Lowest of the Low: MRA Makes India’s Rape Victim About Men

We all look for idiotic people to do idiotic things on the internet. This one was just, well, it took my breath away. How low do you think an MRA will stoop? If you said the answer is limitless then you’re right.

Recently, a BBC documentary called India’s Daughter was released. It told the story of a young woman who was raped by dozens of men and then the men stuck a crowbar into her uterus and pulled out her intestines through her vagina. Her name was Jyoti. She died in hospital.

The rapists did what most men do: blame her for their actions.

When an MRA/MGTOW dude got to watch it he did the typical lowlife move of making a long video about it titling it deceptively ‘A MGTOW’s Condolences to Indian Female Rape Victim’. ‘Whataboutthemenz?’ was really why he made it. It was the focus of his poor manfeelz.

In the description of the video he wrote:

My utmost condolences does go out for Jyoti Singh and her family, but to only see the abuse of one gender and through it only judge the nature of gender-related mistreatments is wrong and fallacious. What Jyoti went through is beyond tragic, but would she have gotten the same level of sympathy and compassion felt towards her if she was a man? The likelihood is less.

Within 2 minutes he’s pondering that women would feel less if the victim was a male. Well I hate to inform him but this doesn’t happen to men in any serious way. Has a SINGLE man ever had his intestines ripped out of his dick after he’s been raped by dozens of women? Uh, no.

He whines that the world has no sympathy for men. He then whines that India is horrible for men because of dowry. I’d much rather pay some money rather than being gang raped and had my insides ripped out. Those poor menz in India. We must be able to compare gang rape to paying dowry money because it’s totally comparable. Let’s not talk about all the women who die due to dowry through bride burning and acid attacks. Naw, we gotta talk about men. The misandry in India is so bad that he spends 20 minutes whining about it.

He chides BBC for giving attention to women because the poor menz in India don’t get attention for their mansuffering over having to pay dowry. He wants BBC to make a documentary about this called ‘India’s Son.’

I know I could make a great BBC documentary about India’s son. It would be honest. It would talk about India’s patriarchal society where every woman in public is afraid of men who touch, grope, and then gang rape them. How about when men in India tell everyone that women must be pure and like flowers so that men will ‘protect’ them. Or maybe about how marital rape isn’t outlawed in India? The menz in India have it so damned bad.


10 thoughts on “Lowest of the Low: MRA Makes India’s Rape Victim About Men

  1. I heard a BBC report that one of the perpetrators was interviewed and stated it was the victim’s fault because she was “out after dark”. He then said that she shouldn’t have fought – that was why she was killed. Those words are burned into my brain forever. India banned the video, probably because the country doesn’t like having its mistreatment of women known worldwide. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2015/03/04/delhi-gang-rape-documentary-indias-daughter_n_6797566.html

  2. The men are very worried that if women are allowed to talk about what men do to us it will make men look bad. So they resort to the first rule of misogyny and blame women for what men do. They are telling us who they are and it behooves us to believe them.

  3. The sheer stupidity and banality of the MRM is laid bare in this realm. Men are routinely raped *by other men* in prisons, in the USA and elsewhere, on a daily basis. MRAs could not care less about these, or other, vulnerable men. To do that would require critical thinking, activism, patience and dedication. These lazy, anonymous fools know their base and know that actual positive outcomes doesn’t get them kudos in their sad little “movement” – anonymous, online abuse does.

    Their parasitical approach to life is to try to punish any woman who dares be strong, organised or political.

  4. They used a crowbar? What the hell….. I am left speechless, I simply can not fathom what would have motivated them.

    • It was blood lust. They were angry to see a boy and girl out in the evening together, and when the boy and girl stood up for themselves they decided to ‘punish’ them. I saw the documentary, the lack of remorse and inability to understand that what they did was wrong was chilling.

  5. How can anyone claim that the issue of dowry is oppression against men? Dowry is an issue which hurts women plain and simple. As you mention, there are ‘bride burnings’, and the expense of paying dowries are one of the reasons that female fetuses are aborted in such large numbers.

    If MRAs want to tackle the issue of male rape, why not address actual cases of male rape, rather than stupid hypothetical cases? Except they won’t because male on male violence doesn’t fit their agenda.

    I watched ‘India’s Daughters’ when it was broadcast on International Women’s Day, harrowing stuff. Her parents were lovely though, I felt so bad for them.

    • I watched it too. Dowry is just one of those women’s issues that MRA’s have latched onto because it’s one little place where women have a bit of power. If a man isn’t paying proper dowry she can file a complaint. It’s always any kind of female empowerment that these men attack. Now I don’t like dowry because it puts a pricetag on women but I understand that in context it IS a benefit to a woman and of course that’s where MRA’s decide to attack.

  6. Men in India are honest about their hatred for women, their belief that we are a lower caste and that our lives do not matter. American men feel exactly the same way, but they’re a little more concerned about appearances, and they use P.R. language to hide their hatred. But just take a look at what American men do to women in porn and you’ll know that American men feel the same! They just videotape their torture of women and call it “free speech” and “empowerment” and “sex positive,” and that way they can pretend it’s not the systematic torture and terrorism of women.


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