Donation Drive Spring 2015

I’ve put this off for far too long. It’s time for my donation drive. I need to keep myself up and running in order to maintain this blog. This is my full time job.

The donate button is at the top under my picture.

Thanks to the people that have already donated this month. You know who you are.

Much thanks in advance,



6 thoughts on “Donation Drive Spring 2015

  1. Good luck on the donations!

    BTW, ISIS (sorry, I mean AVFM) and MGTOWs are going mano a mano over at feminismlol on youtube. I’m collecting all the names they call each other. My favorite so far is Bar Bar calling Elam a senile shady old douche. But there’s so much more. Elam is really stung and it’s made him show his uncalculated real self, which is as abusive as hell. McCarley is his right-hand man on the abuse of their old buddies John and Diana. There are about 650 comments so far.

    It’s a blast! You’ve probably already seen it but if others want to know what the men’s rights movement is all about, this is the place to get to know it. Backstabbing, revealing personal medical information, random cruelties and maliciousness, crudeness, tiffs, splits, unrequited libidos, AVFM sock puppets invading the MGTOW channel, grudges, personal confessions about her sex life from Straughan, schoolboy taunts, Suzanne McCarley in Valkyrie horns white-knighting for Elam, Davison and John the Other munching popcorn,and the lowest IQs displayed since The MRA conference. It’s a very satisfying brawl. The best is that they are saying what they really think about each other. They can’t stand each other, haha!

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