This is What CAFE Deems Domestic Violence Against Men

This is brilliant. CAFE, in it’s quest to find the proof of the outrageous claims that men are 50% of the victims of domestic violence, has found a male who was severely beaten and who’s willing to tell his story to the Canadian public.

CAFE is the men’s rights group that has infected Canada with it’s completely dishonest rhetoric. They’ve been kicked to the curb several times by honest Canadians and I expect it will continue.

Julio, the dude in this video, claims his own child is a liar when she phoned the police on her father for strangling and screaming at her mother in a fight started by him. Julio left the marital home and decided that even though she didn’t want him there that because he was paying some bills he had the right to enter the home without her permission. So he did. It turned sour though and he ended up stranging his ex wife and his daughter phoning the cops.

Julio did what most men do to get out in front of a criminal investigation of his battering. He called the cops on her after strangling her and he went to the police to ‘give a statement’ of how wrong she was and how awesome he was. What a turd.

So when he showed up at the station, he was arrested and put in jail. Saved the cops a trip in my view.

This is the depraved crap that CAFE is pulling. In an effort to locate all these male victims CAFE actually uncovers male perpetrators! The majority of the video is the guy repeating MRA rhetoric about how cops arrest only men in dv cases and the rest of the MRA schpeel about how horrible women are. You can hear the liar Trottier getting a rage boner in the video as he tries to make the ex wife, prosecutor, and all women into evil harpies. It’s kinda funny.


Good job CAFE!

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20 thoughts on “This is What CAFE Deems Domestic Violence Against Men

  1. So, you provide one example and somehow you think that it disproves the fact that 50% of domestic abuse victims are male?

    Your argument could not be any weaker. Try again.

      • This blog is AWESOME for exploring the hatred of the men’s rights movement and decimating their propaganda.

        >>EDITED for Manwhining and Mansplaining.

        • Let’s break this down for the MRA.

          Who made the claim? CAFE

          Who is providing videos of men who are supposedly abused by women who are actually perpetrators? CAFE.

          I choose to believe what I hear out the mouths of these ‘abused men.’ Every case so far in video form were men who were perpetrators.

          This video shows CAFE and Julio calling CHILDREN liars. You haven’t actually listened. I know you’re an MRA who doesn’t have the ability to comprehend a single thing except ‘feminazis’ but you’re being challenged as the abusers lobby you really are.

          He was kicked out because he’s violent. He strangled his wife. Oh but it’s a false allegation and the child who called the cops on him is LIAR!!! Right dude.

          Mansplain the violence away

  2. Oh, the cries of the poor, poor, gigantically tall and portly menz! It really tears at my 5’2″ 115 Lb. self’s heart. We never lose income or lose or jobs or our homes or suffer physical illness because of the abuses of huge, effing men. I sure feel sorry for this colossal fuck right here!

    He’s being falsely accused, he says! He should try dealing with false accusations from men since he was a 12-year old child! Or, as an adult woman, dealing with cops following him around after work, stalking him down the highway, following him to his apartment looking him up and down like he’s a prime rib in restaurants, etc. How would he like being called a slut and whore and accused of all kinds of disgusting things by men? Oh, I forgot – that’s female privilege or “cis” privilege depending on which branch of the MRM you’re a part of.

    He got slapped on the ear like Geraldo – but, not by a giant, male wrestler on steroids. No, but by a woman whose daughter alleges that he strangled her.

    What’s up with so many men strangling women? I’d personally like to know because I have had a lot of men squeeze my throat. Men strangle women A LOT! It’s a favorite way for men to murder women because they have huge hands and we are smaller with smaller necks.

    Oh, I feel so sorry for the menz. It’s so sad when they can’t abuse and eventually murder their wives and their wives’ children and get away with it. CLEARLY, they are losing their god-given rights!

    Also, notice the john-mentality. He paid for something – like the light bill or something – so he has a right to do whatever he wants to a woman. He threw some money in her direction, so now he has rights to her, her body, her possessions. Like I’ve said, they’re all johns at heart. They all think they have a right to buy women or having purchased your dinner or opened a door for you, you now owe them whatever they demand!

    • I think that men strangle because it silences women. Strangling is VERY common behaviour for violent men. It’s in all the DV research as one of the top ways men harm and murder women.

      If there’s a gun in the house though, he’ll probably use that but strangling is a close second.

      In this article it states between 20-60% of women are strangled by abusive men.

      They give a diff reason for why men do this which I agree with. They say it’s men’s way of showing they can kill a woman.

      • Yes, HMQ, I think in my own personal experience it has mostly been a way for the men to communicate that they could or were willing to kill me. It’s happened to me a bunch of times with different men. It happened once when a man was trying to get me to answer his questions and I didn’t have an answer. He was using a lot of sexually charged language at me, then he suddenly put his arm around my neck. I leaned into his shoulder and got free. But, most of the time, the men just use their hands and, in my experience, always very large men (like the colossal bastard in this video) who do it.

        Lots of women have serious injuries from this. If they don’t kill you, they can leave you with life-long injuries.

        But, yeah – the menz are the ones who really have it rough what with all of us women and our necks tempting them to strangle us. I mean, what’s a dudebro supposed to do?!

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  4. MRAs here in the US have been trying to convince us for years that the 93% of crimes perpetrated by men is exactly equal to the 7% of crimes perpetrated by women. Failing this they have simply adopted the corporate media and propagandists strategy of repeating the lie on a daily basis in hopes that they can continue to obscure the fact that male violence is the greatest human right crisis the world has ever known.


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