CBC Radio Interview Exposes CAFE’s Justin Trottier’s Dishonesty

Justin Trottier from the Men’s rights group CAFE (Canadian Association for Equality) was interviewed on CBC’s radio show ‘The Current’. He was asked very direct questions about his documented association with the hate site A Voice for Men and about his group’s mission. In typical fashion, Trottier continued to lie about the group’s affiliations and intentions.

CBC host Anna Maria Tremonti asked Trottier about Dan Perrins, who is AVFM’s Canadian Activism director and who is also on CAFE’s Board of Directors. Trottier stumbled on this question because lord knows he doesn’t want that affiliation public even though most people, including myself, know that close relationship has been ongoing. If you have some time on your hands look up Dan Perrins’ criminal record. The results won’t be a shock. Not only is Perrins a stalker but he has a long history with Hamilton Police.

Dan Perrins. Look at his criminal record if you've got time.

Dan Perrins. Look at his criminal record if you’ve got time.

Trottier dismissed AVFM’s Perrins as an ‘extremist’ even though he sits on Trottier’s Board. This sort of response is typical of men’s rights groups. Perrins isn’t supposed to take issue with that because the more important goal is to harm women and feminists and CAFE will cut off its own nose if it results in Canadian women being harmed or a small shot at legitimacy in the public eye.

I’ve followed AVFM and CAFE for a long time and right from the beginning of CAFE’s existence they were linked with the woman hating site AVFM.

It was only a week ago that Paul Elam, the owner of AVFM, had Justin Trottier on his Youtube program to discuss the new billboard which falsely claims that men are half the victims of domestic violence.

When asked about whether or not CAFE was a men’s rights group Trottier lied again and told the host CAFE was a men’s health organization who ‘won’t say anything about feminism.’ That’s not honest either. Just the other day CAFE tweeted about the new documentary The Hunting Ground in which feminist activists expose rape on US campuses. They linked to a Slate article which castigated feminists for the 1 in 5 statistic.

If you’re a men’s health organization who ‘won’t talk about feminism’ then why are you tweeting about women’s issues CAFE?

If you look at CAFE’s Twitter @equalityCanada you’ll see that Justin and his friends have no problem lying. Here’s some tweets I found just today that are most certainly not about men’s health but about calling women ‘cunts’. Justin is careful to use his personal account to remind his MRA colleagues to stop harassing women.  

In relation to CAFE’s lack of connections to AVFM Trottier is featuring AVFM’s Media Director Janet Bloomfield* (her alias) in a speaking engagement at the end of March of this year. It just so happens Janet writes about how pedophiles should be defended and has been banned from Twitter several times for harassing women. Here’s a capture from Twitter showing the title of her piece.

Here’s CAFE’s tweet announcing Janet* as their upcoming special guest

If this weren’t enough to show the dishonesty of CAFE then certainly the fact they lied to the Canadian government to get charity status qualifies? What about when CAFE tried organizing an art concert under false pretenses? What about when CAFE was kicked out of Toronto Pride for misrepresenting themselves?

Also, if you don’t want to be called a men’s rights org then why are you retweeting other MRA’s who refer to you that way?

You know it’s a funny thing when CAFE retweets that women are being dishonest about domestic violence statistics but their misrepresentation of Statscan is completely above board.  

Justin Trottier and his organization CAFE is founded by Men’s rights members and is a men’s rights group no matter how Trottier prefers to spin it. It’s not about men’s health. It’s about campaigning to take resources away from women, to be obnoxious to get media attention.

I would suggest the media ignore these groups but we simply can’t. My other suggestion is to always have a feminist guest knowledgable about these backlash groups to counter them if you are going to give them a public spot.

Men’s rights groups are oozing into Canadian universities to spread their propaganda in the guise of ‘Men’s Issues Awareness’ groups. When these groups are allowed the campus becomes unsafe for women and other minorities. Queen’s University student Danielle D’entremont was attacked by a man after opposing one of these groups. The response by MRA’s was to continue to attack women on campus. [1] [2] [3] [4] [5]

Giving CAFE charity status after Trottier lied on the application was a bad move. It was a dishonest ploy to gain legitimacy.

I certainly hope the Canadian public becomes educated about this misogynist backlash movement. As soon as women have a bit of a gain, these anti-woman groups flourish. This time, they’re using the guise of ‘equality’ to gain mainstream acceptance and to further their anti-woman agenda.

*Janet is not an American. She’s a Canadian and while AVFM likes to tout that it’s staff uses their real names Janet doesn’t. Janet is really a Canadian from Ontario. If you are being harassed by her you can contact me and I’ll give you the information for legal action.


8 thoughts on “CBC Radio Interview Exposes CAFE’s Justin Trottier’s Dishonesty

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  3. Hey HMQ, I actually filed a complaint with the Advertising Standards Canada regarding CAFE’s billboard, since it is false advertising. I haven’t heard anything back from them but I have a reference number for my complaint. I can tell you more about it privately if you’re interested. I just sent you an email today, you’ll see it and you can reply if you want.

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