Libfem’s Critical MRA Analysis: Females Who Want Space Are Sluts, Whores, Cunts and Nazis

So it appears one woman has finally had enough of me and my pesky ‘women wanting things’ (spaces) and has decided that not only am I cult leader (projection is a funny thing) but I’ve been LYING to her about the fact that males have been chipping away at women’s spaces for a long time, and of course this year once again taking their stalkerish mantrums to Michfest.

To make it clear I hardly know this woman. I’ve watched but a couple of her videos on Youtube and that’s it. I’ve spoken to her in comment sections a few times and she’s been to this blog and left some comments. Other than that I don’t know her at all except she’s part of some gang on Youtube that has it in for me because I think prostitution is male violence against women and males aren’t females. I honestly don’t care about this group, mainly males, who have gone around le tubes asserting their moral superiority and dogpiling people. Basically, they’re a clusterfuck of competing ideas and are decidedly male focused. ie not feminist.

Apparently this woman (LaughingWitch) has been coming to my blog to read my expositions on MRA’s but now is offended because of, well, I don’t know. I told her to research the very real problem of males wanting entrance into female spaces and she has a problem with search engines. Honestly, I don’t know what her issue is except I’m a horrible woman who thinks women are actually worthy.

It turns out she can’t Google and fails to note all the blogs positioned at the bottom of my blog that track endless transdudes assaults into women’s space, murder, rape and child rape, endless online rape and death threats towards those women who desire safe space, no-platforming, online/offline harassment, silencing, cancelling and ‘re-working’ women focused events, such as the Vagina Monologues.

LaughingWitch is so smaht she can learn in less than a day what took me months to understand. I only understood these critical issues by researching several radical feminist sources as well as some transpeople’s sources. But we’re gonna dismiss all that while she calls me (and you) cunts, sluts, whores and nazis in a video released the other day.

Women, how many times have MRA’s called you cunts, whores, femiNAZI’s and sluts? Just one look-see on my blog will show you how far MRA’s will go in their quest to destroy feminists women.

How dare you dumb bitches want a safe space! Sound familiar?

Do you all heave that sigh when you hear Karen Straughan rewrite the Suffragette struggle? Or when she insists that women weren’t property of their husbands less than 100 odd years ago? What about when she claims patriarchy doesn’t exist? Gender? Anyone?

It is with this sigh that I give you the compliment to men’s rights ‘activism: liberal ‘feminism’, where women wanting space is considered nazi-esque and no reasonable counter-argument is made except to show endless pictures of males who died at the hands of other males while screaming obnoxiously at a woman.

The title of the video is ‘Mancheeze must go.’ Go where? I’m not going anywhere. I wasn’t part of your little clique so I have no idea what in the actual fuck you’re talking about.


Now that you silly womenfolk have had your daily MRA rant that really should be titled ‘what about teh menz you cunt!’ ( a slur we’re all familiar with on Twitter) you can slink back to your nazi bunker where I know, as a Jewish woman, you’ve all been hiding out.

Let’s hear it for liberal fauxminism and men’s rights where men’s rights to your space trump any concerns your cunt laydee brainz had in mind, cuz ya know, males must be allowed in, or else.

I’ll leave you with a blog post I was Tweeted OutLIARS (or menmenmenmenmen) | phonaesthetica

It talks about transmales committing crimes against women and then having the nerve to say women are violent.

Personal Message:

This is to you LaughingWitch:

If I had a dollar for every MRA making the same obnoxious rants that you do I’d be a millionaire. I’d tell you to go shit somewhere else but I’d probably be setting up another woman for your barrage of insults and since I actually care about women’s realities. . .

I’d tell you to go learn something but it’s apparent that you expect to understand this in a day and can’t Google worth shit.

I feel also that I must tell you in clear terms: Don’t ever come back here or try to comment. You’re not welcome. There are enough MRA’s in this world and we don’t need more.

This is the third post about a group of Youtubers intent on destroying women. Here is the first and second.


51 thoughts on “Libfem’s Critical MRA Analysis: Females Who Want Space Are Sluts, Whores, Cunts and Nazis

  1. I’m not even going to watch that video. MRA women are just pathetic, to be honest. How self-hating do you have to be to become something like that? Anyway, I was surprised to learn that you’re a cult leader! I would definitely like to join your cult. I know a lot about cults, so I could be your shadowy adviser.

  2. I’m confused as I see that Laughing Witch has made several anti-MRA vids. She also highly recommended your blog a couple of months ago and quoted from it. If I’m guessing right, she is anti-MRA and liberal feminist and sex-pos and a nontrans transextremism promoter?
    All I can say is that it does seem mighty early for her to be making such strong negative judgments about you and aligning with gender-promoting MTT people against woman-safe-space proponents.

    Someone was educating her about gender “binary” trans people and “non-binary” queer people in some comments I read. I find this an interesting distinction (in fact I just pointed this out myself in a comment to your previous posting). It shows that trans theory and queer theory are on the same page, just locating in different spots on an agreed-upon spectrum of gender roles.

    This binary non-binary distinction also highlights the conflict between trans theory and radfem theory, since the jump by a male to the “woman” side of the gender binary maintains and supports the subordination of females. And it highlights a different conflict between queer theory and radfem theory, since floating around between the “binary poles” of male and female may not buttress the subordinated gender role of Woman, but tends to support postmodernist assertions that there is no category “Woman” in social relations.

    Rather than seeing and discussing the merits of these conflicts, LW seems content to simply call you “hateful” and other nasty names, like the transactivists she is allying with. It’s too bad she is adopting their “debate” tactics as well as their positions.

    The biggest confusion I’m seeing in her video is that she seems to conflate male violence against males based on their “wrong” gender presentation with male violence against females based on our resistance to historical and current exploitation of female reproductive, sexual, labor, and emotional capacities.

    The basis of male violence is against MTT people is very different. Male violence against other males on many other bases is common, as for instance male violence against homeless men, against gay men, against weaker men in prison, against ethnically and racially different men, against men of other nations in war, and so on.

    The fact that both MTT people and female people both suffer from male violence does not make MTT people members of the historic oppressed group feminists organize to fight for.

    Female people have a vastly different history, and suffer vastly different kinds of appropriation and exploitation like forced marriage, legal disabilities, servant status, corrective rape, FGM, social seclusion…if we desire to gather strength for such resistance by meeting separately from males, that is our prerogative.

    • I think she’s just off the rails. She wants attention from men and new subs. They’ve probably been putting the pressure on her but good. However, it doesn’t make up for her stunt of screaming like an idiot in a video and making zero argument. It’s all about the manfeelz.

      After all, when men want something a woman has they never shut the fuck up about it. The creatrix of Michfest now has to worry about transmales stalking her office and they’re threatening her ‘if you don’t let us males in, we’re coming to your office.’


      I guess women focused women who demand their own spaces are just Hitlers now. Gosh, that sounds familiar! Wonder who thought of that one?

      You can’t explain shit like this to male focused women. They’d rather eat scraps off the master’s table than actually put their asses on the line.

  3. I have never understood why the MRAs start with the weird spelling and fractured words in the comments section, Do they think they are cute, or perhaps especially biting.

  4. So, the consensus among MRAs at YT is that you, HMQ, are a “horrible woman.” LOL! If they would have just stopped there, but no…

    “Women, how many times have MRA’s called you cunts, whores, femiNAZI’s and sluts?” Like you, if I had a dollar for every time men and even some girls (mostly in high school) called me a name like that, I’d be a Rockefeller! If I recall the first time I was labelled a slut it was because I didn’t have anything to do with males. If you don’t fuck them or won’t fuck them, or otherwise deny them access to your body, that’s the first thing they call you: “Slut.”

    So, this is pretty typical stuff. It’s, also, pretty high school on the part of this woman who admits in her vid that most of her followers are men who fantasize about being female.

    Surely, there are better ways for women to gain male approval than calling other women dirty names. Also, I’m a little concerned about the title of her video – it sounds very threatening to me.

    I listened to the vid and it is full of projection – especially that cult bit.

    Look, it’s like this. Whether men like it or not, I have the right to say that I do not want to be in the company of men. I do not wish to fuck men. This is my right. It should be a woman’s basic fundamental right – maybe we should start including this in Constitutions everywhere – not to be forced to have unwanted contact with members of the opposite sex. I have a right to a basic expectation of safety in public places, including restrooms and locker rooms – where I have been assaulted by men, nonetheless, in the past. Here’s the most recent national news item on men raping women in restrooms: When women cannot safely use a restroom because of male perverts, this is an example a human rights violation. This woman is only one woman, but this is something we all, as women (actual women) fear.

    Laughnwitch is right about this: Whereas many of us did not consider trannys a threat before because of that whole live and let live thing, some of us are becoming alarmed at watching men win legal rights to kick women out of locker rooms (a bunch of female athletes were kicked out of their locker room by a dude with feminine fee-fees in Washington, for example), to enter women’s restrooms and expose their “real woman peen-peens” to women and girls, and to shut down women’s gatherings and silence women all over the place.

    It is not frightened, middle-aged women living with their cats who are running around kicking the shit out of trannies. MEN are doing this.

    All we are asking for is some space and some peace and some very basic rights – like not to be raped in restrooms and to choose whether or not to have sex with men and for this we should not be called filthy names, harassed and threatened some more!

    HMQ, I don’t know what’s wrong wit this woman. You were very gracious, very generous in pointing out where to find the information she requested. I threw in some links, some other posters threw in some excellent links. Why she couldn’t find this information, I don’t know – clearly she found what she wanted to find and refused to look at anything else. I notice in her YT vid comment section that she admits to knowing nothing about the Nordic model, yet she accuses you of presenting yourself as an expert on prostitution. If women who have survived being prostituted aren’t experts on this subject, I don’t know who would be? Liberal men, maybe – we’ve had some here who call us names and pretend to know all about it because they read something in a book somewhere once. Maybe they are the *real* experts. Or maybe the johns and the sex trafficking lobbyists are the real experts. All I know is that repeatedly experiences like yours and mine are ignored and dismissed why others speak over us and claim to speak for us.

    • I didn’t know she accused me of being a ‘know it all’ about prostitution. I only got as far as whore, cunt, bitch, slut and nazi and figured the rest was more of the same.

      Of course I don’t know anything about prostitution. I was ONLY prostituted for being disabled and poor. What in the fuck would I know? I was also the Happy Hooker stereotype thinking I was so empowered and pushing for laws that I know now would only make it worse.

      Ah yes, the reason she went into MRA rage mode on that was b/c of Captain Andy aka Captain Exploitation, who can’t handle when he’s wrong to a woman who’s actually been there, done that. He tried giving some silly retort about some Uni PhD woman who loves selling her body. Yeah, like THAT totally represents most women in prostitution.

      What a bunch of idiots they are. This group on Youtube is hilarious. They did this to someone else on there too. They’re morally superior clan goes full Braveheart to any woman who doesn’t agree with the poor menz.

      I wonder how many govt. meetings these idiots watched before coming to the conclusion that men must abuse poor women in prostitution? I wonder how many of their friends died b/c their boyfriends/pimps?

      Someone said to me on Twitter that her screeching was massive projection. I’m inclined to go with that.

      Speaking of prostitution there’s a good HT on twitter now #facesofprostitution

      I’ve talked to a few women who are still in prostitution yesterday who I felt didn’t quite understand the Nordic model.

      I was able to ask a single question that I think illustrates the problem with decrim/legalization without addressing the demand.

      Now the Nordic model DOES decrim prostitutes but it curbs the demand by arresting the johns.

      The point being that the higher the demand, the higher the supply and where is that supply going to come from?

      That’s just one facet of the Nordic model that I think, on its own, is pretty important.

      I asked a few women this question who were skeptical of this model and I think they understood. When I don’t get a response, I know I’ve made a point.

      • Well, some of the projection in her vid was about people who need “someone to hate.” I think that’s what’s happening here since you’re already a favorite target for the men of the MRM, who are known to have used the trannies as an excuse to harass women before. No new news here.

        Yeah, I listened to the first part of Captain Andy, but that accent of his, straight out of central casting for some kind of sadistic villain, gives me the hebejeebies. So, I got as far as “horrible woman,” after that it was some other creepy dude performing an attempted character assassination.

        This is old hat for you, HMQ. You’ve been dealing with those guys for years on YT and if they hadn’t gotten together as a mob and false flagged and false DMCd your channels, you’d certainly have more of a voice there. But, that’s the whole point isn’t it? It’s to erase women’s voices unless they’re saying what men want to hear.

      • Also, something you wrote recently – something like this: If men approve, then you are doing feminism wrong.

        If a bunch of men, including men with sad, feminine fee-fees, are cheering you on, then maybe it’s time to re-examine your notions of feminism.

        • I didn’t watch his video. Not planning to either. His poor manfeelz are hurt because I schooled him. His ‘arguments’ for exploitation of women through prostitution were so weak I knocked them over with my pinky.

          Then someone I didn’t know showed up on the thread and schooled him further. That really got his feefeez angry so he tried pulling the ‘horrible woman %&(@#%^~~~!!’ crap on the stranger.

          Stranger told him where to go using very collegiate language. It was funny as hell.

          Just yesterday I was talking to some women on Twitter about prostitution. One woman has researched the murders of women around the world who were killed by johns. She has a whole map of Germany, where liberal idiots like Andy think it’s ‘safe’, and it’s full of Google pointers showing all the women who died under legalization. It’s so full you can’t see the damn map.

          I also lived a couple houses down from Robert Pickton, the serial prostitute murderer in 2000-01 when he was arrested for murdering over 30 prostitutes. I looked this murderer in the eyes and saw the police digging up jawbones and teeth, the only remains they could find of these prostitutes who had been taken to his home, drugged with alcohol and carved up in his barn. He then fed the remains to pigs. So Captain Save a Ho can whine all he wants about his silly positions and how he doesn’t necessarily ‘like’ prostitution but is willing to legislate women into their graves.

          It’s like Kindergarten with these people. They make ‘arguments’ that are so weak you can blow them over first try. Then the dudez get so angry a woman isn’t submitting to their mighty cock that they make endless whiny MRA videos about it.

          • Yeah, your personal story reminds me of my own and the more I think about personal instances, the more baffled I am that anyone could believe that legalizing prostitution magically makes women, whether prostituted or not, safer for women. Although, I do agree it would be safer for the men and that’s probably why these doodz are acting this way.

          • I’ve been busy, so I’m just catching up on my reading here. But, I found this article. It’s old, but it talks about the legal brothels in Nevada. Apparently, there was a TV show that glamorized them – like a big advertisement. But, the truth is more like what you’d expect and maybe even worse!

            Here’s the article:


            Legalizing rape and abuse doesn’t change the fact that it’s still rape and abuse.

  5. Why is attacking radfems the apparent main agenda of online transactivists, rather than going after mainstream men who kill, hate, and discriminate against them? All I ever see from this group is that radfems are evil because (always put in the passive voice) trans people are made to be suicidal and crimes are committed against them. It’s that “because” that is so bizarre. The agents (mainstream men, especially conservative/traditionalist men) are never mentioned. Instead radfems are always mentioned in the same breath.

    Why are radfems being put in as substitutes for the men who hurt trans people? Why is it deserving of millions of words of anger and vilification that the small, marginal group of radfems support female-only gatherings, while powerful and much much more numerous and entrenched killers and discriminators are ignored? Trans people tend to be poor, tend to be forced into prostitution, may suffer suicidal thoughts, may be laughed at on the street, may be denied jobs, may suffer violence…radfems aren’t doing this. Men are. We radfems are all against this and have said so over and over.

    I’m stumped, and I’m neither stupid nor naive. I can’t fully buy the response that MTT people are simply a vanguard group of anti-feminist men conspiring to destroy radical feminism. I can’t fully buy that MTT people are mad to get sexual access to (real) lesbians. I can’t fully buy that MTT people’s very identity as human beings relies so totally on radfem opinions of MTTopinions that it is a violent act against them if radfems critique anything about their theories or behaviors. I can’t fully buy that MTTs are incapable of discussing theoretical conflicts with another marginalized group on any principled basis without resorting to stereotypical male aggression such as threatening and using genderized insults.

    I’m extremely tired of radfems being the main punching bag for MRAs and transactivists who seem afraid to challenge the ruling male class that instigates and maintains the wrongs they complain of. It’s beyond preposterous, it’s beyond gullible. I can only conclude that it’s cowardice.

    • That’s been my thinking for a good while, brylliant. They can’t (or won’t, more likely) go after their actual oppressors, so they ‘punch down’ and target a group that rejects the idea of gender. I think they also precieve this rejection of the gender binary as an existential threat, somehow, like erasing the gender binary would erase their identity, or make their own struggles and pains meaningless.

      It does make me laugh, though, that they seem to think radfems have so very much societal influence that it’s radfems who are making the traditionalist males commit acts of violence againts MTT people. That piece of illogic is so wrong that I find it funny, no matter how dangerous it might actually be.

      • Hi grumpy, thanks, your response is food for thought.

        Quoting from you,

        “I think they also perceive this rejection of the gender binary as an existential threat, somehow, like erasing the gender binary would erase their identity, or make their own struggles and pains meaningless.”

        I’m pondering that but it just leads to more questions for me, like

        In upholding traditional gender roles, doesn’t that mean transactivists align precisely with right-wing traditionalist MRAs who want to keep those roles too?

        What political interests do they then have in common with young queer theorists, who seem to be supporting non-binary gender fluidity, androgeny, and all that?

        Do MTTs really just want to switch marginalized classes (and if they don’t pass well, double-down on their problems)?

        Do they really want to be women, or do they just not want to be men?

        Do they think they can appropriate what they might think are the fun bits about being a woman, like being sexually objectified and wearing soft clothing, but that they can avoid the not-fun bits, like being considered inferior in intelligence and morality and being expected thenceforward to be the caretakers and emotional supporters of men?

        Wouldn’t it be more effective to join feminists in getting rid of gender as an artificial hierarchical binary system, so they can develop authentic identities rather than having to preposterously assert that gender is innate and/or that they are biological women?

        Don’t they care that in places like Iran homosexuals are undergoing SRS because the religious leaders may whip, and on the second offense execute men for homosexuality, but SRS is legal? How many men who want sexual relationships with men have no choice but this?

        I don’t ask these questions in anger or with a hostile agenda. It would be good to get some straight answers.

        • The answer seems simple enough to me. They are perverted men like all the other perverted men, only these guys want to live the feminine gender role stereotype.

          Of course, I don’t care what trannies do as long as they leave us alone. If they weren’t doing disturbing things to girls and women and running us out of locker rooms and they and their fellow misognists weren’t taking complete control of our own discussions about ourselves, then we wouldn’t be having this conversation because it would be a complete non-issue.

          If you’ve read what these men are saying about themselves online it is clear that they are angry, violent men with the same rage toward women that most ordinary straight men have. They talk about their sexually violent urges toward us (and normalize this – because, apparently, to men this is perfectly normal) and how they don’t know if they want to murder women or be women. They don’t differ much from most other men except they fetishize the gender role forced on girls and women and – like all the other men – they believe that this is what we really are and we deserve subservience to males and abuse from males because we were born to it.

          I think it’s pretty clear that there are lots of sexually depraved men – and not just the trannies, but the same men who promote prostitution and pornography – who are politicizing this to mold the world in their own perverted image.

          • A lot of men think think that being a woman is fabulous sexual attention from men(since most trannies are sick sexual perverts), painting nails and make up, high heels, looking pretty etc. They don’t realize the discrimination, sexism, and the fear of rape that women have to experience each day. The fear of death that each time we go out, we will be slaughtered or how we will get paid less, and in cases of attack or rape, we will be the ones to blame. These things the trannies will never have to deal with because they have the strength of men, duh they are men. They will never be raped and made to carry the rapists child, they will never have to defend themselves if they shot an intruder or a possible rapists, they can simply go back to their male clothes and still have the male privileges. They are just a bunch of men scared that real-women can have a moment without a fear of male violence and threat without them. Trans activism is another subversive movement against feminism. We will sooner get slaughtered rather than actually achieve equal respect and rights with men. Women are subhuman in the eyes of men. If only more women realized this.

          • I’ve spoken to several women about this over these months and I’m convinced that the L has to leave the LGBT.

            I just read another post on Michfest this morning. This woman was so kind and expressed solidarity with transppl and tried desperately to point out the very real reason why Michfest is so vital for women/females.

            As usual, some MtT dude showed up in the comment section and tore her apart.

            I replied, telling this dude he’s the reason why I’m not nice anymore about this.

            Weighing in on MichFest | Gender Fatigue

          • Exactly, I don’t understand this to be honest women fought for the rights of blacks, didn’t get anything in return for it. Women fought for the rights of children, didn’t get anything in return. Now these women are focusing energy on fighting for men who want to play dress up, who know nothing of what it means to be a woman, and what will these handmaidens get? They will get nothing as always women sacrifice themselves for nothing, over and over and over, all thanks to the sacrificial mother archetype, that in itself was made up. Mary (the mother of Jesus) and Mary Magdalene were priestesses in a powerful cult. They weren’t human receptacles. We are being lied an lied to each and everyday. Basically everything is a scam.

            The LGBT movement is becoming dangerous, I’ve never seen men fight for women, only women sacrificing for men. As gays and trans have never fought as hard for the rights of lesbians.

          • It kinda sucks Budapest did allow that one priest (who I am assuming is her boy toy) i hope no more male priests enter to be honest.

          • I guess then you are saying that transgenderism first of all can be discussed as a sexual perversion (a manifestation of autogynephilia), and/or a reaction to homophobia? Then the search for social legitimacy begins and it happens to require undercutting some basic feminist theory, so then the need arises to attack radfems?

            How does this fit in with seemingly non-sexual trans politics like transracialism and transspeciesism? and

            Are all three groups using the same political line coincidentally? Is there some underlying similarity? If so, why are transgender activists opposed to transpecieists?

            What I’m starting to think as a person who supports radfem work, is that the theoretical conflicts and the hostility (and the threats of violence) are all just a huge derailment from our work. I understand that some of us, like GenderTrender, are very much needed to counter this derailment. But it seems to me that as much as possible others of us should see that the attacks on radfems are just collateral damage to the trans political agenda, and we should marshall ourselves and move strongly back to our focus on our own goals. All radfems can’t get sucked into this, is what I’m saying.

  6. PZ knows perfectly well what he has done and so does this laughingwitch character. It is dispicible behavior and they should be ashamed to be punching down. I am sorry that they are targeting you. Nothing demonstrates the fact that they are indeed MRAs like sending the flying monkeys after a woman who disagrees with them.

  7. OK, so I skimmed the video, and it turns out that Laughing Witch is an enormous mendacious disembodied anus. Good to know.

  8. What a completely vile, ignorant, disturbing, cold and calculating idiot she is. I am sorry you have to deal with her. I saw her pretend to “ask” you questions in the previous thread and you actually gave her information, did she check it out herself? NO, her intent from the beginning was against you. Shes is simply a disgusting useless parasitic handmaiden vermin, in the end we know that she is mentally fucked up, because no self-respecting woman would stoop so low. Also, her pic kind looked mannish, so maybe she’s trans?

  9. Cunt: a woman who doesn’t take shit from anyone. also a symbol of life and power, since all life comes from it. The cunt is everywhere in symbolism, the catholic chalice represents the womb from which the flood flows as we give birth through the cunt. It is important symbolism everywhere you see the Goddess. That’s because the elites the Illuminati the higher level masons, and the rest of the males who hold the power worship her to gain supernatural powers that were only available to the witches, priestesses, and women shamans back in the day. That’s why they needed to create a false god, in order to control women, who have a natural ability for psychic powers and the ability to connect to the Goddess. They also needed to tell the common man that women are worthless vermin so that these common men do not start to worship the Goddess, because if they do the elite Illuminati bullshit slavery scheme of humanity will fall. Once they disconnect he commons from the source, chaos ensues and we have to deal with this bullshit.

    Whore: a sexy woman who knows her power and does whatever the fuck she wants whenever she wants, and it doesn’t necessary have to be in a sexual way.

    A archetype of the female warrior has been demoted as a loving mother Isis or Mary (a soothing moon Goddess), and the new agers believe that the Mother Earth is a peaceful entity willing to take abuse and rape and death at the hands of these deformed men, not too long morans. Tell me this, would any rational person take so much abuse and do nothing about it?

    The warrior itself has been subjected to witch hunts, name calling such as whores, cunts, and bitches because the mother/caring programming in women is so strong that they seek societal recognition, thus sexual defamation in a name of cunt, whore, or bitch is completely murderous to these slave women that we call the handmaidens.

    • Did you ever read Inga Muscios book ‘Cunt?’ I did. I loved it. It’s in my library.

      I also was looking around for more info about why people use the word ‘twanzphobe’ on women and found a rationalwiki article that made me LOL so hard I spit out my tea.

      There were no sources, just hyperbole.
      Transphobia – RationalWiki

      The males who designed the twanzphobe, ‘TERF” page also think Dianic Wicca is twanzphobic b/c it’s for biological females. I was lollin hard at that entry.

      • Nah…lol but I am growing my book collection as we speak and it is one of my to buy books. One really has to wonder how oppressed these poor menz are when the words such as “terf” and “cis” have gained such wide acceptance and usage. Really makes you wonder who is truly oppressed huh?

  10. Thanks for airing all this, House Mouse Queen!

    If I may throw out just one more thought.

    I was asking myself why transsexuals (and intersex people), who have been thoroughly coopted by the transgender lobby, don’t fight back. The terms “transsexual person”, “intersex person”, and “transgender person”, don’t refer to the same groups of people, but by a smoke-and-mirror word trick, the trans lobby has confused the public into conflating them. (I do remember one intersex person, Nicki, who used to post regularly to remind people that intersex people are not transgender people).

    There are obviously big advantages to appropriating these other groups for the transgender lobby. By sneaking in as equivalent to transsexual people, who do get surgery and do permanently change their sex, men who want to play at the fun parts of the “woman” gender roles without getting surgery and with the option of going back to being men the next day can dress themselves as a group with legitimate civil rights problems. It’s important to understand that civil rights protections are historically extended only to people with stigmatized characteristics that are immutable- that they can’t change- color of skin, sex, permanent disability, etc.

    Maybe transsexual people and intersex people don’t fight back because they are so extraordinarily rare. I don’t know.

    But thinking about them reminds me that the same smoke-and-mirrors word trick is being played to try to confuse the public into conflating transgender women and women. It’s all in the word “Woman”, which we have to keep stressing has two meanings. The first meaning is “a biological female”. The second meaning is “a complex of socially-constructed gender roles”.

    Transgender activists call radfems “transphobic” because we say they are not “Women”. They know very well when they make disingenuous statements like this that radfems are referring to the primary meaning of the word, namely, biological females. They know that we couldn’t care less if they want to perform in social life according to the gender role “Woman”.

    The public knows that transgender women aren’t biological women and agree with radical feminists on this. Most transgender people, except truly deluded ones, also know this.

    So the public is tricked into thinking that radfems are transphobic haters. It’s nothing personal really, but “Mancheeze has to go.” Radfems have to go because we are in the way of this deeply illegitimate campaign.

    This just happened to you, House Mouse Queen. Here’s the comment which you quoted in your previous post

    “@joyintorah18 is a transphobe, here’s the proof. Avoiding to her trans women are really men and can’t be women

    — 마이클Butts (@Pragmaticuseles) April 10, 2015”

    They rely on the public’s confusion about this double-meaning word, and they use that confusion deliberately to discredit radical feminists. When this lie is repeated enough times radfems become targets of hate and threats as well as being discredited.

    It’s a dirty tactic. The question now is how to deal with the public confusion regarding the two meanings, foreclosing this tactic.

    I know we do not want to lose the primary meaning of the term “Woman” and that it’s an insult that we have to even consider it. We have considered and to some extent use “women-born-women (WBW) and “female” as alternatives, but I’m not sure if these distinctions are being disseminated to the public.

    I’m using “female” a lot.

  11. Just a quick clarification of my comment that radfems couldn’t care less if somebody wants to perform in a gender role complex “Woman”. Performing in a role does not entitle anyone to any civil rights protections such as Title IX in the US, equal access to sports locker rooms, or access to other spaces reserved for biological women who are an oppressed class covered by such laws.

  12. Last comment I promise

    Hey, that’s it! It’s a deep legal strategy! The translobby lawyers have a legal problem. They want to get transgender people covered under civil rights laws. But they can’t do that legitimately, because those laws protect only people who are stigmatized due to immutable characteristics! So they are confusing legislators into thinking that MTTs are transsexual, and/or women!

    Now where did I see that quote from the translobby lawyers saying they have operated under the radar as a strategy all the way through…

    Got to slap them on the back. That’s some awesome flimflamming!

  13. I’m breaking my promise…

    Anyone who wants to see this whole legal problem and strategy can google “civil rights laws” and “immutable characteristics” together and read all about it.

    Here’s where the meretriciousness of postmodern theory meets well-founded civil rights principles.

  14. Meeting of the TransLobbyLawyers (TLL). Present: Lulabelle XX, Sarah Noble, Machiavelli Jones, and the Spirit of Judith Butler.

    LXX: So we have two agenda items today, Sarah Noble and Mancheeze. Let’s get to it.

    SN: Look, I’m sorry. I’d still be a man if I liked men. I hate men and would like to kill them all. I just had to say so to some journalist. But we can spin it to our advantage because the article doesn’t mention I’m trans. Look, it’s already been picked up as more feminist hate here:

    LXX: We trusted you, got you into a legislative position! Fool! You know we can’t let men catch on too early! We can’t expect every damnfool thing you say to get blamed on women, they’re going to figure it out!

    SN: Nah. They’ll swallow anything. (Much chuckling). But this Mancheeze blog has to go.

    LXX: She’s got way too much common sense. Everybody else is buying our shit, Judy here softened them up so well with her pomo shit…let’s go over this again. Our entire legal theory for getting all these civil rights protections for anybody who wants to call themselves trans, for whatever purpose, haha, is to show somehow that identifying for today as trans –

    SN: But not tomorrow, necessarily, hahaha!

    LXX: Will you shut up! …i

    …is to show that “transgender” reflects an immutable characteristic. That’s what the Civil Rights Act was set up to protect against, discrimination based on innate characteristics or at least permanent unchangeable characteristics, and Scalia and his gang aren’t going to change that because then these other idiots are going to want in, too: and

    The problem is, transgender isn’t an immutable characteristic if anybody can do it any day. As we all know. Not to mention the guys deciding they are trans at 65. It just doesn’t look like they were born that way.

    MJ: So yeah, you know the old maxim, If you’re stuck with the theory, fix the facts! That’s how I came up with the idea of confusing the shit out of the public and our membership by equating “transgender” with “transsexual” and “transgender woman” with “woman”! Not to mention pushing the idea that toddlers R Trans!

    SN: I wish we could have gone with the “gender is innate” BS instead of the “transgender women are biological women” meme though. It avoids a lot of problems, we only have to go with one big lie.

    The Spirit of JB: You never would have thought of subverting the signifiers so playfully without me doing the legwork, Mach, and don’t you forget it.

    MJ: I never do, baybee.

    LXX: Can we get back to the problem? The radfems. Mancheeze. Those people just won’t stop yammering about how trangender doesn’t mean biological woman.

    MJ: Well, what more can we do? We’ve got the “Transphobe” and “TERF” psyops thing going strong, everybody dismisses them – everybody else is in the pocket.

    LXX: More threats, I’d say. Keep them busy wondering WTF hit them. (High fives all around)

    MJ: I’ll send out the word. “Mancheeze is a transphobe”. Put that blog outta business. Gender Trender next!

    The Spirit of Judith Butler: I do feel a tad bad throwing radfems under the bus for our political goals. You know, I used to call myself a feminist. But…ok. “Feminist” is whatever I say it is…

    (The meeting is adjourned)

  15. As Machiavelli Jones always says, “Just click your heels together three times and say, ‘I’m Toto!’

    “And you’re Toto!”

  16. This is the first time I’ve commented but what the fuck is her problem? Has she always been like this? She sounds mentally unbalanced and clearly lacks self awareness and critical thinking skills. Nothing she said was factual. She doesn’t seem capable of actual research (looking at the first page of google results after search transgender isn’t proper research they expect more than that in high school).

    Her misogyny is some of the worst I’ve heard in a while and I’ve been dealing with genderists idiots calling women ‘people with vaginas’, ‘uterus bearers’ and ‘period havers’ who claim that ‘men have abortions too’ FFS. They can’t answer my questions about gender identity or actually refute me pointing out the sexist implications of it. The genderists on tumblr are just as manipulative and ignorant.

    She doesn’t know how biology so of course she thinks saying ‘that’s evolution bitch’ is clever (does she claim to be feminist and use all those sexist slurs?). She doesn’t even know the term for intersex people. She admits she doesn’t have a scientific explaination for transgenderism but claims the ‘hormone wash’ is why they are trans even though they used that to explain gay people and don’t have legitimate evidence to back that claim up. She doesn’t have evidence just speculation that has been used before. So she is so sure they are born that way but doesn’t seem to understand science.

    She dismisses the book vandalism stunt those transwomen pulled. Which was bullying and intimidation tactics. She ignored they did not have the right to do that and that is infringing on women’s free speech and destruction of property. Why are transwomen exempt from civil behaviour? How come women can’t pull that kind of shit and be excused because we are oppressed.  Women have high standards of good behaviour but transwomen can act like uncivilised raging assholes and people will make excuses. Transwomen still have the boys will be boys excuse to fall back on. They still have male privilege.

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