That B**** Has Our Money! CAFE Gets Funds From AVFM

A couple years ago AVFM gave $5,000K in monies to a new female MRA in Canada named WoollyBumblebee. The purpose was to start an Earl Silverman Centre for men. Earl Silverman was a Canadian MRA who tried opening a shelter for men but couldn’t co-operate with the government to get things done and then killed himself. Elam and co. latched onto Earl’s death like flies on shit using his death as a club to beat up feminists and to rake in money for himself.

Elam decided that he would have a fundraiser and give some money to three Canadian MRA’s to start a men’s shelter in Earl’s name. A total of about $5K went to this team.

Elam, being the greedy bastard that he is, got pissy that the centre wasn’t up and running within 4 months and probably didn’t like the fact a woman, Woolybumblebee aka Christina Hansen, was in control of what he considered his own personal funds that came from his donation base.

What resulted was a mantrum and a meltdown between AVFM and the nasty evil woman in Canada who had ‘Paul’s money.’

The Earl Silverman centre died a predictable death in the hands of a completely inept men’s rights movement. Elam went into high gear to reclaim those monies, probably to buy another large refrigerator, so he started a bitch fight with the three Canadian MRA’s who held the cash, one of which was a woman. Predictably, Woolly was the only one attacked out of the three.

After a big brouhaha online where accusations abound over where the money went, and the obvious MRA tactic of blaming the only woman, the seas parted and things quieted down. After months of relative calm the feud was started again by Dean Esmay and his AVFM minions on a comment section whereby Woolly was again accused of being a thief and a ‘crazy bitch.’

Ultimately, WoollyBumblebee claims in a recent video she donated the funds to CAFE, the Canadian wing of AVFM run by Justin Trottier who wanted the funds soft-pedaled so there would be no paper connection between the Earl Silverman Centre (an AVFM project) and CAFE. Justin Trottier constantly disavows the obvious links between CAFE and AVFM but here we see that all the money donated by AVFM supporters was indeed funneled to CAFE.

In the video Woolly explains that Trottier wanted no public connections to AVFM so the money was donated privately by one of the Canadian MRA’s so it would appear that the money did NOT come from AVFM. The only problem is Trottier won’t confirm this publicly.

Dean Esmay wasn’t going along with that so he filed a false Paypal claim against Woolly for the $500 dollars he donated. The case was decided in her favour. You can almost hear Dean having a mantrum screaming “that bitch stole my money!’ when indeed Woolly claims the money was donated to CAFE.

What I find odd is there is no Paypal screenshot of the large payment to CAFE and Trotter isn’t talking. Trottier’s dishonest dealings with his men’s rights group CAFE has a long history. Woolly wrote a blog post about this but didn’t include that crucial piece of evidence. What she did include was the transaction dispute claim by Esmay and a picture of Paul’s new condo that he purchased with all the hundreds of thousands of dollars he annually rakes in from angry men.

She also included screenshots of a conversation between herself and the other Canadian MRA Murray Pearson who informed her that he had given the $5K to Trottier.

Nothing makes me more satisfied than watching the menz eat each other to bits and accomplishing absolutely nothing while they accuse a woman of bad behaviour. It’s also another sign of Trottier’s weaselly behaviour and how CAFE is actually Canada’s AVFM.


18 thoughts on “That B**** Has Our Money! CAFE Gets Funds From AVFM

  1. My first thought is that this (Wild-eyed psycho-lookin’ dude giving her this money) was a set up.

    Lie down with dogs and you get fleas, mess with the bull and you get the horns, play with fire and you get burned, associate with misogynistic dudebros and you get abuse and false accusations. They really like to send false notifications, don’t they? That seems to be a major part of their M.O.

    This woman is an insider blowing the whistle. Do you think any of those gullible dudebros will listen? Nah, she’s a woman and everyone knows that women make up lies to frame men all the time, right?!

  2. Also, I’m confused about how such a small sum of money, $5K, could even begin to open a men’s shelter. I don’t think they’re going to make it through one month on such a tiny amount.

    • Exactly. Elam just wanted the money for himself and like all idiot MRA’s can’t understand it takes more than 4 months to open a new shelter with hardly any funds. Elam has a new condo he could be housing male victims now. Naww! Why do that?

    • That seems like solid evidence that this was designed to fail from the get-go.

      Even if they somehow already have the space paid for (if I remember correctly, Silverman was trying to set up his “shelter” in his own home), I don’t think $5,000 would even cover startup costs, such as insurance; basic provisions like furniture, food, and utilities; or staff wages, unless the thing was going to entirely rely on volunteers.

      Even the most barebones shelters I’ve ever volunteered for had at least a couple of people on the payroll. Volunteers aren’t reliable enough to organize everything. What are you going to do when the volunteer responsible for overseeing everyone through the night doesn’t show up? Fire them?

  3. Hehe, worth the wait!

    Some sockpuppet named spoonerism or something is claiming in the latest RBK (the soothingly-named Razor Blade Kandy) video comments that even if Woolly’s associate donated the money to CAFE, it’s still a theft because she promised she’d build a men’s center with it. He says this even though you couldn’t build a cute little Center made of Legos for that amount of money. Anybody who claims she promised she’d build a center for men for five grand is insulting everybody else’s intelligence.

    When AVFM kicked Woolly out it also effectively ended any prospect of a center. Where else was she going to get ongoing pledges from men’s righters? Something like that, you’d need more like a half million to get going. And AVFM was calling her a thief-who’d give her another Canadian dollar?

    AVFM has spun itself out on this one. It has called her nasty names, said part of the money went “up her nose”, said she bought clothing with it, said her screenshotted proof of donating the money via Murray proves nothing because Murray came into “a chunk of cash” at the same time he donated (insinuating that he didn’t donate ESC money), and said it doesn’t have a clue (though Diana Davison said flatly today that AVFM knew the money was being donated to CAFE at the time). Elam’s ever-poorer boobs have eaten up each and every fantasy.

    The cognitive dissonance when this sockpuppet pipes up asking why WBB didn’t build the Center is sensational. Come on. Has he already forgotten that Elam has just announced he won’t try to carry out the action items of his Mission Statement because opening a men’s shelter, for instance, takes more resources and expertise than AVFM itself could manage?

    As for why Justin Trottier won’t clear or incriminate WBB, I can’t imagine why, but it’s smelling more sinister by the second.

    Did Paul tell him not to?

    C’mon Justin, do tell. We won’t pass it on to feminists, we promise.

  4. But that’s a cruel thing to do, stay silent while your largest donor gets her ass kicked. Doesn’t speak well for CAFE, does it?

  5. It seems that the MRM is coming apart over two issues: money and women (that is, fighting over the limited money available, and fighting over allowing women into the movement). AVFM has steered the legitimate goals of this movement (like doing something about male on male rape in prisons) into grandiosity, hate, cyberbullying, money-grubbing, publicity-hunger, dishonesty, and anti-feminism. The MRM IS AVFM, and AVFM is a mirror of its founder’s toxic personality.

    • Fundamentally, the MRM is a right-wing movement, and one thing that’s extremely common among small right-wing organizations is that their main purpose eventually turns into grift, assuming grift wasn’t their main purpose from the start.

      There’s a certain amount of grifting in left-wing organizations as well, where the executives suddenly “need” high six-figure incomes to advocate for the organization’s causes, but left-wing organizations still tend to have some sort of practical purpose that, if it’s entirely ignored by the leadership, eventually support will fall away.

      Just as one example, whenever I’ve seen left-wing organizations try to petition Congress for some legislation or another, typically their email blasts will have a free option of support, such as signing a petition, sending an email, or even having the organization send a fax. On the other side of that, some right-wing organizations will send a fax on your behalf for the low, low price of $40. I can’t think of a better example of how right-wing grifters benefit from elderly conservatives’ ignorance of technology.

  6. Sorry, I keep calling sexual assaults on men “rape”. The proper term as others have explained to me is “sodomy”.

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