Intersectional ‘Male Feminist’ CaptainAndy Vs. Aboriginal Women

CaptainAndy from Youtube wants women to live lives of sexual slavery. He is the typical liberal male who will rail against racism but thinks it’s totally ok that Asian, Black, and Aboriginal little girls are groomed, pimped, and trafficked for men’s sexual violence. Women are like objects. He thinks women are like drugs (property). I had to correct him. The remarks in quotes are mine.

captain andy ignorance

NOTALLMENZ! Did you notice how suddenly this ‘male feminist’ claims not all prostituted women are actually women? Of course the solution is to argue something that means absolutely nothing because we KNOW the majority of prostituted and trafficked are WOMEN and children and the majority of buyers are MALE. CaptainAndy doesn’t let facts get in the way of a good argument for enslaving women. He’s such a ‘feminist.’

CaptainAndy thinks if he gives you a couple dollars or a hamburger it’s totally ok to use and abuse you for sex. Doesn’t matter that you’re impoverished, drug addicted, or have mental health issues. It doesn’t matter that women are the majority of the world’s poor and their basic survival needs are what’s putting them in the inferior position. Nope. Once you give women a hamburger so they can eat, you can get sex . Getting paid makes all the harms of being prostituted go away. She loves it. She wants it.

It’s kinda the same argument people make about sweatshops. Hey, take the impoverished and give them a dollar a day while they slave away and die. NO PROBLEM!

You see, CaptainAndy thinks racism is bad but is totally willing to put brown girls ie. aboriginal girls for sale. That’s not slavery to him. It’s empowerment. When an aboriginal teenager comes to the city she is totally choosing to be pimped and sold like chattel because she has basic survival needs. When Asian women are sex trafficked into massage parlours they are fulfilling their natural destiny.

CaptainAndy doesn’t do the basic research necessary to understand any of this. He just shouts at survivors online. He’s really good at shouting at prostituted women and wants to legislate sexual slavery because well, women are like drugs. They’re not human beings that are at the bottom of our socioeconomic and political systems. Basic feminist principles don’t phase CaptainAndy.

He also doesn’t understand how pornography is used to groom underage little girls into prostitution. Let’s educate him on that. LINK 1. LINK 2

The Nordic model is the ONLY model that’s ever decreased organized crime around sex trafficking and pimping. It’s the only model that recognize all women as the beneficiaries of liberation.

In my country, Canada, it’s aboriginal women and asian women that are being targeted by pimps, johns, and traffickers as well as white impoverished women. This isn’t to say that they’re the only women but they stand out as high risk due to being on the lowest rung of the class system. Canada has its own sex trafficking problems as do all other nations who aren’t employing the Nordic Model.

Once we allow men to control the dialogue and speak for our class we will end up with CaptainAndy’s result. He’ll never have to face the issues we face but he feels totally fine with legislating for us and telling us what’s good for all women.

The fact of the matter is liberal ‘fun’ feminism is a disaster. CaptainAndy is a male who will totally get in line fun feminism because it doesn’t challenge him, his entitlement and privilege. I have the cure. This is a speech about how liberal ‘fun’ feminism is a failure for women as a class.

Once you understand the liberal mindset you begin to see how nothing they’re doing is taking away male entitlement. It’s just the same old capitulation but it wears a new outfit: focus on the individual and ‘choice’. Only by understanding that women are a class can we solve the problems that patriarchy forces on us. Unity is the goal.

Imagine if we took things like pedophilia as an individual choice? Some men want to rape children and it’s just their individual way of being so we must accommodate them? We must never make a law against pedophilia because we’re stifling their ‘choice?’

Let’s apply that to prostitution. There is a very tiny subgroup of people who want to sell their bodies for sex. It’s just their way of being, their individual choice. Must we accommodate them? Must we put an entire class of people, women, and throw them aside because a small few want to sell sex?

We can’t let the tiny minority legislate for the majority.

If we say, it’s ok to sell your body for sex we’re legitimizing it and because it’s such a lucrative capitalistic venture it will FORCE more and more women to supply it and that’s how it affects all women.

We always forget about the demand part of the equation. We forget that men are driving this. The more demand, the more organized crime, pimps, and sex trafficking will occur to supply it. This puts all women at risk, especially since it’s a fact that women are the lowest class.

Being a woman is something CaptainAndy and the rest of the male liberals will never have to face in their entire lives so they really shouldn’t be lending their male voices and claiming that their voices are feminist.

You’re not doing feminism if men are comfortable.

Women are still being murdered/beaten by men, still being raped by men and still being discriminated against in all those spheres. If you’re a feminist, the men around you should be challenged because if they’re not, it means your not challenging their entitlement and privilege.

Will CaptainAndy turn around? Will he actually comprehend the research and the facts? Will he continue to shout down survivors of a sex slave industry? Probably not.

It doesn’t mean that I didn’t attempt to school him. I did.

Here’s CaptainAndy’s lovely response to me challenging his mansplaining on Youtube

captain andy comment 2

That’s right women, if you include Asian, Black, Aboriginal, Eastern European women, you have to make sure they’re available for men to stick their dicks into. It’s just really simple. CaptainAndy is a genius. I’m just not intersectional enough for this poor dude. Awww, shiiit.

CaptainAndy, when I challenged him and set him straight, said nothing further. He didn’t apologize or respond with an acknowledgment he was wrong. This lack of response let me know that I wasn’t dealing with a feminist at all but with a man who cannot be wrong in front of a woman. He was challenged. Instead of accepting he was wrong he pulled a typical male tactic. CaptainAndy is NOT a feminist, he did not pass feminism 101.

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20 thoughts on “Intersectional ‘Male Feminist’ CaptainAndy Vs. Aboriginal Women

  1. Took me a while to figure out that these self styled male feminists are arguing that if your feminist analysis does not include men it is not intersectional feminism because the real true inclusive feminism includes the oppressor class as well as the oppressed. Kimberle’ Crenshaw is quite likely not at all amused by male appropriation of her work to erase it.

    The enormous flaw in the comparison of prostituted women and children to sweat shop workers is that these women in sweat shops actually produce a product. The only product in porn is a record of women suffering at the hands of men.
    The argument he is making for legalizing has been proven to be wrong over and over again, but that will never stop the pornsick weasels from telling the big lie every time the subject comes up.

  2. These liberal men don’t seem to want to want to understand that there are no circumstances under which abusing girls and women is acceptable. As I’ve said before, just because I’ve been subjected to johns who threw a $20 dollar bill at me, then sexually assaulted me, this doesn’t make me any less a victim of sexual assault – nor does it make me a “sex worker” as one liberal male who frequents here insists on calling us even though I have repeatedly informed him that this term is used to implicate all kinds of innocent women into prostitution. A rapist throwing money at a girl or woman doesn’t change the fact that he’s a rapist.

    There is simply no amount of compensation you can provide a girl or woman that makes sexual assault or rape okay or turns it into a “job” on the part of the victim.

    Unless, of course, you can believe that we female humans were born to this, that this is our purpose. And, of course, this IS the argument of men on the left and those on the religious right. The men on the left are taking it even further these days by shoving their notions of “gender” down our throats every way they can think of.

    “Link 2” is pretty intense! Very good, though.

  3. Also, he’s a total idiot if he doesn’t get that pimping is slavery. Historically and presently, slaves are paid but very little and the master/pink/trafficker/night club owner takes a portion of the women’s pay. I was thinking of this, in part, because of some recent successful suits against nightclubs that took dancers wages or forced dancers to pay to work. This is regarded as slavery under the law – I don’t know if I can find it, again, but that was essentially the argument of the plaintiffs.

  4. I do believe he may be attempting to apply Occam’s Razor to the issue. His expertise in matters tends to be in pointing out the fallacies in arguments and trying to be parsimonious in his rebuttal. I’m under the assumption that he believes there’s a line being crossed when attacking sex work because of the “slut shaming” issues in most arguments given against the trade.

    But I am certain anyone can agree that the demand for “happy boners” is what is being scrutinized the most when taking issue with the trade. And we can all agree that the demand for a “happy boner” is no excuse for any atrocities done. The sooner we can all realize that women should be completely autonomous of their sexuality just as much as we realize men are, we won’t have to worry about the “slut shaming” problems in order to take on the industry that is probably the top reason for human trafficking (I don’t have full stats, but it’s pretty close with basically sweat shop work (and even that somehow turns to even more sexual exploitation.) I think, on the reasons for trafficking.) It’s an infection that needs vaccination (better social and sexual education in the younger years) and a shot of penicillin (breaking down the older, already infected areas) so that it might be wiped out.

    Back to Andy, however, he has fully admitted this line of thought is new to him. He’s generally reasonable from what I’ve noticed, and probably just requires more education in subjects that he takes an ignorant stance on. I know it might take patience on some things, but it seems more of a matter of it will just take some perseverance rather than having to write it off (as with some.)

  5. His arguments don’t even make sense, though. He says, “If you legalise prostitution, you can take it out of the hands of organised crime”. Sure, buddy, because there are no organised criminals in Las Vegas, where brothels are nice an legal.

    • I don’t want to pick, but I thought I should say it before some pro-sex abuse lobby advocate says it: Prostitution is illegal in Las Vegas. It’s only legal in a few counties in Nevada.

      But, yes, I’m sure there’s no shortage of mafia there and having run into the mafia in places like New York and New Jersey, I never ventured into Las Vegas where the mob and the city government seem to be indistinguishable. The town was founded by mafia.

      • My apologies! And, thanks for pointing it out, womanofthewoods. I did not realise legalisation in Nevada was county by county. It is entirely possibe that organised criminals have nothing to do with brothel operation in legalised counties in Nevada (I’m not really sure, but I think the business model would be too lucrative for them to pass up, and it would be very easy to launder money through a brothel). Honestly, I was going by what I know about bikers and strip clubs.

        I do, however, stand by the general tone of my comment.

    • Also, to further boost your argument, after pointing out that one detail – the mafia own lots of legal businesses. I could tell you some stories about the mob in New York and New Jersey. Believe me when I say they have a lot of control over the laws and virtually run some government agencies as well as “respectable” private businesses, at least, in some places I was.

      Since they ARE the government in some places, legalizing prostitution would only make things easier for them.

      • I’ve never dealt with the mafia. I’m from western Canada, so I’ve mostly seen motorcycle clubs, especially the HA. They have their hand in a lot of surprising places, too, so I find it very easy to believe that the mafia would be the government in some places in New York and New Jersey!

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