First update: Gender-critical comments on WHO’s proposed faulty new definitions of transgenderism in ICD-11

Readers, this has to be one of the most important posts about gender I’ve come across. The WHO is changing its policies with the trans-phenomena and many women wrote to the WHO to rightly denounce the concept of gender with the concept of intact, healthy bodies in mind. Here are some of the gender critical responses. Enjoy.


As you know, the World Health Organization has hooked up with a bunch of obsessed tranny activists/narcissists and their ethically-challenged gaggle of “scientist” admirers in order to re-define transgenderism. The goal of this re-definition is to de-pathologize transgenderism (i.e. removing the idea that there could possibly be something mentally a bit “off” with crazed transgenderist cravings for drastic unnecessary surgeries in their otherwise healthy bodies) but also to ensure that tranny surgeries to create these fuck-holes to nowhere and other abominations are fully covered by medical insurance. The new catch-all term is “gender incongruence,” It is placed under “Sexual health” for some reason, not “Mental health.” Even “gender incongruence of childhood” is disturbingly filed under “Sexual health.” You can see where that will lead.

Since I posted my appeal to gender-critical folks last week, to please comment on WHO’s proposed new definitions of transgenderism, many brilliant women have posted excellent…

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One thought on “First update: Gender-critical comments on WHO’s proposed faulty new definitions of transgenderism in ICD-11

  1. So, here I am deep in the heart of a red state – a place where women seeking medical attention might be labeled criminals or where seeking help after being raped is likely to result in ME, rather than the perp, being arrested – and up until about 6 months ago I was thinking, at least, I will never have to deal with this problem of men-who-fancy-themselves-to-be-women strong-arming their way into a public ladies room.

    But, now it looks like there is all kinds of legislation and protections for these men, while there is absolutely none for women – actual women. That whole thing with Planet Fitness and the dudebro intimidating a woman in the locker room must surely have been an eye-opener for a lot of people. You can see that these men have legal and social protections – as they have always had – that we do not.

    By the way, men in the locker room is a serious problem – even when I was working in the strip clubs there has always been a taboo on men in the dressing room. It is an unspoken threat. Men do not belong in women’s locker rooms or restrooms! I know that my actual lived experience is not important to men who like to rely on scientific studies conducted by the male-dominated psychiatric establishment, however, in real life, I have been sexually assaulted by a man in a women’s dressing room – a man who wanted me to look at his dick and touch it and who put his hands all over me after he cornered me alone in a place he had no right to be. Guess who lost her job over it? Guess who got to stay employed at the night club? I don’t think I need to tell you because you already know the answer. I’ve, also, been stalked by some random dude who saw me get out of my car one time and walk into a gym and if he had not been stopped by the gym’s owner, he might well have followed me into the women’s locker room and I don’t think it takes a lot of imagination to know what he would have done, if he had not been prevented from doing so. I’ve, also, had a man enter a women’s dressing room when he knew that I was alone inside. He blocked my exit and said, “I’m not going to hurt you.” Thankfully, I was able to push past the mother fucker and get help. He was ejected from the dressing room, but that’s all that happened to him. Men are important people. Women are nothing. When men threaten us, this is normal – totally normal and we must accept it. But, at least, in the past there was a sense that it was inherently wrong and dangerous to women to have men in a dressing room or restroom. But, those days are behind us – thanks to male legislators and male lobbyists and mobs of men who have no problem with annihilating us any way they see fit.

    I ran across this interesting blog. It looks like it’s been around for a while, so you may have already seen it. But, it does a great job tackling this nonsense and exposing it for what it is – another attempt by men to control women and enforce the concept of gender and maintain the gender hierarchy.

    I’m still reading over there, but I found these parts of the blog (which is all excellent) to be especially helpful in understanding what this latest male subterfuge is all about:

    9. Why does this all matter so much?

    10. Transgender identity politics harm women


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