AVFM Honey Badgers Get Canned From Calgary Expo UPDATED

Men’s rights ‘activists’ from AVFM decided to start a booth under false pretenses at the Calgary Expo. The Honey Badgers, including the dimwits Karen Straugn, Allison Tieman, and Hannah Wallen, lied to the Expo and got themselves a booth.

AVFM leaves calgary expo w straugn in tow

Honey Badgers at Calgary Expo

MRA’s are responsible for Gamergate which began on Youtube by sending rape and death threats to Anita Sarkeesian for her video series ‘Tropes Versus Women In Video Games.’

It doesn’t take long to type in her name into Youtube’s search engine and find thousands upon thousands of videos by men who think Anita is taking their precious vidya games away. The videos are endless barrages of ‘cunt, whore, slut and nazi.’ Sound familiar?

The next round of misogyny arrived when Zoe Quinn’s ex-boyfriend and MRA in training Eron Gjoni posted a whiny, angry exposition about their breakup, insinuating Zoe was a whore who slept with other men. I did a couple posts on this in the Autumn of 2014 when it began.
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Gamergate really just is a bunch of MRA’s who don’t have anything better to do than to take their anger out on women. Anita Sarkeesian has to have personal bodyguards travel with her because these guys have sent threats of another Montreal-type massacre to her public speaking engagements.

I’m not going to relay each and every incident but this latest one is truly hilarious.

The Honey Badgers, a few women from A Voice for Men, decided to ‘infiltrate’ the Expo and proudly stated as such. These idiots raised nine thousand dollars to do it. Imagine that 9 grand going to a men’s shelter? Naww!

The Honey Badgers lied to the Expo, I’m sure with some silly story about ‘equality’ or ‘ethics’ and set up their booth. What they were actually gonna do is harass women and feminists. They were shouting at people and causing problems. In short, they were asked to leave and their booth torn down before the public arrived.

AVFM leaves calgary expo

The Badgers get canned.

In the coming days I’m sure AVFM will publish a mantrum about how these women were censored and bullied and it’s all feminists fault. It’s already starting on Twitter with massive amounts of male whining. There’s already a petition asking ‘why oh why did those poor women get booted from the Expo?’ These idiots think booting this group is misogyny because the group was mostly women. I guess they didn’t get the memo that women can be asshole misogynists too?

Finally, here’s a tweet with a live stream video attached of the men’s rights group talking about harassing panels and other participants of the Expo. It starts at about 45 minutes in. Allison Tieman talks about women wearing ‘victimhood’ clothing or some shit and Sage Gerard psychotically yells at the camera something about MRA’s taking over the world.

NOTE: The video was set to private on and off today. It was making the rounds on Twitter as evidence that these morons were indeed there to harass feminists. I think the Badgers realized this and set it to private. It appears to work at intermittent times.

Stay classy.


The Honey Badgers uploaded a 45 second clip where they claim in the description they can’t understand why they were kicked out.  In it you’ll hear Allison Tieman blurt some silly straw man interrupting a panel talk and taking up all the air in the room like an idiot. As time goes on I’m sure we’ll know more about their bad behaviour.



9 thoughts on “AVFM Honey Badgers Get Canned From Calgary Expo UPDATED

  1. Oh there was a few other times that she and Sage tried to domineer the panel, plenty of “putting their fingers in their ears and going la-la-la”, and unnecessary heckling in that hour long poorly recorded audio (if they were going to spend 9K on themselves, the least they could do was afford better equipment.) From what I was able to hear from the panel members, Alison and Sage were given more than enough audience, respect, and well-thought out answers on the spot. But give connivers an inch, they try to take a mile. As for the rest of the panel, it would have been very interesting from what I could hear. There was an interesting cross-generational discussion involving media “then and now” but then that infernal “blowing into a Nintendo cartridge” noise kept interrupting. I would really love to hear the panel from another recording device.

  2. A distraction. Elam uses gullible women for these antics – it keeps them busy, and distracts the troops from noticing nothing else is going on except endless fundraising. One by one they get steamrollered and discredited as they start to wake up, like WoollyBumbleBee, NerdyDancing, and Diana Davison. I’m sorry for them. It’s like tying yourself to a concrete block right before it falls off a pirate ship plank.

  3. AVFM posted a disclaimer on its site that AVFM has nothing to do with the Honeybadgers right after our comments above. Us “Outside Sources” are “insinuating” they are sitting right in Elam’s pocket. Heck, we’re not even insinuating! Pro Tip for Esmay: Just because they don’t have a formal affiliation doesn’t mean the AVFM women aren’t sitting in the dark in the front rear jeans pocket amid the dustballs and the nickel donations.

    Dean Esmay says

    “Statement from A Voice for Men: Honey Badger Brigade is not our property

    April 18, 2015 By Dean Esmay 8 Comments

    Special public notice: Outside sources insinuate that the Honey Badger Brigade is a formal affiliate or subsidiary of AVfM Operations LLC, AVfM Education LLC or the wider A Voice for Men brand.

    Before the forces of association politics makes the Honey Badger’s lives any more miserable, let it be known that the Honey Badger Brigade is entirely independent of A Voice for Men. A Voice for Men and its affiliated brands has no ownership or liability over any Honey Badger business, and any statement suggesting otherwise is trying to spin a story.

    Do not lose sight of the fact that there are ideologues making a conscious and deliberate effort to harm women–and men, especially minority men–in comics, and are using the image of men’s human rights advocacy to silence the voices of the Honey Badgers and, really, anyone who wishes to dissent from their orthodoxy.

    We support the Honey Badger Brigade. We are not the Honey Badger Brigade.”

    “Entirely independent”? Spin, spin, spin, spin – I smell the stink of A Voice Fer Men.

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