTOW’s can’t evade their ‘need to impress women’ and implies that men will never stop being oppressed because of men’s sexual desire for women (Farrell). If you know the Manosphere like I do, you know that was a big ‘fuck you’ to the rest of the Manosphere.

Interspersed with Elam’s soliloquy is advertising for the theme of the Houston MRA Conference: ‘Gynocentrism.’ He defines this as the human tendency to care for women and in order for it to end both women and men need to dismount from their horses. Your guess is as good as mine as to what in the hell that means. It kinda sounds like a bad Western flick.

Maybe he was thinking of this?


Elam goes on to deride motherhood by claiming that ‘200 years ago motherhood was the easiest job.’ Tell that to a mother who tries to give diarrhea medication to a young Elam with the shits.


4 thoughts on “Elam Trolls The Manosphere: The Friction

  1. When you said the interview was with Factory I figured the subject would be to clarify that GQ misquoted Factory in its article. No father could be so cruel and disgusting as to tell a daughter who comes to her father to say she has been raped that he doesn’t believe her and will disown her if she reports it, as GQ reports Factory admitted he did. I assumed any father would be trying to clear his name after such a serious charge. I can’t imagine that he could talk about anything else until that accusation against him was clarified.

    As I can’t stand to listen to the video,and I don’t see you mentioning it here, could you tell me if he addressed that accusation at all?

  2. I hope his daughter learns that not only did he do what GQ says, he boasted about it in a major publication her friends will read, and when given a public opportunity to clarify it, said nothing. The embarrassment he has caused her — not by breaking her confidence as she did nothing wrong and is the victim here — but in the world learning what a cruel father she has — that’s a new blow for her, I’m sure. I assume he has long since lost her love and support, though.

    For those who don’t know, I’ll quote this disgusting MRA:

    “The night winds on, with discussion of rape and the smothering of penises, the sorrows of false accusations and the narcissism of young girls. A sore point for Factory, who has two daughters, who, like young women everywhere, he says, compete for the most exaggerated rape claim. It is, he says, a status thing. When one of his daughters came home one night and said she’d been raped, he said, “Are you fucking kidding me?” Sitting with us, he hikes his voice up to a falsetto in imitation: ” ‘Oh, I just got raped.’ ” He laughs. There’s a moment of silence. A bridge too far? “I told her if she pressed charges, I’d disown her.” http://www.gq.com/news-politics/big-issues/201503/mens-rights-activism-the-red-pill?currentPage=3


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