MRA’s Report Me to Twitter for ‘Abuse’ (Hurting Their Manfeelz)

What is abuse in the mind of an MRA? This plays directly into CAFE’s false campaign billboard which states 50% of all domestic violence victims are male. The problem of course is that the stats don’t show that. I guess if you take into consideration what most MRA’s consider abuse you might get 50%. I won’t belabor the point because any rational person understands it’s women who are the majority of victims of male violence, especially severe violence and sexual violence.

What’s interesting about male reports of domestic violence is how many of them aren’t domestic abuse and this post should be an indicator of what constitutes abuse in the minds of these dudes. A woman reminding a man to take out the trash more than once is something they consider abuse. I once went to a forum where men were talking about ‘domestic violence’ and what was there just made me laugh. ‘She nagged me and that’s psychological abuse.’ “She told me to get off the computer and help her.’

CAFE, the Canadian outpost of AVFM, put up a billboard in Toronto that was so obnoxious it was immediately challenged by many mainstream media outlets. They tried started a hashtag called #letstalkmen for men to come forward with their stories of domestic violence. What followed was pure MRA gold.

An MRA I’ve had blocked for months called @lostsailorny is accusing me of ‘abuse’ because I retweeted some tweets about male violence against women.

I never tweeted at this guy, never mentioned him but apparently when a woman tweets the reality of male violence on the hashtag #letstalkmen it’s ‘abusive.’ He also said I was silencing. LOL

This shows how MRA’s twist things and play the victim while their buddies at CAFE outright lie about domestic violence. In fact, CAFE members did a Youtube hangout whereby they couldn’t quite figure out that there are degrees of violence. Simple concepts like that elude them.

It doesn’t stop there though. This poor ‘abused’ male continued

Yes, he’s been blocked for a while because he was harassing me directly on Twitter. If you block an MRA he gets so ‘abused’ that he wants to report you to Twitter:

Yep. The ‘abused’ male is going to bawl to Twitter because I retweeted some tweets and he’s gonna get his whiny pissbaby pals to report me too. One of his pals, who I also blocked months ago, lent a shoulder to cry on and then cried to Twitter too.


Doncha know ladies it’s ‘ABUSE’ to tweet about male violence against women? I wonder how many times these two wankers have called the cops because a woman wouldn’t talk to them in public? It just shows what these men consider violence and how they defeat their own silly cause by running to Twitter support. It just sorta puts into perspective how disingenuous and whiny they are about nothing and how they manufacture grievances.


5 thoughts on “MRA’s Report Me to Twitter for ‘Abuse’ (Hurting Their Manfeelz)

  1. Hi HouseMouseQueen, thank you for the blog and the work you put into it, I read a lot of the back catalogue the other day.

    On a dv-related thread on facebook, where the usual male trolls turned up and did the “whataboutthemalevictims!!!” rubbish, there was one dude who was attempting to appear ‘civil’ and ‘reasonable’, even though he was one who posted one of the original WATMV comments. My first reply to him, either directly or indirectly called him an MRA, and he got upset. I replied in the next comment that he was “a delicate flower” (for being upset at being lumped in with MRAs), next thing he switches to calling me abusive, and an accusation that I was “probably an abuser” etc. Of course, in a ‘gotcha’ moment towards the end (after he had denied knowing what an MRA even was), I asked him, “how did he know to get upset about it, if he did not know what it was?” Turned out to be the conversation stopper, LOL. Usually does, when they get caught out lying.

    • The little trick they try and do is claim they’re not an MRA even though they’re part of the Manosphere, either a MGTOW or a PUA or whatever the hell else they call their little hate groups.

      They’ll argue till their blue over silly shit as if they’re not the misogynists everyone knows they are by their own words.

      CAFE’s Justin Trottier, the idiot who put up the false billboard, is being interviewed by The Current, a CBC radio programme in Canada. I hope the interviewer exposes him but good.


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