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Since nobody seems interested in having an open thread I’ll post some really good links I’ve found in the last couple days. This link McSweeney’s Internet Tendency: Our Men’s Rights Activism Group Refuses to Share This Meeting Space. is a hilarious play on MRA’s and their silly conferences and speaking engagements they do. I was lolling my arse off.

The next one is much more serious. What is a woman? | The Feministahood This one describes in great detail the very real differences between males and females. It takes down the obnoxious trans politics we’re pretty used to by now. I think all liberal feminists should read this piece since the authoress is so candid and refreshing describing how men are not women no matter how much they might think they are. It was one of those reads you start and can’t stop. I actually wanted more and hope she continues to write about it in further posts.

I also barked at Twitter today telling them that women would volunteer to clean the misogyny off their site. A radfem friend of mine was quick to point out that women are always cleaning up men’s messes for free and that’s something I couldn’t deny. It seems that patriarchy keeps us tired all the time bombarding us with misogyny that it takes armies of women just to tackle one measly website.

Finally, here’s a tweet I couldn’t help but lol at. This is the picture I see in my head whenever I come into contact with an MRA, MGTOW or whatever the hell else these misogynist goombahs call themselves:


13 thoughts on “What’s New On the Web

  1. HMQ,

    Hi! I’m still here. I might still have something to say in your open thread. I’ve just been a little busy the past couple of days. It’s tax time and, also, the time when I reassess other expenses and check into better deals on this and that. So, that’s what I’ve been doing.

    It’s been tiring me out and it, also, provides a certain kind of mental stress, so I’ve been sleeping a little more and relaxing by playing online scrabble instead of blog-reading or blog posting. But, I’m still here and still reading!

    I just made some nice coffee and started checking out the article “What is a Woman?” – it looks like a good read.

  2. I read the entire blogpost at Feministahood. I’m constantly amazed at how many talented radfems are out there blogging. Overall, there is not a great number of such bloggers, but almost all of them are amazing writers and this one is a very purposeful storyteller.

    It’s amazing how similar our experiences are as women, at least, it seems like many radfems have had some similar experiences. Although, I often have the impression that liberal feminist writers (like Naomi Wolf and Amanda Marcotte) live in an alternate universe! When they write, they write about *those* oppressed women as if they are writing about other people and while all women are oppressed as a class, it sure seems like some women have somehow been spared the very worst experiences. Those women seem to view the world through a completely different lens. The landscape they describe when they talk about feminism is often completely alien to me.

    The writer at Feministahood tells a much more familiar story. Although, I can’t imagine bringing a strange person, sight unseen, into my home. But, that’s probably might uptight, a little bit conservative or, at least, prudent, bourgoise attitude. Also, my experiences with trannies have been limited to actual, dick-free transexuals who really were performance artists – as in on-stage performers.

    As she mentions in the article, this is a horse of a different feather and not the same as a man who “feels fragile” and, therefore, claims to believe he is a woman. Plus, my experiences were 20 years ago! Things were different then. I’m different, too. I was much more accepting of this, now I’m cautious and more since I’ve learned more about what some of these dudebros are up to. This is mainly because of my experiences and observations here at your blog. Also, I learned a lot reading the bizarre comments at WHtheM in which women are kicked off a site claiming to be anti-misogynist so that men can feel comfortable there. By the way, I noticed that misogynistic comments are allowed at his site. But, “transphobic” comments, “terf” comments and any supporting certain radical feminists are not permitted. That’s in his comment policy and according to his comments when he kicked the women off. This is what happens when men get involved in feminism.

    Repeatedly we see that when men get involved in women’s groups on whatever subject, things generally don’t go well for the women. Even one man makes big trouble in short time. In the blogpost, she gives the example of a reading group. First it’s standard dudebros who cause trouble. So, they formed a women only group, but they let in another man, this time he was wearing a dress, and – surprise, surprise – the same thing happened.

    If men cared about women, at all. If they cared about us, as human beings, just one tiny little bit, they would have the courtesy to leave us alone. But, they can’t do that. So, they devise one scheme after another to get into our faces – and our spaces!

    I liked her solutions at the end of the article. Essentially, if men – including men who “feel like women” – have a problem, then they should take it up with the other men who are causing the problem and leave us alone, stop endangering us, stop interfering with our lives. But, you know they can’t do it because they’re men. They don’t want to do it and they don’t have to ’cause they can just do what they always do and continue to fuck over women.

  3. What a difficult essay that must have been to write on feminista! It was written without hostility, in fact with compassion. The male involved was not interested in hormones or surgery and said he was a man by day. By night it was a cocktail dress and stilettos he couldn’t walk in. He called himself transgender but there was no difference in his presentation from a cross-dresser. By calling himself transgender and inquiring on a women’s help line about spending several nights at a woman’s home he was treated as a woman. He was not screened in any way before being referred to a woman.

    As a cross-dresser he could not have accessed her home and life. She could decline. One of the many many problems with trans ideology is the failure to set any boundaries or definitions so that male het cross-dressers are included as trans whenever they wish to be.

    One of the problems with uncritical women trying to find a way to safely allow certain men but not others past their defenses is that there is no way. They simply put themselves at risk. Women must be as wary as fuck at all times. Yes, I am critical of the writer for her dangerous gullibility and unwarranted display of trust throughout her ordeal. I am also in awe of her ability to write so well of her experience. She does self-criticize. I am sure this would never happen to her again.

    It was sad to see how the writer was forced by the delusion she was complicit in to act inauthentically herself. In one incident the guy said he couldn’t walk to catch the tube in stilettos. If she had been talking with an actual woman, she would have laughed and said, “Then take those stupid things off and wear trainers like mine. You’re too tall to wear heels anyway.” But she knew saying that might put him in a rage. She became controlled by a male delusion.

    • I know. The other day I had an experience on Twitter with a guy who was trying to prove he was really a woman. He was engaging in all sorts of jaqing off, making weird statements but then not allowing me to ask him one simple question. He said he had a vagina and uterus but doesn’t menstruate. I asked why he didn’t menstruate and then he wouldn’t answer me and got angry at me for asking when he was the one who started tweeting at me!

      So when I asked why he didn’t get a period he flipped out. I told him a woman would answer that question in a heartbeat. He got offended at that too. When he kept jaqing off I just blocked him.

      Today I got like 3 weirdo men yapping insults at me on Twitter b/c I won’t accept the trans political narrative. I don’t engage them. I just block them.

      I have a post coming up, it’s already written, about WHY this is happening to me on Twitter. I think it’s the whole Atheism Plus people that I mistakenly engaged and of course wouldn’t fall for the delusions and beat them at their own game. You’ll see. I made an entire Storify of it.

      • A lot of trans women lie about being intersex. Their favorite claim seems to be to claim that they were born with a penis and a uterus, which, as far as I know, is biologically impossible. Maybe it might be possible with mosaicism, but that would be so incredibly rare, there’s no way all the trans women I’ve seen make that claim could be telling the truth.

        One of those liars is Dana Beyer who’s a perennial failed political candidate. It turns out Beyer’s “uterus” was an enlarged prostatic utricle, which is a normal male deviation and isn’t considered an intersex condition. It’s certainly not a uterus. Apparently the utricle gave Beyer hematuria many years ago, and she’s since decided that was menstruation, which was cruelly stopped by a doctor against Beyer’s will.

  4. HMQ, I noticed recently (although I don’t think it just occurred recently) that the liberal atheists and Freethoughts people had jumped on the “trans” bandwagon. I’ve recently read some shockingly misogynistic things from some of the Freethoughts bloggers written in defense of men who “feel” like women.

    I have to say, as an atheist, I have no idea why a bunch of atheists would want to congregate, anyway. It looks like another cult from where I’m standing. Apart from being an atheist, I have almost nothing in common with other atheists, so this seems really strange to me. I can better understand being a car enthusiast and wanting to belong to a car club of some kind or being into alternative science and going to those kinds of conferences (which I’ve actually done and never had a problem with being cornered by perverts because those people actually do have a lot in common. They have a common focus and something to talk about besides “hooking up”), or raising horses or cows and joining the 4-H club. Atheists really have nothing in common to focus on except that they agree there is no man in the sky.

    I knew Atheism Plus was in trouble the minute I read about their social justice aspect. I knew then it wasn’t going to work for women, anyway. If you’re going to do something for women, it has to be *just* for women. Any other kind of “intersectionality” leads to big trouble right quick.

    • One of the biggest problems with atheists is that they can’t figure out if they want a movement, with all sorts of beliefs, or if they want atheism to just be “a lack of belief.” They want their cake and eat it too. Well that’s just dumb.

  5. I used to be pro-trans until I noticed the misogynist frat boy dudes who put on a skirt and say they’re women while continuing to behave in a very masculine way. I just don’t get it. There are people who actually have sex dysphoria and want to be the other sex, but a lot of these guys actually love their penis, they just want to call it a female penis. Bizarre.


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